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Hotness of the Day #8: Dylan Kuo

Dylan Kuo

Name:  Dylan Kuo
Birthdate:  June 8, 1977
Birthplace:  Taiwan
Height:  187cm or 6’1″

Starred In:
Borrow Your Love (2013)
Ia Ia, I do (2012)
The Legend of Chinese Zodiac (2011)
Single Princesses and Blind Dates (2010)
Knock Knock Loving You (2009)
Prince + Princess 2 (2008)
And others…


I first saw him in Knock Knock Loving You. The drama was pretty cliché so it didn’t leave much of an impression on me. At the time, I was a serious Ming Dao fan and was quite disappointed that he didn’t get the girl in the end. But then I fell in love with Dylan’s character as Xiang En in Ia Ia, I Do. Now, I know many people find the lead female character quite annoying, but I gave this drama a chance and after the first few episodes, it really grew on me. I liked their chemistry and loved the little things that he did for her when he was in that I-like-you-but-don’t-know-that-I-do phase.

The above image is from his latest drama, Borrow Your Love.


  1. Ah yes this man gets better with age, so unfair. I’ve always found him good looking (back in his White Robe of Love / The Outsiders days) but now… woah. He has transformed from pretty boy to just… I have no words. Those pics Jiro & him post on weibo of them working out in the gym… *drops dead* The scruffy look in Borrow ur love just totally works.

    Ia Ia I do was a cute drama, I also loved the chemistry between Xiang En and Ai Ya – too bad the story was a bit predictable…

  2. Thanks for this dramant. he looks good and I checked out the trailer of Borrow your love which seems interesting but I believe its a pretty long drama.

    Enjoy your hols Dramanut. We’ll be around for sure, bt your not going to get your vacation time again, esp if you have gone some place special.. Cheers!!

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