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Jiro Wang Top Contestant for Role In Transformers 4

JIro Wang Transformers

How exciting! Casting call for Chinese action guy to star in Michael Bay’s Transformers 4 to be released in 2014 has Jiro Wang as lead contender. With 260,000 votes, Jiro Wang is in first place and Peter Ho is currently placing fourth.

It is understood that he has already been notified for the second round of interviews. Taiwan fans site his muscular physique as their number one reason for voting him in to the number one spot. Jiro proudly emphasizes that he has an eight pack and not only a six. :)

Transformers is a widely popular robot film in the United States. “Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon,” had sales of more than $145 million in China without any Chinese plot elements. The 4th installment of Transformers will have Chinese elements to capitalize on the vast Chinese market.  The film will be shooting many scenes in Chinese cities.

Chinese star Li Bing Bing has already been cast in the film. It would be awesome to see Jiro in an American film!

Source:  TVBS



  1. OMG wow big news! I hate those Transformers movies with a passion, but I’ll watch it if Jiro’s in it (LOL).

    Hahaha and yes he does have an 8 pack. That picture you posted before shows it (ROFL).

    • And it depends on what sort of role they cast him for. If it’s only like a 2 second shot, I’ll still pass. Best wishes to Jiro, though :D

      • My thoughts exactly anonfan. I wasnt sure whether to broach the subject in public..

        Naturally I would like to see Jiro go truly global by starring in a Hollywood movie. But that said, most of the ‘Chinese’ guys are normally used to showcase the martial arts bit and get what 5-6 lines in the entire movie just to please the East Asian crowd…So if Jiro is selected, I hope he considers the script well before he jumps on board. Its taken him sometime to get to the position of a leading man in dramas. I really dont want to see him get pushed back to the role of a supporting cast, just becoz its a Hollywood movie..

        Jackie Chan was lucky becoz he was the producer of the films he starred in so he made sure he was the lead role. Lucy Li, Bruce Lee and Michelle Yeoh are among the ones to actually make a mark.

        • Well, now that we’ve started this conversation, I’m just gonna be honest and I hope I don’t offend anybody.

          Hollywood is disgustingly racist and sexist. I have SO MANY FEELINGS about this so it’s hard for me to keep quiet. Don’t even get me started on all the disgusting whitewashing (Star Trek Into Darkness, that sad excuse of an Avatar: The Last Airbender movie, etc.) and all the blackface/brownface/yellowface (Breakfast at Tiffany’s Cloud Atlas, etc.) that happens all the time.

          Actors of color are so badly stereotyped in Hollywood (that is, if they’re even cast in a role that has more than 5-6 lines, or in roles that aren’t fodder or fetishes or white men’s fantasies). It’s funny that you mentioned Lucy Liu, Michelle Yeoh, and Bruce Lee, who are some of my all-time favorite actors. Lucy and Michelle are timeless queens. Bruce Lee is a legend. John Cho is another actor I really like – his interviews and comments about race in Hollywood are thoughtful and so true.

          Michael Bay is just one of the many successful Hollywood big names that make movies that are racist and sexist. His Transformers series is so full of xenophobic and sexist crap it offends me just by existing.

          See this whole thing that Transformers 4 is doing? It’s just a clever marketing ploy to capitalize on the big Chinese market. Hollywood wants to make money from the huge population in China, and what better way to build excitement and advertise an upcoming movie than with this huge online voting schtick (and the reality TV show style of auditioning)? Basically weeks and weeks of free advertising and publicity build up!

          I’m all for Jiro being in more movies, but it will make me sad if he becomes just another Asian stereotype or even worse: unwittingly being a part of xenophobic propaganda. Just like during pre-production with Iron Man 3, there were talks about getting Andy Lau involved (to boost Iron Man 3’s popularity in China/Taiwan/Hong Kong), but ultimately Andy Lau refused. Most likely he read the script for the role they offered him and it was another stereotypical Asian cameo.

          You’re right about Jackie Chan – he had a lot of control with his movies because he was the producer at the same time. Even so, he has said in interviews that he enjoys making movies back in Asia more than he does in Hollywood. Another famous actor, Jet Li, has also returned to China (he only got involved with Expendables because he’s friends with Jason Stratham).

          • Breakfast at Tiffany’s made Chinese people look like fools.

            Cloud Atlas was just a disgusting piece of sh*t and had Caucasian actors wear prosthetics that made them look like deformed humans – they were “supposed” to look Asian, but just looked badly deformed. It’s like they never saw what real Asian eyes/nose/facial features actually looked like. FFS.

          • While I agree that Hollywood badly stereotypes people of color,
            I can see the motivation for Jiro wanting to join the cast. He hasn’t exactly had a free ride in becoming famous. He’s worked considerably harder than most of his peers to get to where he is. The goal of many drama actors is at some point to be able to star in a movie role. He will definitely not be considered for any lead role in American movies, (he’s awesome, but just not at that caliber) but I think there are many reasons behind the choices every actor makes.

            Jet Li, Jackie Chan, and Andy Lau (with a few minor exceptions) are all movie actors and not drama actors. Jackie Chan and Andy Lau are also from Hong Kong and not Taiwan, where the acting abilities are considered far superior than Taiwan actors. All of Jet Li’s older movies were also Hong Kong films. So their ability to break out in to American films is much easier than a regular Taiwan actor. Hong Kong movie actors are held at a different standard than drama actors. Most drama actors can only dream of being cast in a movie role much less an American movie role. If Jiro gets chosen, this will be a very impressive addition to his resume.

            He is also in his early 30s and needs to begin considering other options. He can’t be a pop star forever as drama roles with him playing the dashing young hero will begin to very quickly disappear for him. If his role and the scripting in Transformers is impressive enough, this may become his foot in the door to act in Chinese movies which are more likely to cast him in a role other than a young man in his early twenties.

            That being said, it is the actor/manager’s choice in deciding whether or not to take a role. Good for Andy Lau in not joining the cast of Iron Man because Mr. Legend obviously doesn’t need it. Jackie Chan’s motivation behind starring in American movies was for increased exposure of Asian culture in America. It didn’t turn out quite as he expected because of all the red tape that goes along with safety, stunts, etc. He’s always been a go, go, go sort of guy and the Hollywood slowness seemed to really bother him.

            Jet Li was the love of my life for a VERY, VERY long time. I hated every minute of his venture in to American movie roles. But I blame him and his managers and not American film directors. I’m sure Jet Li had every opportunity to read the script and knows exactly what he was getting in to. With limited English speaking abilities, he could only play limited roles. It was his decision to go for it regardless of how they were going to cast him.

            The American directors also sucked at filming martial arts. They absolutely had no idea how to showcase his awesomeness (speaking of which… I think I will be adding him to my hotness list sometime). He wasn’t a director, so he didn’t have the skills Jackie Chan brought to the table in telling the directors exactly what to do to capture the beauty of martial arts and his stunt scenes.

            It’s also hard not to stereotype when so many Chinese actors speak crappy English. Lucy Liu was born in America so she is the exception. Michelle Yeoh is just a badass. Her English is pretty okay but still not good enough to cast her in any major American roles. Bruce Lee is also from Hong Kong, but he had a very different skill set. His martial arts was second to none at the time so it’s not like directors has many choices – even Chuck Norris couldn’t beat him.

            While I don’t like it, I don’t blame the stereotyping nor the lack of Asian people in American films. I think if there was a very good actor that can fluently speak both English and Chinese and be able to fit in to a Hollywood role, there would be less stereotyping. Just like Americans appearing in Chinese dramas tend to have tiny, awkward parts and are shown to be slow or dumb (with the exception of Benjamin in New My Fair Princess because his Chinese was so good). Oops, a little too long. :)

            • Bruce Lee was so awesome that Chuck Norris became his student.
              King Andy Lau is awesome enough that he doesn’t need to have a crappy cameo in Iron Man 3.
              Jackie Chan knows what he’s doing when it comes to making movies and that’s why he made it big in Hollywood without being cast in roles he doesn’t want.

              The amount of crap that exploded when Lucy Liu got the lead role in Elementary is a perfect example of racism and sexism in the western film industry. She is a talented and experienced actress, perfectly fluent in English, and a beautiful lady to boot. She and many other Asian American actors/actresses (John Cho even gave a speech about this) have said, on multiple occasions, how Hollywood stereotypes them into “typical” Asian roles and just would not consider them in roles that are “reserved” for Caucasian actors.

              This stereotypical casting applies to all actors of color and not just Asians. Even is we use the excuse that Americans aren’t familiar with Asian cultures, etc., what about African Americans, who have long been part of American society, and the stereotypical casting they get? I don’t wanna start a whole debate about racial representation (since this is a TW/Korean drama blog), but just thought I’d mention that it’s not only Asians who get the short end of the stick here…

              As for picking scripts, I think Ricardo Montalbán says it best:

              “What happens very often is that, many actors, who are big stars, they get – I’m not going to exaggerate, but – 50 scripts, and go: ‘ah, that’s no good’, ‘no/yes’, ‘maybe, it’s a possibility’ … and finally they come to 3 of them, and say: ‘well, this one’. But in my case, as a Mexican actor, I never had the luxury of having, 10 scripts, or 5, or 2. One script – take it or leave it. Well, I had to support my family, and I had to do it.”

              I get what you mean about it being a big deal to break into Hollywood. It IS a big deal, and it’s the dream of many actors to make it big there. So I do get why Asian actors are eager to have a shot at it, and I support them fully in their quest, but I just wanted to point out that Hollywood isn’t as wonderful as everyone dreams it is…

            • Bravo. I read all of your post and enjoyed it immensely. :) While I agree with the vast majority of your points, there was on assumption that I felt the need to question. Are there really no good actors that can fluently speak both English and Chinese and be able to fit in to a Hollywood role? There are 18 million Asian-Americans in the US, and none of them are suitable? Really?

              I think putting the fault with the industry itself is far more believable. Firstly, there aren’t really any big-name Asian-American actors. Why? Because there really aren’t enough roles offered to Asian-Americans, which are needed to facilitate the experience and exposure to become a household name. Everyguy/everygirl roles are implicitly assumed to be white only. Even roles that rightfully should be Asian (coughAirbendercough) are denied. To those who say racism is over, only the plot matters, and race should be interchangeable, I say yes, it should. But name me all the times an Asian role got whitewashed. Now name me a “white” role that became Asian.

              So yes, I can totally blame the lack of Asian people in American films. There are plenty of bilingual Asian Americans out there, way more than Caucasians who speak Chinese. Which, by the way, hasn’t stopped American spy thriller movies to have their white hero speak in Chinese to some Asian villain to prove their badassery.

              Hopefully, with more movies with roles that explicitly require “Asian-ness”, they’ll eventually have to cast more Asian-Americans in Hollywood, allowing them to gain the star power to star in movies in their own right. That way, Asian-American actors will actually have a chance.

  2. Btw, I just saw a vid on youtube.titleed : 06.29.2013 [ENG SUB] Jiro Wang Guest Appearance Rainie Yang Malaysia Concert.

    What can I say.. it was so freaking awesome.. Jiro is so hot and hilarious at the same time. And he deserves to be called a Rocker!!

    • Oh wow! Thank you for the heads up! I looked it up on youtube and the video is great! He’s such a fun guy :D

      I don’t know who Rainie is but she seems like a really fun girl too :D
      I love her comments and antics about his muscles hahahahahaha

      • anonfan.. have you checked out {Absolute Darling OST} Pretend We Never Loved Official MV- Jiro.

        Jiro is not hot. He is perfect. he is just.. I dont have words to describe him.. if you havent watched it, pls do…




        • TBH that Absolute Boyfriend series was so bad (like, cringe-worthy bad), but I watched parts of it just cuz of Jiro. (Sorry, I couldn’t watch the whole thing cuz it was just so bad OMG)


          • Oh.. I read the plot and didnt feel like watching it.. i mean com’on falling in love with a robot.. too much.. For that matter I didnt like the Jap version or the English movie either..

            What I like about the MV was Jiro looked so.. for lack of a better word – beautiful I mean his features were accentuated by the fact that it was a black and white vid. But, my gwad.. when I saw the vid.. i just felt incredibly happy…

            Btw, I thought the series was a big hit?

            Btw, on viki, there is this vid uploaded by Jiro Supporters.. of his photo shoot for GQ. He is fully clothed but nevertheless looks quite dashing…

            • Absolute Boyfriend is based on famous Japanese comic “Zettai Kareshi” by Yuu Watase (famous comic author).

              The story is actually quite disturbing if you think about it: a clumsy girl with no sex appeal desperately wants a boyfriend, so she orders a SEX ROBOT (yes, Jiro’s character is a sex robot, which is why he always tries to have sex with her) who is advertised to be the the “Perfect Boyfriend”. The company that created the robots actually wants to exploit the robots’ recorded data of the women that the robots have sex with (OMG WTF).

              Meanwhile, a guy she has known since childhood, a good friend, is actually in love with her but she doesn’t know it. Basically stuff happens and a love triangle develops between the friend, the robot, and the girl. The robot later exceeds his A.I. programming and develops feelings and a sense of self (so to speak), and falls in love with the girl for real. The girl also falls in love with the robot. But exceeding the A.I. programming causes the robot to break down which is why the robot “dies” at the end.

            • I swear Jiro looks good wearing anything (or nothing at all). If I was a designer I’d model all my clothes on him. He’d make all my clothes look beautiful (LOL)

            • Jiro looks delicious in his MVs. He knows what makes him look good and makes sure to work it whenever he can. Smart man :D

            • I strongly suggest you ladies go watch his recent photoshoot for men’s health. (Paste 2013年6月Men’s Health拍攝花絮 on youtube). The ending is to die for <3

              "Pretend we never loved" is still one of my favorite songs and videos from Jiro. It fits the mood of the drama and Night's emotions perfectly.


                What a delicious photoshoot! Beautiful! *_*


          • Well, I watched it and it wasn’t all THAT bad… Some moments are pretty cheesy and not very well thought through (esp. the beginning), but the ending wasn’t all that bad, and there’s a whole LOT of cute Jiro moments – which makes it a worthwhile watch if you have spare time on your hands. Oh and, the secondary, comedic character – the sales guy – is simply brilliant (he act(s/ed) as Jiro’s father and mentor in the KO series).

            • It was only my boundless love for Jiro that made me sit through even part of that series. I know many people liked this series so I won’t trash it. It’s all just a matter of personal taste – it’s all cool that we all like different things :D

              Yes the series did have a lot of cute Jiro moments in it, and I actually thought the 2nd male lead (the friend) and the Kronos salesman were pretty OK. The plot was already kinda ridiculous to start with, but if the lead actors and lead actress (especially since her character is the most important part of the story!) were great, then at least the series would’ve been worth watching. Jiro acted well and the music of the series was great (awesome songs), so that was the only reason I could sit through some of it.

              But the lead girl can’t act and had ZERO chemistry with Jiro – this is supposed to be an epic love between the girl and her robot that crosses all human/non-human boundaries, right? Well, didn’t feel any of it and it was so difficult to watch her.

              Compared to the girl in Absolute Boyfriend (supposedly an experienced actress), even a new actress like Le Le is an Oscar-winner.

        • I don’t know if you’ve seen this (and I hope Dramanut is OK with me posting this here), but I legit had tears in my eyes reading this: (take out the spaces)

          downthesteps. blogspot. com. au/ 2011 / 01/ jiro-wang-his-story . html

      • I thought Rainie was a popluar TW actress. I heard her best known drama is – Devil Besides You along with Michael He…

        • Oops sorry I didn’t make myself clear: I know Rainie is a famous actress, I just meant that I haven’t watched her dramas or heard her sing, etc.

  3. Seriously??! That would be the best thing to happen this year! I’d actually go see it in theaters, too!! (& we rarely do that – we usually wait for the DVD.) Heck – I’ll go more than once!!

  4. Oh, is there somewhere we can go to add our vote to this casting??

    • Don’t know if you follow Jiro on weibo, but you can probably find the link for the site in there. He really, really wants this. Some news came out today on how he’s been intensively practicing his english whenever he has time (and I honestly believe he has a clone or something, because it’s humanly impossible to be doing so many things at the same time as he is right now. And he seems to have – finally – found himself a girlfriend on top of that).

      i would honestly prefer if he wasn’t involved in this at all, to be honest. Transformer movies are rubbish to begin with, and like someone already mentioned, this whole thing is just a way to get some free publicity. I mean, even the categories in the site are ridiculous. “action man”, “nerd girl”, “hot girl” and another I can’t remember. And I’m pretty sure it’s gonna be a very minor role. But, hey, it’s a big opportunity. If he really wants it, I can only respect his decision.

      Btw, dramanut, I do agree with your whole comment (always love to read your rants), but you mentioned something about Jiro wanting to star in a movie. He has already starred in a couple of movies, actually. His first movie was a psychological thriller called “Purple House” and he has a horror movie in 3D coming out in August. Meanwhile he filmed a movie called “My Beautiful Kingdom” last year (it was the main reason why he have to leave KO2 midway, since he had to go to Paris to shoot this movie) and a rom-com, “my boy-boy-boy-boyfriend” with Na Na from Happy Camp, last year as well. Not sure when these are coming out, though :/

      • So I was reading all your comments and I totally lost all interest in the Hollywood discussion or AB when I read Rumple’s comment that Jiro got himself a girfriend!
        I am all for the guy being extremely happy in his personal life. Lord knows he needs it! Its just me.

        See, when an actor and even though he is a public figure and all gets hooked, I just draw the line at the drooling and the swooning part. I mean hes another woman’s man now and it just doesnt feel right.. you know..

        And this is so unfair, becoz I just ‘discovered’ Jiro and I havent had my fill of drooling and swooning. Now I just have to stick to his character.

        Anyways, I wish him all the happiness in the world.

        Dramanut, can you give us an overdose of hotness pics , if you have the time, to ease the pain :-/.. Thanks..

        • Agreed. This is exactly why I try to stay away from actors personal lives and exactly the reason why managers try so hard to keep actor’s and singer’s gf / bf completely hidden. Discovering that Andy Lau got married to a woman that he’s been in a relationship with for over 20 years broke all of his fans hearts. I doubt he would have been nearly as famous if this was revealed 20 years ago.

          Especially with this happening at the height of Jiro’s career. Bad move on the manager’s part.

          On a side note, I find it interesting that pop stars will get even more famous for playing the field, but will lose fans when they settle down. :)

          • >> On a side note, I find it interesting that pop stars will get even more famous for playing the field, but will lose fans when they settle down. :)

            IKR? It doesn’t make sense to me. But it’s a sad fact of life, I guess…

        • OK, totally being honest here, I’m actually HAPPY that Jiro’s got himself a girlfriend. Seriously, with all the crap he’s gone through in his life, I really hope he finds a nice girl and gets a happy family and everything, you know? It doesn’t affect my fangirly feelings, not one bit.

          I fangirl/drool/etc. over my favorite celebrities, but what they do in their personal lives is their business. Big fan of Andy Lau here, and I was very happy for him when it came out he was married and had children and everything. Celebrities deserve happiness too, yeah?

          • Hey anonfan, Am not saying its a bad thing. Am saying – yeah ofcourse he deserves happiness. Its a very good thing. He deserves to find his Go Mei Nam in real life..:-D

            And my compliments are not going to stop either.Its just that, now theres a side note – hes someone else’s man..

            • No worries, my dear friend Anusha, I understood what you meant and I applaud you for keeping in mind that he’s “someone else’s man” (you’re such a nice girl, good on you :D). I know I’m not as ladylike as you, since he’s still sex on legs in my eyes (the fact he has a girlfriend is irrelevant to my fangirling LOL).

              No sidenote from me cuz I have no shame (mwahahahaha)

        • Oh! I think you misunderstood. It’s not confirmed yet, just rumors lol Jiro and this girl were caught together a couple of weeks ago, and they were spotted again recently. Of course there’s no confirmation and Jiro’s side says that she’s just a co-worker at his agency. So… don’t stop drooling yet lol

          I don’t think that if he really was in a relationship it would affect his popularity, though. A couple of years ago, maybe. But not now. He’s gonna be 32 soon and he’s always been a family man. I think everyone expects him to settle down sooner or later. When the paparazzi pics first came out, it didn’t have any impact. No one really bothered. His fans were throwing their fists in the air and chanting “aleluia” in unison, some reporters asked him about it just once and moved on and everyone else was just “meh”. Even in the most recent news, the reporters focused more on the fact that Jiro was… ahem… scratching his crotch in front of the lady than in who she is. So… no big deal.

          I find it really sad that public figures have to hide their relationship just for the sake of their popularity. Like what happened with Andy Lau. Can you imagine what it is to be than woman? To be someone’s “secret” for 20 years? And there’s also Wu Zun… There’s always been rumors around that he has a wife and a child back in Brunei. It’s absurd. Saddening and absurd.

          (sorry to digress again. I tend to do that a lot lol)

          • Oh Rumple, I do wish you would comment more. Theres always something in your comment that makes my day..

            Jiro scratching his crotch infront of the girl… BWAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

            Its about 6 in the morning and I am laughing my head off here. Oh dear gwad, now that image is going to stay with me the whole day..

          • Wait, did you just say that Jiro scratched his crotch? In front of what lady? Was it a reporter? Describe the scene please. LOL. Too hilarious. Sometimes…ya gotta do what ya gotta do, right? LOL.

            I’m glad you brought up Wu Zhun’s wife and child rumors. I was debating on whether or not to put that on his Hotness page but decided against it because I didn’t want to start getting in to an actor’s personal life in a post, but I really do believe it is true though. Perhaps this could be the reason why he’s not been in more dramas lately. If his story is indeed true, it is really super sweet. Correct me if I’m wrong, but if I remember correctly, he was with the girl for over 10 years. She supported him in his acting career and has been the hidden woman just like Andy’s wife. I didn’t like that Andy’s wife got bashed for being a weak woman. Perhaps she’s just the opposite. She’s stronger than what most women can handle, more loyal and trusting than most women are, and it really goes to show that perhaps Andy Lau is really THAT good – even in real life. :) *loves*

            I agree that it’s sad that actors have to hide who they are with but I don’t ever want the actors to get married. I want them to remain single for life on the off chance that I might meet one of my hotties and they will fall madly in love with me and we’ll get married and live happily ever after. Just Kidding! I don’t have a problem finding out who they are with either before or after a drama, but not in the middle. I like to be immersed in the leads’ relationship and finding out in the middle of a drama sort of distracts from that. Like anonfan, I have no issues with drooling or swooning over married actors *evil laughs* — hey, that’s what they’re there for, right? BUT, I do drool significantly less, knowing that they are hooked.

            • Dramanut, I think I get you mean. It’s like, as long as they’re on our screen, we’re free to drool, etc., but knowing that they’re married or taken means that we subconsciously have to restrain ourselves. We may not intend to restrain ourselves, but we unknowingly end up doing that anyway. Kinda like putting a bit of a damper on wild fangirl parties XD

          • ROFLMAO scratching his crotch. Well, I’m surrounded by guys and lemme tell ya, they tend to do that a lot. According to them, it’s cuz it itches down there quite a lot and pants can be quite restrictive down there. That’s why a lot of them love to wear boxers. This is what they tell me so I’ll just take their word for it XD

            I reckon it’s sad that celebrities have to hide their partners/relationships too. They’re in the entertainment industry and they’re public figures, but they should be able to have personal lives too. I mean, if they can find that special someone and have a happy family, then congratulations to them :D

            I heard about those rumors of Wu Zun and his wife and kids. It sounds like he probably does but it’s sad that he has to go to such lengths to hide them. It must be tough to be the “hidden woman”.

      • Ugh…Purple House…not even worth mentioning. Rumple, went back and reread what I wrote. Sorry about that, got a little too into my rant. Keeheehee. I meant foot in the door to more meaningful roles, not thrillers or horror movies which to me are still bottom of the totem pole for movies. My opinion only…don’t chew me out…I get chewed out by my friends all the time for saying that horror flicks are cheezy and lame. Again, that’s just my opinion. I just want to see him cast in something more exciting like God of Gamblers or Infernal Affairs. Thanks for the tip on My Beautiful Kingdom and My Boy Boy Boyfriend. Haven’t heard of those yet. My, my, aren’t you the Jiro expert. LOL. But good for him in being cast in more movies.

        • Hey Dramanut, it’s good that you’re honest in your rants/comments. It’s why I come here to your site, to have honest discussion with other people. There’s no point in having a discussion website without honest comments, so I really like reading what you write :D

          I’m not a big fan of horror movies myself, but friends and family seem to like them so it’s all cool. My dad laughs during horror movies (he finds them funny LOL), and my brother sees more disgusting things every day at work than stuff in horror movies, so they have no effect on him either (LOL).

        • PS. God of Gamblers & Infernal Affairs = AWESOME <3

        • Hey, this is your blog. You have every right to state your opinion ;) And I do agree with you (again) about Purple House. I tried to watch it with eng. subs a couple of weeks ago (the first time i watched, it was with no subs) I couldn’t force myself to watch more than the first part because of how lame it was. I do love the tango/make out scene, though. It was, by far, the best kissing scene Jiro has ever had in anything, and it just proved that he needs to stop starring in idol dramas and move on to more mature roles where the kisses aren’t just innocent pecks on the lips, because the boy can kiss! But I digress lol

          Hmmm… You have a point when you say that horror movies are “bottom of the tottem pole”. But I do think that in China and, especially, Japan horror movies don’t have such a bad reputation. I remember that Ruby Lin starred in a horror movie just last year. And she’s probably the most popular/respected Taiwanese actress nowadays. I don’t intend on watching “bloody doll”, though, it seem to be too gory for me (not a big fan of horror movies, either). But it’s China’s first 3D horror movie, so I can see the appeal. Besides, Jiro had some time to spare in between Fabulous Boys and KO3 xD (I’m not joking when I say he’s the worse kind of workaholic)

          • Seriously, Jiro’s endurance and perseverance is almost humanly impossible. How can he possibly juggle between so much work and not collapse in exhaustion? He must have an iron will or something. So much respect for him.

      • The Transformers movies are a pile of stinking turd and represent everything that is wrong with Hollywood: racism/xenophobia, sexism, lazy scripts, lousy directing, cheap marketing ploys, etc.

        The categories are ridiculous. “Action man”, “IT geek”, “Lolita girl” – W.T.F. They’re so stupid it’s insulting.

        I get why Jiro wants this chance to get into Hollywood so bad, and I support him in his quest, but the whole schtick this Transformers movie is doing is just – I don’t wanna swear my head off here, so I’ll just shake my head and roll my eyes instead.

        I respect and admire Jiro very much for his perseverance and work ethic. He works very hard and as you said, seems to be humanly impossible in doing so many things at the same time (he probably doesn’t need to sleep, or has developed the ability to not need sleep).

        I’m happy to hear that he’s got himself a girlfriend. He’s been through so much crap in his life he deserves to find some happiness. What celebrities do in their personal life is their business, so I wish him well. It really doesn’t change my fangirling at all, since it’s all in my head anyway. I tend to separate entertainment/fangirl stuff from real life anyway, so it’s all cool.

  5. Am continuing the disc on actors and marriage down here..

    I do remember reading an article which said that Wu was caught with a lady and a kid, but later on he declared they were his bro’s wife and his kid. But I guess they were his all along. Is that why he left the band.. too much exposure and hence too many questions? Jae Hee of Delightful Girl Choon-Hyang fame is also said to have been married in secret for sometime and even has a kid.

    Now that I am reading all this news.. am actually finding it ridiculous. Fans who dont want their actors to have a personal life are, in my opinion, being too possesive and I guess a bit selfish..
    I actually feel really sorry for the wives and the kids.

    Btw now the storyline for the drama – Oh my lady! does seem more believeable.

    And these are actors we are talking about. Imagine actresses. Actresses, I feel have another problem of aging more quickly than men. So they need to establish themselves in their 20s. I remember reading the heroine from – Me too flower was infact married to this musician and its only when they divorced that the news that they were married came out.

    What a complicated life these guys lead.. Will it really be that bad if these guys actually dated and got married publically??

    Lee Min Ho and the girl from City Hunter dated for a while right? There was no bashing up there.. was there?

    • You’re totally right – if actors have it tough, then actresses have it even worse. The crap they have to go through to succeed in the industry and then trying to have a family on top of that? Almost impossible. That’s why I’m so happy for them when I hear that they can have a career and family at the same time. All power to them.

  6. Dramanut, am folding my palms together in apology, but since you guys have become my drooling/ swooning buddies, I just had to bring this up here: Have you guys seen the official trailer of How to train my dragon 2? Well those of you who are into the animation film and series. If you guys havent.. do check it out…

    • OMG How to Train Your Dragon 2 is like, my favorite animation! I didn’t know there’s a trailer out already! I need to go see it right now! Thanks for the tip! :D


      I totally didn’t expect that surprise at the end! WOW!

      EPICNESS right here! :D


    • Oops I meant that I love the How to Train Your Dragon series (the first movie and the short films, etc.)
      I haven’t actually seen How to Train Your Dragon 2 cuz it’s not out yet LOL

  7. Okay, back to the main topic here..I just saw on Weibo a day or two ago that the transformers role has been given to Han Geng (previously a member of Super Junior). Does this mean that Jiro is out of the running? Or is Hang Geng only casted for the IT geek role and therefore Jiro is still in the running for ‘Action Man’?

    • Late reply is late, but there was recent news about Jiro having to withdraw from the auditions cuz of his packed schedule with filming projects…

    • I’m not sure which role Han Geng is cast as but I thought it was “action man”?
      Cuz he’s like pretty fit and he’s a great dancer, so maybe the action man role would suit him more than the IT geek role?

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