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Fabulous Boys Review (Taiwan Drama)


Fabulous Boys Taiwan Drama Main Cast

Jiro Wang as Hwang Tai Qin – The lead singer to the band A.N. Jell
Cheng Yu Xi (Le Le) as Gao Mei Nan (male) and Gao Mei Nu (female) – Girl in training to become a nun but enters the band posing as her brother.
Hwang In Deok as Xin Yu – Another band member who falls for Gao Mei Nan
Evan Yo as Jeremy- The ditsy, clueless band member who also falls for Gao Mei Nan
Wang Si Ping as Liu Xing Ning – Actress who falls for Tai Qin
Chen Wi Min as Mark – Mei Nan’s manager
Zhang Xin Yan as Ge Di – Makeup artist

Episodes: 13
Country: Taiwan
Category: Romance, Comedy
DramaNut Rating: 9



Fabulous Boys Taiwan Drama Review:

The casting for the main characters of this drama was fantastic! Jiro Wang did a superb job playing the role of stuck up band member with a tortured past. Le Le is a newbie actress and this is the very first drama that I’ve seen her in…but her acting was absolutely fantastic as well. Her chemistry with Jiro was intense and definitely a 10. Le Le’s portrayal of an innocent nun in training was impressive and believable.

I starting watching this drama with some reservations because I’ve watched the Korean version of this “You’re Beautiful” and that drama was awesome. So I was a little concerned as to how this one will be with Jiro playing the lead because Jang Geun Suk is hard to beat.

After watching this drama, I can’t say that Jiro beat Jang Geun Suk…but that he portrayed Tai Qin a little more differently than Jang Geun Suk. Jiro’s portrayal of Tai Qin was more mature and reserved, while Geun Suk’s portrayal of Tae Kyung was more childish and borderline nutty. Both played their characters well but they were very different.

Overall, this drama had just enough give and take between the lead characters, plenty of comedy, and tons of charm to keep it on my 9 and up list. The only reason I gave it a 9 was because many parts of the drama were extremely similar to the Korean version and I couldn’t help but mentally compare. Even though many parts were similar, I still thoroughly enjoyed this drama. If you haven’t seen the Korean version then this drama will definitely be a 10. However, if you’ve already seen the Korean version, then you can look forward to a different Tae Kyung portrayed by Jiro. You’ll be surprised by the ending because it’s not the same as the Korean version. In my opinion, it is actually a better ending.


Hwang Tai Qin (Jiro Wang) is the lead singer of a music group called A.N. Jell. He is a cold, menacing, person with a tormented past. Due to distressed vocal chords, the president of his recording company decides to bring in another lead singer, Gao Mei Nan, to tide him over.

This is a great opportunity for Gao Mei Nan but he is out of the country. His manager, Mark, decides to get Mei Nan’s twin sister Mei Nu to impersonate him until he returns.

Gao Mei Nu (Le Le) is an innocent girl training to become a nun. After much begging from Mark, Mei Nu enters A.N. Jell as Gao Mei Nan. She will have to practice, live, eat, and sleep with the group.

What will transpire between Mei Nu and all the band members?



  1. You are right Jiro’s character is different Tai Jing is more manly and mature versus Tai Kyung who is more childish. I was actually wondering how girls would fall for Tai Kyung when he is such a difficult person to deal with. Totally understand why after watching the Korean version a lot were saying she should have picked Shin Woo because in his scenes your heart will totally go to him. In Fabulous boys though it was Tai Jing all the way Shin Woo and Jeremy didn’t stand a chance

    • I thought it was really nice for the TW version to have a stronger focus on Tai Qin. With the Korean version, I was so torn between the Tae Kyung and Shin Woo it was crazy. I wanted them BOTH! lol! :) I read your other comment that you just watched the Korean version. Wow! You’re so brave. I really wanted to do that but I liked the TW version so much that I’m afraid re-watching the K-version would make me poke holes in the TW version…do you feel that way at all?

      • Not at all I still love the TW version better than the Korean and it almost felt like a totally different story towards the latter episodes because the TW version strayed and made changes to the original. The Korean one had better pacing though and watching it made me understand the TW version a lot better. Like why would Xin Wu say he was close to Mei Nan when he was helping her with the signature, i understood only after watching the original and found out there was a back story to the “close” ness

        . I gotta admit though I was scared at first that my love for Jiro would be affected if I watch the much hyped JGS, in the end I was fascinated with Jeremy more he reminds me of Jiro in his younger days and if Jiro were like only 24 right now I think he could have done a real good Jeremy.

        • Oh and yes agree that with the original I was going ping pong with Tai Kyung and Shin Woo love them both. I think the difference with the FB is that Mei Nan only had serious chemistry with Tai Jing and not the other 2. Even if Xin Yu got more scenes added to his favor, I was just either meh or feeling pity towards him

  2. I like the KOREAN VERSION better… but no offense for the TAIWANESE version.. :)

  3. Vanessa Mae Garinga

    is their a next chapter of fabulous boys .. I mean continuation ???

  4. i hope have another episode the faboulous boys

  5. I finaLLy faLL in Love again because of the TV show it so romantic and funny

  6. Love the TW version and Jiro is just hot. I also prefer the TW ending to the Korean one. Did not understand why she had to leave and not just stay :(. I watched the You’re beautiful first but feel like FB filled out a lot of gaps from the K-drama maybe the subtitles in the K-drama were a bit off :D. Still love the K-drama villain girl more though forgot her name U hey Shee or something like tht she was cute and viscous. 9/10

  7. Oh and the chemistry Mei Nu and HTQ sizzling, they had such perfect scenes the dance, the kiss everything 10/10 for FB on that point.

  8. Claudette S. Duremdes

    Is their a next season of fabulous boys?

  9. i wish fabulous boys had an part 2!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. I wish FABULOUS BOYS had a part 2!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I really <3 FABULOUS BOYS!!!!!!!!!!!

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