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In A Good Way Initial Review (Taiwan Drama)


In A Good Way Main Cast

Lego Li (Lego Lee) as Liu Chuan – Smart college student who also happens to be the hottest guy at his university.
Kirsten Ren as Lin Jia En – Country girl who follows her childhood friend to a college university.
Jay Shih as Zheng Ren Wei – Jia En’s childhood friend.
Smile Weng as Bai Xue Fen – College student that has a huge crush on Liu Chuan.

Episodes: 33?
Country: Taiwan
Category: Romance
DramaNut Rating: To Be Decided




In A Good Way Taiwan Drama Initial Review:

This came as a recommendation from a fellow drama fanatic, Anusha. THANK you Anusha! I’m 6 Episodes in and totally hooked. I must say that 30 minutes in to the first episode I was seriously doubting whether or not this drama had any substance, but I stuck it out and by the end of the first episode, I could see this drama had tons of potential.

If you’re looking for a feel good drama then you’ve come to the right drama. No vindictive bitches, bad mother-in-laws, distrusting parents, backstabbing friends…at least not yet and we’re 6 episodes in. It’s a realistic and refreshing change from the typical dramas.

I love that Liu Chuan is not an aloof meanie. Even though those characters are typically the ones I find most attractive (in dramaland, anyway)…yet I find him attractive. Liu Chuan is just a nice guy, who is smart, caring, popular, and loved by all.

Hope I’m not spoiling anything here…but I love that Jia En did not have a makeover by someone else or one that is paid for by the lead male. The focus for the makeover part of the drama really highlights her strive for independence. What’s awesome about it is that Liu Chuan pushes her towards her independence without being one of those overpowering characters who does everything for the female lead.

There were also plenty of moments that left me feeling the nostalgia of my own college years.

Definitely worth the watch so far….I love the chemistry between the leads and am definitely looking forward to tomorrow’s episode where we can dive a little deeper in to Liu Chuan’s character and see what is behind his relationship with his father.


Set in the mid-1990s, country girl Jia En follows her childhood friend Ren Wei to a big college university. After discovering that Ren Wei isn’t quite the same in college as he used to be when they were growing up she realizes that she may need to become less dependent on him. Helping her through this process is none other than Liu Chuan – the hottest and most popular guy at Cheng Dong University.

His views and thoughts greatly influence her thoughts and strive for independence. After discovering she may be attracted to him, she discovers that he may be hiding a secret – a secret that he is desperately trying to hide…Will this secret be the end of a beginning or a beginning of something great?


  1. i heard that this drama will have a movie is that true? if so do you know when it will air? also, by any chance does this have a book or something? do you think they have an english translation?

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