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Fabulous Boys Episode 9 Recap


Wah!!!!!! *quickstomping feet in anticipation* I’m so excited about the next episode. I know. I know. I’m supposed to be recapping Episode 9 but my mind is totally on episode 10! Ahhhh!!! Okay. Okay. Focus. Calm down! Tai Qin finally begins to make romantic gestures (yes, that’s plural) towards Mei Nan, Xing Ning gets super jealous, and Jeremy scores some serious points in my books.

Fabulous Boys Episode 9 Recap


A.N. Jell and the crew that filmed the MV are at a club celebrating the completion of the MV. Mei Nan is distraught over her hairclip. Xin Yu leans over and asks Mei Nan what’s the matter. She tells him that she lost something really important.

Xing Ning is surprised that Mei Nan is so upset over a simple hairclip. But then thinks to herself that it must be because she’s a small town girl, so something so simple must be a big deal to her. Xing Ning swears that she won’t be returning the hairclip to Mei Nan unless Mei Nan admits she is a girl. She then removes the price tag from the hairclip and sticks it to her beer bottle and then clips the hairclip to her own hair before approaching Mei Nan.


Mei Nan notices the hairclip in Xing Ning’s hair and reaches for it but Xing Ning tells her that she has OCD like Tai Qin so she would never put someone else’s hairclip in her own hair. She then proceeds to tell her that if her hairclip is gone, then she should just let it go because it doesn’t suit her. Mei Nan, already self-conscious about her looks as a boy, admits that the clip suits Xing Ning more and says that the clip never really ever belonged to her, anyway.

Xin Yu approaches Jie Ge to ask if he can head out with Mei Nan, first, to look for something that she lost. Mark overhears their conversation and decides to step in to prevent Xin Yu’s erupting emotions with Mei Nan if they are alone together. lol.

Jie Ge tells Tai Qin to check on Mei Nan. Tai Qin agrees but as he heads over to see Mei Nan, he is stopped by Xing Ning. She asks him to drink with her. He tells her that if she’s trying to boss him, he advises that she interview for a housekeeper. He also wants to make clear that he is not her boyfriend. Tai Qin then notices the hairclip in her hair.

Xing Ning asks, “Isn’t it cute? Even Mei Nan keeps asking me for it.” Tai Qin realizes the thing that Mei Nan lost was the hairclip. Xing Ning tells him that its hers and not Mei Nan’s but Mei Nan keeps insisting that it is hers. Tai Qin catches her on her lie and asks her how much the clip costs. She looks at the price tag still on her bottle and tells him that it was $59.

Tai Qin: “Wrong, it was $1000.”
Xing Ning: “What idiot would pay $1000 for a hairclip?”
Tai Qin: “It’s Gao Mei Nan’s hairclip. Give it to me.”
Xing Ning: “How do you know it’s Gao Mei Nan’s hairclip?”
Tai Qin: “Because I’m the idiot that you’re talking about. I bought the hairclip for Mei Nan. Now, give it back.”

YES! Xing Ning caught in her lie is forced to give it back.


Tai Qin proudly walks up to Mei Nan with the hairclip reclaimed and in his hand.

Tai Qin: “Gao Mei Nan. I heard you lost something.”
Mei Nan: “I’m sorry, Tai Qin ge. I accidentally lost the hairclip you gave me.”
Tai Qin: “How dare you. How dare you lose something that I give you. But that’s okay…seeing that you’re so upset about it…”
Mei Nan cuts Tai Qin off: “It doesn’t matter anymore.”
Tai Qin: “Did you just say, it doesn’t matter?”
Mei Nan: “I don’t want to find it anymore because it doesn’t suit me, anyway. I hope the person who found it will treasure it.”
Tai Qin: “Fine. Don’t look for it! I’m sure the hairclip felt it didn’t suit you either, that’s why it went and found a new owner. I’m sure it’s really happy right now.”
Mei Nan: “It must be.”
Tai Qin: “If that’s the case, Gao Mei Nan. Then don’t ever look for it and don’t ever bother it, you understand?”
Mei Nan: “I won’t ever look for it.”

Awe! Tai Qin leaves upset, the clip still clenched tightly in his hand. Mei Nan thinks to herself that even though she doesn’t want to let it go, she has to resist.


Mu Hua Lan receives the phone number for Mei Nan’s aunt and the news that Mei Nan’s aunt is short on money. Mu Hua Lan is excited at the prospect that the licensing rights to the song can easily be resolved with money.

Mei Nan’s aunt is in Tai Qin’s room looking for something that she can sell. Mu Hua Lan calls Mei Nan’s aunt and tells her that she’d like to discuss the licensing rights to her brother’s song. Aunt excitedly accepts the call for a meeting. Mu Hua Lan fondly caresses the images of Mei Nan and Mei Nu in an old photograph, happy that she may be able to meet them again, soon.


Back at the club, Mark announces that they are going to have a prize drawing. Xing Ning notices a bag on the floor with Mei Nan’s name on it. Mark pulls names out of a box to draw for prizes. Tina is up next and she wins a gift from Mei Nan. She opens the gift only to discover a package of used tissue. It is clearly not what Mei Nan put in her bag. Mei Nan had prepared an MP3 player. Everyone at the club begins to start making remarks about her gift.

Mei Nan is stuck and heads up to the stage to apologize. Xing Ning is sitting off to the side, gloating at her own evilness. Jeremy comes to rescue Mei Nan!


Jeremy: “I know everyone is probably shocked by what’s happened. How is it possible to have drawn used tissue? Tina, you must feel like crying right now. But hold your emotions. Use the tissue to wipe your tears because these tears should be tears of joy. Because other than this package of tissue, you’ve also won a digital camera!” Okay, I’m falling for Jeremy. :D

Xin Yu heads on stage to say that Tina has also won a TV from him and Tai Qin adds to the prizes with a laptop. Now, everyone begins to chant Gao Mei Nan’s name in excitement.


As A.N. Jell heads back to the house in their van, Jeremy is excited about everything that happened during the filming of the MV. Mei Nan is sleeping so Xin Yu tells him to quiet down. Listening in on Xin Yu and Jeremy’s conversation, Tai Qin discovers that even though Mei Nan gave up looking for “the item” she seemed even sadder about giving it up than she did when she lost it. Jeremy thinks that the reason why Mei Nan is so sad is because she probably really wants to find “the item” but knows that she won’t ever find it.


Back at the house, Tai Qin talks to the hairclip. “If you want to look for it, then be honest and say it. Why suddenly say you’re not going to look for it. Now, I’m stuck. I even forbid her to look for it. If I give her the hairclip back right now, that would totally be embarrassing. Nevermind…I just won’t give it back to her. But…she’s so sad. Wait…I must calm down and think this through. As long as I can save face and return the clip to her…Dangit, this darn pig rabbit is frustrating the heck out of me.” lol.


Lightbulb! Tai Qin thinks of an idea. Pig Rabbit. He heads to their storage room with all the fan presents. He finds the cutest little rabbit stuffed animal and a piggy stuffed animal. Let the operation begin. Tai Qin cuts the nose of the pig off the piggy stuffed animal and glues it to the rabbit’s nose. Too Cute. He then clips the hairclip to the ear of the rabbit.



The next morning, Mei Nan wakes up to the cute pig rabbit at her bedside. It takes her a moment to realize the pig rabbit is her and to see the hairclip but she’s so happy…Tai Qin pretends to be asleep.

At breakfast, Mei Nan is grinning like an idiot to herself. Mark asks her what she’s so happy about and she tells him that she’s smiling about a prize that she received last night. Mark is confused because she didn’t get anything last night.


Tai Qin comes downstairs and Mei Nan begins to cough. He offers her a cup of water but Xin Yu is right on his tails offering her a cup of warm tea. Jeremy comes running downstairs calling for her to wait. He offers her a cup of juice filled with vitamin C to help her combat her cold.  lol.

Mark asks Mei Nan if she would like to drink water, tea, or juice. Mei Nan chooses tea.  (Ding, one point for Xin Yu.)  This further leads Mark to wrongly believe that she will only choose Xin Yu. LOL. Jeremy offers his juice again and Mei Nan accepts drinking both tea and juice. Tai Qin is left drinking the water himself. LOL.

They are now all at a commercial shoot. All four of them are wearing different colors. During a break, Jie Ge arrives with a special surprise visit from Xing Ning. Xing Ning heads over to Tai Qin and tells him that lime green is her favorite color and that he guessed right. Xing Ning’s remark isn’t well received and Jie Ge tries to break the mood.


Jie Ge announces that according to research, girls in their 20s love the lime green color (Tai Qin) the most, children love yellow (Jeremy), men love black (Xin Yu), and Mei Nan represents the fresh image of A.N. Jell wearing white. Jie Ge asks if his plan was perfect or not.


Xing Ning says that means that Tai Qin is like a knight in shining armor for girls. Jie Ge agrees, so Xing Ning asks what color Mei Nan likes. Mei Nan says that since she is a guy, of course she likes black. LOL. (Ding, another point for Xing Yu.) With a pout about to appear on his face, Tai Qin asks, “What’s so good about black? Pig.” Xing Ning is exasperated with Tai Qin’s attention towards Mei Nan.

The meeting between Mu Hua Lan and aunt are not going well. Mu Hua Lan wants to find the twins but aunt tells her that she’s looked for them but can’t find them but that they may be overseas. Aunt also tells Mu Hua Lan that she can discuss all licensing rights issues with her.


Xing Ning watches from afar as Xin Yu and Jeremy fuss over Mei Nan having a fever. Jeremy asks if he should go buy Mei Nan some medicine. Mei Nan declines saying that Mark already got her some and that she’ll go and take it right now. On her way to the dressing room, Xing Ning follows but Mei Nan is stopped by Tai Qin.


Tai Qin: “Normally, I have no interests in your likes or dislikes. But these past couple days, your likes have been rubbing me the wrong way.”
Mei Nan: “Really?”
Tai Qin: “What is your favorite color?”
Mei Nan: “Didn’t I say earlier, black?”
Tai Qin backs Mei Nan into the wall and leans in close: “I’m asking the girl, you. What color do you like. Don’t tell me that guys all like black. What is the favorite color of the girl, Gao Mei Nan?”

Mesmerized by Tai Qin, Mei Nan sees limes float around Tai Qin and she keeps thinking to herself, lime green, lime green, lime green, lime green….

Tai Qin interrupts her thoughts with the same question again and she cowardly answers, “White.” Tai Qin backs off and says it sounds like an answer to reporters. He tells her not bad and that she’s getting smarter before swiping her cheek with his finger and walking off. :)

Mei Nan pig snouts again but remembers that she still needs to film and doesn’t want to make her nose red so she decides to go and take her medicine, first.


Xing Ning is super jealous and realizes that Tai Qin sees Mei Nan as a girl. Xing Ning follows Mei Nan in to the dressing room and confronts her about the fact that she is a girl. She asks which color Mei Nan likes the most. Mei Nan is completely shocked that she’s been discovered as a girl and becomes worried. Xing Ning can’t stand how pitiful she looks and proceeds to drag her out of the dressing room.

She asks Mei Nan if she likes Tai Qin. When Mei Nan doesn’t answer, Xing Ning threatens to tell Tai Qin for Mei Nan. She tries to drag Mei Nan with her, but Mei Nan falls and the Three head over to help her. Before they get there, Xing Ning tells Mei Nan that if she doesn’t want her to tell, then Mei Nan better listen to her.


Xing Ning plays innocent and says that Mei Nan doesn’t feel well. Mei Nan agrees because Xing Ning is making faces at her to agree. Jie Ge comes and tells the Three to stay and finish the shoot but that he’ll take Mei Nan home to rest.

In the van, Jie Ge tells Mei Nan that her responsibilities and appearances will only increase. Xing Ning asks Jie Ge pointed questions, reminding Mei Nan that if anything goes wrong with Mei Nan, A.N. Jell and Jie Ge will all go down with her.


Mei Nan arrives home to find a note from her aunt saying that she’s gone back to their hometown for a few days. Mei Nan heads back to her own room, guilty and stressed that her one little white lie can ruin everyone. She asks Mother Superior what she should do.


I love how all Three run home to check to see how Mei Nan is doing. Unable to find her in Tai Qin’s room, they head to her room to see if she’s okay. Tai Qin gets upset when he hears Xin Yu say that Mei Nan still has a fever. Hiding his concern under a mask of indifference, he says that she should have said something earlier if she knew she was sick, now she’s caused the entire shoot to be delayed. Mei Nan apologizes. Jeremy and Xin Yu tell her not to worry about what Tai Qin said and decide to let her rest.

Tai Qin returns to his own room wondering why Mei Nan didn’t talk back to him. He wonders if its because she’s used to being scolded by him or if its because she’s so sick she doesn’t have the energy to talk back. He talks to the pig rabbit saying that it’s no fun to scold a sick person.


In the middle of the night, Tai Qin is unable to sleep. He thinks to himself that since Mei Nan isn’t in his room, he should be sleeping soundly but wonders why he can’t sleep. He heads to the frig to grab a cup of water, turns around and is shocked to find Mei Nan right behind him. She asks to drink the cup of water first because she’s very thirsty. He asks if she drifts when she is walking because he didn’t even hear her. He tells her she can’t have it because the water is too cold. She tells him that she’s really thirsty before fainting on him. He feels her forehead and it is super hot. He tries to wake her but when she doesn’t,, he picks her up and carries her.

Queue the dramatic music as he’s driving her to the hospital. LOL. It’s the flu, not a bullet wound, for crying out loud. LOL.


They arrive at the hospital but Mei Nan refuses to go in because she might be discovered as a girl. Worried for Mei Nan, Tai Qin tells her to go in first and he’ll figure the rest out later. She tells Tai Qin that she doesn’t want him to get hurt because of her. She doesn’t want to bring him any more trouble before squatting and crying.


Back at home, Tai Qin is hurriedly getting ice for Mei Nan. Xin Yu approaches and Tai Qin tells him that Mei Na is very sick. Xin Yu is about to head upstairs to check on her but Tai Qin stops him telling him that he’ll take care of her. (Ding, Ding, Ding. 3 points for Tai Qin.  :))


Tai Qin proceeds to take care of Mei Nan for the rest of the night, taking her temperature, giving her medication, ice pack, water. So sweet! When she finally awakens, he verifies that she’s actually clearheaded by raising his hand and asking her what it is. She tells him it’s his palm and he tells her the answer should have been, five.

He then tells her to listen to him carefully. He tells her that even though she was so sick, she still worried about him. That proves that she is very loyal. Even though she was so sick so didn’t go to the hospital and wanted to get well on her own proves that she has perseverance. To him loyalty and perseverance are two very important qualities so from this point forward, he will protect her and take responsibility for her situation (eeeeeee). From now on, her business is his business. (EEEEEEEEEEEEE…okay, might as well propose right now –scratch that, I’m getting ahead of myself.) And he no longer wants her to say that she is causing him any trouble.

Mei Nan thanks him and tells him that she’ll think about what she should do next. He tells her that he’s tired so he’s going to head off to get some sleep. Xin Yu was probably up the entire night worrying about Mei Nan. When he sees Tai Qin come out of Mei Nan’s room, he is relieved that Mei Nan must be okay, now.

Mei Nan wakes up and decides that before her true identity is revealed and before Tai Qin gets hurt, she must disappear.


Tai Qin tries to go incognito by standing out in shades indoors.  He is at a boutique perusing their catalog on a tablet. He passes on the first few of outfits saying its to disgusting, too excessive, until he arrives at the perfect dress. He mutters to himself that this is definitely his type. But then he wonders why when shopping for an outfit for Mei Nan, he’s looking for an outfit that is to his taste. He says he’s just buying it for her in case of an emergency. Suuuuure.

Xing Ning has been trying to call Tai Qin, but he’s not taking her calls. She concludes that since he hasn’t called her, Mei Nan hasn’t told him anything, yet. An assistant approaches Xing Ning and gives her a box. Xing Ning opens the box to find the couple rings she and Tai Qin used in Mei Nan’s MV. The company is giving it as comps. Xing Ning thinks that even if she gave the other ring to Tai Qin, he probably wouldn’t wear it. She then remembers that Tai Qin bought Mei Nan a hairclip and begins to fume…but comes up with a plan.


Jeremy comes outside with a violin in hand and a cup of lemonade for Mei Nan to help her fight off her cold. He asks if its too sour and says that he’s added a lot of honey. Awweee, too sweet. Xin Yu comes outside, too and adds a blanket to Mei Nan’s shoulders to keep her warm. Jeremy then proceeds to play a song for Mei Nan to cheer her up.

Xin Yu roasts some oranges for Mei Nan and she is touched by all their kindness. She gets sad thinking about what lays ahead if her identity is discovered.

Xing Ning arrives with flowers for Mei Nan. She says that she came to visit Mei Nan. When Mei Nan ignores the flowers, Xin Yu accepts them for her. She asks to see Mei Nan’s room…and they didn’t find it weird that Tai Qin’s gf will want to see Mei Nan’s room?


In Mei Nan’s room, Xing Ning asks Mei Nan if she thinks they will still treat her the same if they found out that she lied to them about her identity. Mei Nan tells Xing Ning that she’ll tell Xin Yu and Jeremy when she finds the right time. Xing Ning pushes Mei Nan to tell Tai Qin that she likes him, “Why don’t you go and take a look at yourself in the mirror. Can’t believe you have the nerve to copy me and try to like Tai Qin. If you don’t tell him, I will.”

Mei Nan tells her that she will tell Tai Qin herself and Xing Ning tells her to tell everyone once Tai Qin arrives home. Xing Ning is looking forward to seeing how no one will support Mei Nan when they find out the truth. Upset, she tries to snag Mei Nan’s blanket but ends up making Mei Nan drop her lemonade mug instead. Xin Yu runs upstairs from what he heard and tells Mei Nan not to touch the broken cup. He says he’ll go get the broom.

Xing Ning follows Xin Yu out and tells him that she thinks Mei Nan is hiding something. She asks if Xin Yu will get mad if he ever found out that Mei Nan was hiding something from him. Xin Yu tells Xing Ning that if someone  is hiding something, they must have their reasons so he wouldn’t get mad and he also wouldn’t try to reveal their secret either.  After Xin Yu leaves, Xing Ning is shocked and mocks him saying that he thinks he’s a saint.

Jeremy arrives with another cup for Mei Nan. Xing Ning asks the same question of Jeremy and he says that even if Mei Nan lies to him, he’ll still forgive her because he likes her, so no matter what she does wrong, he will always forgive her.

Xing Ning can’t believe that everyone will forgive Mei Nan no matter what. She suddenly receives a call saying that Tai Qin has bought an outfit at a boutique for her. Xin Yu returns and tells Xing Ning that Tai Qin is home.


Xing Ning heads outside to greet Tai Qin.  Tai Qin asks what Xing Ning is doing there. She tells him that she’s there to see Mei Nan. Tai Qin thinks that it’s not that simple but decides he’s not interested enough to listen. He walks off and Xing Ning realizes that the outfit really wasn’t meant for her. She calls him back and gives him the couple ring. She tells him that because they are boyfriend and girlfriend, she wants evidence that he’s her man so she hands him his ring.

Tai Qin takes the ring and then puts it back on her thumb telling her that it suits her, then reminds her that he’s not her boyfriend, “Never.” Xing Ning retorts that she’s also not his girlfriend but she’s doing it for appearances sake. Tai Qin turns and says that she’s done enough and that its bothersome.

Xing Ning wonders if Mei Nan tells him that she likes him, would Tai Qin refuse Mei Nan?


Back inside the house, Jeremy is happy that Tai Qin is finally home because Mei Nan said she has an announcement to make. Tai Qin asks what kind of trouble she’s gotten in to now? Xing Ning is outside contemplating all that she’s found out today. She realizes that if Mei Nan tells all, Xin Yu and Jeremy may care for her even more and that Tai Qin may accept Mei Nan.  Xing Ning decides to stop Mei Nan from telling them everything.



All Three are waiting for Mei Nan to talk but before she has a chance to say anything, Xing Ning comes in and makes gagging faces. Xin Yu, Jeremy, Mei Nan and Tai Qin are all shocked and Jeremy wonders if the barf face that Xing Ning is making is the signature pregnancy barf face in dramas. LOL.


Jeremy’s imagine runs wild again and starts imagining everyone waiting hand and foot on Xing Ning and finds the thought horrifying.

Xing Ning continues to pretend and Tai Qin tells her that she must have eaten something wrong. Xing Ning says that she feels like eating something sour and needs to head outside for some fresh air. As she walks away she pats herself on the back thinking what a genius she is for hitting two birds with one stone. She not only stopped Mei Nan from talking but has also gotten Tai Qin back for refusing her.

Xin Yu asks, “Tai Qin…um…aren’t you going to take care of her?,” referring to Xing Ning.  Tai Qin walks off in the opposite direction instead. Mei Nan receives a call from Xing Ning. She tells Mei Nan that she needs to reveal everything on the day of her MV release. Mei Nan says there will be reporters there. Xing Ning tells her that she needs to tell everyone that it was all her own idea and that no one else was involved in her lies. If Mei Nan doesn’t do as Xing Ning says, Xing Ning threatens that she will tell the reporters that everyone was involved in the lies, bringing everyone in A.N. Jell down with Mei Nan. Mei Nan agrees to do exactly as she says.

Tai Qin comes out with some medicine and water for Xing Ning, telling her that she must have eaten something bad. Xing Ning tells him that she’s not sick and turns away to leave. Tai Qin grabs her arm and asks where she is going. She asks if he just can’t let her go.  But since she’s not his girlfriend, she won’t be listening to him and turns to leave, again.


Tai Qin grabs both of Xing Ning’s arms this time and she isn’t immune to his closeness and charms.


Tai Qin: “Are you mad because I didn’t accept the ring?”
Xing Ning: “Why? Do you regret it?”

Tai Qin grabs the phone from her and she tells him that even if he is her boyfriend, he still shouldn’t be taking her cell phone.

Tai Qin: “How come I’m not #1 on your speed dial?”
Xing Ning: “Of course it’s not you. It’s my dad. Why? Did you wish that the first person was you?”
Tai Qin: “You’re dad must spoil you.”
Xing Ning: “No. My dad is really mean, okay? But if you dare to mess with me, my dad will be the first to beat you up.”
Tai Qin: “Good thing you told me that your dad is really mean. I guess I didn’t do all this for nothing.”

Tai Qin then shows Xing Ning a text and freaked she tries to grab for the phone, but too late, Tai Qin has already pressed send. Tai Qin says he’s really curious as to what will happen to her when she gets home.  He waves bye and leaves.

Xing Ning immediately receives a call from her dad. She tries to explain to her dad that she’s not pregnant. LOL. But dad tells her he’s heading to see her right away. Apparently, Tai Qin texted Xing Ning’s dad that she’s pregnant. ROFL.


Tai Qin heads back in to the house to let the others know that Xing Ning just loves acting and for them not to think anything. They turn to Mei Nan for her announcement and she simply tells them that she’s sorry for everything that happened last night. The Three all tell her that it’s no big deal. Mei Nan tells Mother Superior that she’s so well cared for here. She hopes that Mother Superior can give her the strength to protect all of them from any harm. She then looks at Tai Qin.  Unable to bear the intensity of her gaze, Tai Qin looks away first.  Mei Nan thinks, “For him, no matter what, I must.”


Tai Qin is telling the pig rabbit that its owner has deserted him. Mark calls Tai Qin asking if Mei Nan has returned to the house. Tai Qin tells him, “No,” and Mark is worried because Mei Nan has disappeared.

Inside a dark building (church?), Tai Qin tells Xin Yu and Jeremy to hurry and find Mei Nan. But before they head off to find her, Tai Qin reveals that they should be looking for a girl.

Xin Yu tells Tai Qin that he’s curious as to what type of person Gao Mei Nan is to Tai Qin. Tai Qin tells Xin Yu that Mei Nan is a dummy that likes to cause trouble.

Tai Qin: “That’s enough! You’re always getting in to trouble. You can’t do anything right. Every time I see you like this, I get mad.”
Mei Nan: “Then don’t look.”
Tai Qin: “Do you think I really want, too? But I just keep seeing you.”



WHAAAAHHHHH!!! The big KISS! I can’t wait. I loved the way it happened. I love the conversation and then the surprise kiss.


Okay, *breathe*. Let me get my head out of next week for a moment to focus on this week, again.

After this episode, Jeremy has officially taken 2nd place to Tai Qin. He’s so sweet and cute! I love the way he was the first to jump on stage and save Mei Nan. That was so awesome. And then the way he used two pillows to prop up Mei Nan when they came back and then the lemonade and the violin scene, too.

I feel a little bad for Xin Yu. I think he’s awkward in this drama because Mandarin isn’t his first language and saying his lines require a lot of memorization. This is also perhaps the reason for him seeming like an introvert in the BTS. A lot of things probably go right over his head because he doesn’t understand the jokes or culture and can’t really find a way to join in on the conversations. I gotta give him props for trying, though.

I really like Xing Ning as the villain. She’s evil but she’s so easily affected by Tai Qin, that it’s cute. I love the joke that he played on Xing Ning. I sort of remember this scene from You’re Beautiful but the villain there just wasn’t as likeable as Xing Ning…and if I remember correctly Tae Kyung did it out of annoyance and irritation for her, but Tai Qin is obviously doing it to jokingly get back at Xing Ning.

Finally, there’s some inkling that Tai Qin is questioning his own motives! Okay. Tell me, has Tai Qin realized yet that he likes Mei Nan? Dude, he’s a total blockhead. Come on! You’re trying to dress the girl in a way that is your style. Hello!!!! Knock, knock? Anyone there? LOL!

But next week. Next week will definitely make up for all this blockheadedness! Can’t Wait.

So tell me, are you a DramaNut?

And the question of the day is: Xin Yu or Jeremy? Who is taking 2nd place after this episode? Leave your answer and comments below.




  1. I’m fangirling so hard right now just seeing this updated :D thank you!

  2. THANK YOU dramanut!!!
    I’ve been following your wonderful recaps but haven’t commented yet, since english is not my language :'( but anyway, I’ll try to stay around! I’m loving this drama so much, and your translations are quite useful :3
    greetings from Perú
    muchas gracias :)

    • De nada! pig rabbit. Oh, how I wish I studied Spanish a little harder in high school. I know there are so many Spanish speaking fans of TW and Korean dramas. I so wish I could translate in Spanish as well. :)

  3. wow thanks for the recap! hahahaha! the best part of this episode is the what color does the girl like? hahahaha. limes are flying over tai qing’s head.

    • I know. She was like totally mesmerized by Tai Qin. LOL. That would so be me if he leaned in that close to me. lol.

      • Tai Jing was TOTALLY flirting with her in that scene! He leaned in so close on purpose to make her flustered and say that she likes him the best, but GMN picked the smart answer (white) instead (LOL). Like, is it REALLY necessary to lean in so close if you weren’t trying to turn on the charm in full? Their mouths were only centimeters apart! He was like, right in her face. And this is somebody who doesn’t like to touch other people.

        I love how completely opposite he treats GMN and Xin Ning. He finds every opportunity to get close to GMN, but every time Xin Ning tries to move close, he moves away from her.

      • why must that tai jing flirt so outrageously with mei nan? kinda sending the wrong signal right?
        i love the way he made xin ning return the clip…only he can do that.

        • He flirts because he’s already in deep but he just doesn’t know it yet. His jealousy has pushed him over the edge and he just can’t help himself but flirt to MAKE her pay attention to him. He enjoys being at the center of her attention and now that he thinks she’s shifting away from him, he’s not happy about it…

  4. Oh dramanut.. am so happy that you too noticed what a sweetheart Jeremy was during the episode. I could have kissed him for coming up on stage to save Mei Nam. We keep talking about how the other two guys are so falling for her etc etc, but Jeremy is such a sweet spontaneous person that he goes to Mei nam’s rescue even though he doesnt know she is a girl. And this is the very same guy who just 4 episodes back was singing Xing Ning’s praises. Now she comes over and hes like – Ugh!! I loved the violin part as well..I think he finally ended up playing canon in D major? .. Oh and that barfing scene.. too good.. Evan is adorable. I actually like him more when his hair is swept back, like in the bus scene. he has really sharp features..

    More than the which colour do u like scene, the Jing – Mei Nam scene that I did enjoy the most was the moment at the breakfeast table when Jing comes down, they really dont look at each other in the eye, but she has this shy smile and he has this self -satisfied look that says I made her happy. They were acting like two lovers who had a secret rendez- vous the night before and now had to act all normal in front of the rest of the household

    Oh and that scene where all 3 are offering her a cup/ glass of something – just perfect!!! I love Mark and his assumptions!!!

    But forgive me for saying this and am saying this as a die hard fan of FB, I dont think I enjoyed this epi as much as I did the last 4. Maybe becoz most of it was spent with Xing Ning bullying Mei Na and Mei Nam acting like a weakling ( cant blame her. she was in a convent where they taught her stuff like – If someone slaps you one the right cheek, turn your other cheek!!!

    Maybe I didnt enjoy it much becoz most of the scenes were cut copy paste from YB, including Jing turing away from the fridge and finding Mei Nam

    But am with you, am so looking forward to next week’s epi.

    I dont think its a church, I think its the auditorium where they are holding the MV screening for Mei Nam.

    Btw, Jiro in a tie – *swoon*. But then again he looks good in anything.. including nothing at all…

    Theres something about the kiss preview that I am not able to piece together. I thought he ends up kissing her, coz he is so frustrated with himself and with her for going to Yu.. that they both get worked up and then he ‘dives in’.

    But from the preview, the dialogue per se is fine.. but there seems to be too much pause in between??!! I dont know.. will have to wait to see the whole thing.

    Btw, did you feel that the episode in parts felt a little rushed. Or maybe its me.. i want time to pass slowy when am watching FB.. :-D

    • You’re right. It probably is the auditorium. As for not enjoying this episode….I enjoyed it…but am just totally anticipating next week’s episode. The bullying stuff is annoying and redundant and I do wish that the writers would have changed things up a bit from You’re Beautiful in this episode, but I’m so smitten with Jeremy in this episode that I’m okay with it.

      I’m not sure about the preview…perhaps they edited out a bunch to fit the kiss scene in there. :) We’ll see how it turns out next week.

      LOL. “Jiro…looks good in anything…including nothing at all…” AGREED!

      • IKR? Jeremy’s such a sweetheart! I’m gonna be so sad to see him cry in the upcoming episodes OMG WHY HURT POOR JEREMY, WHY???

    • >> Btw, Jiro in a tie – *swoon*. But then again he looks good in anything.. including nothing at all…

      LOL THIS TRUTH RIGHT HERE. Jiro’s next drama role should be as a competitive swimmer where every episode will feature him in Speedos (mwahahahahahaha) – guaranteed TV ratings champion right there XD

    • The kiss scene in the preview appears choppy cuz of all the editing. They obviously edited out the bits where they were arguing and yelling loudly at each other (to save for the full scene in next week’s ep). They wanted to show the kiss just so people will get very excited to watch the ep next week. It’s gonna be good.

      The MV screening is at an auditorium. It seems from the preview the scene will be very close to the original one in You’re Beautiful, so it’ll be GMN dressed as a girl and going to reveal herself to all the press gathered at the premiere of her MV. The A.N.Jell guys weren’t supposed to be there (so that the spotlight will be on GMN), but after the manager tells them GMN has gone missing, they go look for her and Tai Jing figures out that she plans to reveal herself (when he sees the clothes he bought for her missing), so that’s why he tells Xin Yu and Jeremy to look for GMN dressed as a girl.

      If they follow the script in You’re Beautiful, the truth about GMN being a girl and Xin Ning’s blackmail should come out next episode too. And then stuff happens which blows Tai Jing’s jealousy threshold over the top and makes him so crazy with jealousy that he can’t help but kiss her (hahaha).

    • Yep, Canon in D. What a nice piece! :D

      Personal opinion, but:

      Totally agree with you – Evan looks better with his hair swept back. The heavy fringe covers too much of his face. Same deal with Le Le. The bowl cut hair on GMN covers way too much of her face – I can’t even see her features very well. The way they style her hair in the FB promos and the scenes where she’s wearing the fairy dress with the styled short hair (swept away from her face) looks much better on her.

      But Jiro’s face is quite long, so he looks better with a bit of a fringe. Hair swept too far back makes his face look too severe.

      • Oh Anonfan.I came across Le Le’s facebook page and she is a very pretty girl.. all innocent and sweet.. well.. atleast look wise. Her hairstyle in real life, her girly make- up, makes her look much much prettier than in real life

        • oops sorry.. I meant much prettier than in the drama…

          • I don’t have facebook but I do believe when you say she looks prettier in real life than in the drama, cuz in the promos I saw of her, she had a different hairstyle than the one in the drama and there were many close ups of her face. She looks really pretty! She has a very sweet and cute look about her. :D

  5. Anonfan: hope all is well… just checking coz you would have normally commented by now.. Cheers!!

    • Aww thanks darling *HUG*, I’m OK, just tired after a long day, so took me longer than usual to catch up :D

      BUT OMG PIG RABBIT I CAN’T!!! I LOVE PIG RABBIT SO MUCH I SQUEALED LIKE MAD @ THE WHOLE “BIRTH OF PIG RABBIT” SCENE! It’s one of my most fave scenes from the original and Jiro made so many cute faces thru the whole thing so yeah I’m happy :D

      Xin Ning is such a bitch I was full on slapping at the screen the whole time. GARGH. I really hate bullies. And I really hated the way she was manhandling GMN and physically pushing her around. Not only is she a thief (OMG first the hairclip and now switching out the MP3 player!), she’s also a manipulative, despicable bitch. I love how Tai Jing makes it so obvious that he hates her to her face.

      Tai Jing is seriously winning so many points from me. He’s such a softie underneath all that tough talk LOL (Jeremy is right). Like, his words and actions are totally opposites when it comes to GMN. Tai Jing is a lot more gentle (in his body language and his gestures) with GMN in Fabulous Boys than in You’re Beautiful, and this version is something I really like. The way he helps her up, helps tuck her in bed, etc. – it’s almost like he’s cradling her when he does it. It’s beautiful <3

      I love how the A.N.Jell boys are all so protective of GMN. The poor girl's suffered enough in her life, so it's really nice to see the boys treat her well. To protect this beautiful innocent flower and all…

      Mwahaha Tai Jing's already acting like GMN's boyfriend (he just doesn't know it yet). Like, the way he gets all jealous and flirts with her (uh, did you REALLY need to get so close to her face while trying to get her to say she likes you the best, Tai Jing?), and the way he buys her clothes (seriously, that's such a couple-y thing to do – my brother and his girlfriend buy each other clothes and accessories all the time LOL), and then the way he nurses her back to health when she's sick with a high fever OMG THAT'S REALLY SWEET (OK, this happens way too much in rom-coms but it's still sweet LOL).

      Next week's ep is gonna be AWESOME. I can't believe we're getting the reveal and the kiss in the same ep. The Taiwanese team's really speeding up the pace now cuz otherwise they're not gonna fit 13 eps, so I'm very interested in seeing what will happen next! I love the rivalry going on between Tai Jing and Xin Yu – both boys are competing for the same girl and it's nice to see that tension (ooooooooooh).

  6. I find it very hard to choose between Xin Yu and Jeremy, TBH. They’re both awesome in their own ways, sweet and caring to GMN. Actually, all the A.N.Jell boys are really nice to GMN and show their care in their own ways, but all are sweet just the same :D

    I think Evan does a wonderful job as Jeremy. He seems so naturally lively in the role and this fits Jeremy’s character really well. I will be so sad to see him cry OMG IT’S LIKE KICKING A PUPPY WHY HURT JEREMY NOOOOOO

    I give kudos to the actor playing Xin Yu, especially with Mandarin not being his native language (damn, it must be really hard to say the lines and act them out if you don’t really understand them). Xin Yu’s character has a quiet strength while being gentle at the same time, and while In Deok doesn’t say his lines with as much feeling as Tai Jing or Jeremy do, so far he’s doing a commendable job – his face and body gestures make up for it a bit, I guess. He’s a little bit stiff sometimes, not as natural as Tai Jing or Jeremy, but I give him a pass because of the language barrier.

    Le Le’s doing well so far with GMN’s character. I really like the way she does the crying scenes and she makes me feel sorry for her when she’s suffering, so that’s good enough in my book. She’s bit stiff in the more comical scenes, but for a new actress I think she’s doing quite well overall. It wouldn’t be fair to compare her to Park Shin Hye or Miori because they were more experienced than Le Le when they played GMN’s character, so of course they would perform better. But I’m quite happy with Le Le’s performance so far and she’s improved since the first few episodes. She was so stiff in the first few episodes that it was hard for me to watch (TBH), but she’s really gotten better now and that’s wonderful to see.

  7. >> he will protect her and take responsibility for her situation (eeeeeee). From now on, her business is his business. (EEEEEEEEEEEEE…okay, might as well propose right now –scratch that, I’m getting ahead of myself.) And he no longer wants her to say that she is causing him any trouble.

    I swear that scene felt like a marriage proposal or something LOL (you know, “…to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health…” that type of thing).

    One thing distracted me in that hospital scene though: Tai Jing and GMN are celebrities and they’re having a really emotional moment (and a potentially damning conversation) with tears and dragging and everything RIGHT OUTSIDE THE FRONT ENTRANCE OF THE EMERGENCY DEPARTMENT. WITH PEOPLE WANDERING AROUND AND WALKING IN AND OUT. And then GMN crouched down and cried her eyes out. Wouldn’t this attract a lot of attention? So how is it that nobody saw or stared at what was going on? Well of course we never saw what happened after GMN refused to check into Emergency cuz the next scene cut to her in her bed with a high fever. But yeah, that little bit made me go “huh?” for a while…

    • Well it was 1 o’ clock at night.. The emergency room luckily was having a quiet night and the few people who came in and out towards the end of that scene thought nothing of the couple since they were dressed like ordinary citizens :-D Hoz that???

      • LOL see this is why I love discussing dramas with people so much! Always new interpretations for the scenes! :D

        Well I dunno, even tho they were in normal clothes, they weren’t hiding their faces or anything (and they’re pretty recognizable faces too) and were calling each other by name (and they weren’t exactly being quiet). And even if it’s a late night and relatively quiet, Emergency is the one that never sleeps (my family works in Emergency and they’re always busy, even in the night shifts, with people rushing in and everything), so I just thought it was odd nobody noticed….

        LOL of course this is just a drama and it’s really not a big deal, but it’s just something I thought was odd and wanted to discuss it with you all :D I love the way you guys spin the story in a different way, like last week I was all “WTF???” with the dog comparisons and then someone came and interpreted it in a whole different way and made me see the whole scene differently. I actually really like your interpretation and it does make sense – all that I said just now was just me trying to have a hypothetical discussion :D

        • I guess its only when dramas hit close to home that we realise how real or how unrealistic they are…

          • Oh I hope I didn’t ruin anything for you! I enjoy dramas and I like discussing them with others, but I definitely don’t want to ruin other people’s enjoyment! My family love watching dramas and it’s funny cuz sometimes one of us would say something that makes the script sound really unrealistic, and then the other person would say “If you want facts, watch a documentary. Dramas are for enjoyment!” (LOL)

            • oh no no.. not at all. Du bu qu.. what I meant was as simple as when or if you have been in that situation you realise – yeah.. that could never happen.

              I love dramas.. Infact I watch dramas to get away from reality.. which is sometimes too harsh..

              • Oh you’re not alone – I watch dramas to escape the cruel reality too! (So do a lot of people, apparently.) I mean, isn’t that the purpose of entertainment? :D

              • anusha/anonfan, i love romantic dramas. it helps to distract when you have a lousy day. of course if i see a nice smile from xin yu, that’s more than sufficient. although tai jing and xin yu are much taller than mei nan, the feeling of standing beside 2 tall guys give sense of warmth and being protected. girls being girls, we all love a good romance.

                • Totally agree! Rom-coms are awesome for making lousy days better <3

                  I like tall guys too, especially fit ones :D
                  Isn't it nice the way Tai Jing lifted Mei Nan like she weighs nothing?

                  LOL imagine being sandwiched between tall buff guys like Tai Jing and Xin Yu. Excellent wind buffers on windy days (XD)

  8. Oh and this is totally me being fangirly, but I love how they play the soulmate song (“Half of me”) during the whole “Tai Jing stays up all night to take care of sick GMN” scene. Very nice :D

  9. Aaarrgggghhhh!!!! Jiro’s smile!!!! His SMILE!! And with his hair down! *squeal*

    Okay, forgive me for going a little crazy for a while over there ^ ….
    Gawd, I LOVE it when he smiles, especially when his fringe is down like that… While the ‘operation’ may be similar to the YB version, I adore the fact that Jiro’s version is peppered with that adorable smile of his.

    And I must really be going crazy. I replayed the part when TJ found the bunny, held it up and looked at it over and over again, cause I find the way he held and looked at it totally sexy. The way he was staring at the rabbit – he had that ‘predator-ish’ look in this eyes… *flushes*. *Sigh* Okay, okay I’m a little weird, I know.

    >>> Mei Nam scene that I did enjoy the most was the moment at the breakfeast table when Jing comes down, they really dont look at each other in the eye, but she has this shy smile and he has this self -satisfied look that says I made her happy. They were acting like two lovers who had a secret rendez- vous the night before and now had to act all normal in front of the rest of the household.

    My sentiments exactly! That scene was sooo abominably cute. It’s like they’re a couple hiding a little secret that’s just between the two of them – the way they look at each other. Totally love that scene.

    >>> Tae Kyung did it out of annoyance and irritation for her, but Tai Qin is obviously doing it to jokingly get back at Xing Ning.

    I think that with Jiro’s face and smile, he really can’t look too evil. Part of the reason I enjoy watching TJ and Xing Ning’s scenes despite everything is that Tai Jing is not all that evil to her. It does seem to me that he doesn’t really hate her all that much – I thought he’d reject her ring in a much meaner way, but he actually does it quite gently (albeit rather directly) while reasserting the fact he doesn’t like her. So in spite of all that he has done to Xing Ning, he makes it come off more like a childish joke rather than out of malicious intent. (Not saying that TK did it maliciously. Just that he smiles a lot less and his scowl looks scarier) And I think that it makes more sense this way, cause despite how charming guys can be, I find it hard that a girl can continue to like a guy if he is being mean to her all the time.

    I really don’t think that Tai Jing realised he likes GMN yet. What’s with all that stuff about loyalty and perseverance? Just because he sees two qualities in her that is very important to him so that makes him responsible for her? How does that even make sense? Tai Jing is so obviously trying to rationalise his desire to protect her into something that can pass off as ‘brotherly concern’ – and doing a terrible job of it! I much prefer the straight forward Tai Jing (like in his attitude to Xing Ning), but when it comes to Mei Nan, he suddenly comes up with so many excuses it’s frustrating me. (That whole part should be cut down to just that last statement: “From now on, I will protect you and take responsibility for you.”)

    Finally, allow me a little more fan-girling time: I love the ‘no fuss’ way he goes about caring for GMN when she’s sick. No excessive wiping of forehead, no superfluous emotions or dramatic words/expressions. He does everything that needs to be done on the dot and to the point – water, medicine, icepack. Aaahhh! A Tai Jing that is in action and in control – so utterly manly!

    – End of crazy, fan-girling post -

    • Anonfan, i think you need to tell your family to prepare the emergency room. Alastrius’ heart rate just crossed the danger mark

      Anybody and everybody whose got a Weibo Account, please message Jiro immediately. Tell him its an SOS and he needs to get to the house of one Ms. Alastrius asap to revive her. No mouth to mouth required. He just needs to smile and look at her like he did the pig rabbit!!

      This is not a drill people. Go Go Go!!


      • Hahahaha, ROFL…

        It’ll take him a while to get to where I am, and it’ll probably be too late by then. Besides, his doing so will probably just kill me more thoroughly…

        Awww, allow a lil’ girl to have her fantasies – that’s what dramas are for right?

        (P.S. And it’s really all you (Anusha) and Anonfan’s fault. I don’t usually fangirl much. It’s all those comments you guys are making about Jiro in a tie, Jiro being shirtless, Jiro in speedos, etc… It’s all terribly infectious…)

        • TBH Jiro = sex on legs. I never fangirled over someone so much until I came across this sexy beast. He’s sexy and he knows it. AND he knows how to flaunt it, leaving us innocent girls defenseless against his charms…

      • ROFLMAO not to worry, my dear Anusha and Alasterius: palpitations, dizziness, mild stomach flip flops are all natural reactions when being blasted by beams of sexy from Jiro. However, if symptoms persist, see your doctor.

        // end Public Service Announcement //

    • No offense meant Alastrius.. You’ re normally the one with facts and analysis, so seeing your comment full of fan- girling remarks, I just couldnt help myself… Du bu qu if I caused any offense..

      • No no… No offense taken at all. You just need to be overwhelmed with guilt at the fact that you and Anonfan just peer-pressurised a usually rational, cool-headed girl into the bounds of the fan-girling world.

        Ahh! Now my image as an analytic know-it-all is all ruined. Maybe I should abandon ‘Alasterius’ to her new found world of fan-girling and adopt a new nickname in order to restore my reputation….


        • If thats all we need to feel guilty about, then I think theres nothing much actually to feel guilty about. Infact its our pleasure.. isnt it Anonfan. Welcome to the club! :-)

          And actually speaking , blame it on dramanut’s ‘Hotness of the day’ pics.. thats what got me started. Otherwise I was perfectly happy going – oh so cute, oh so sweet, oh so handsome.

          And I think its nice that girls ‘let down their hair’ once in a while.

          Besides, this week there isnt much to analyse. I do have a few more thoughts, which I’ll start off in a new comment.

          • LOL we girls unite and celebrate our fangirling with joy. Appreciating hotness is a normal reaction, one we should all embrace! XD

            • I have never noticed Jiro before…but this drama made me realize how much sex appeal he is oozing. Those smiles, his tears and his jealous looks. Can kill.

              Why is the drama just 13 episodes? Too short ! I live for Saturday 9pm and Monday 12am.

              • I swear Jiro = sex on legs. He knows he’s sexy and he knows how to work it. His eyes, his smiles – they ooze with charm. The way he stands (notice how he poses a lot?) and the way he walks (swaggers) oozes with sexuality. I don’t know if he does this in real life a lot, but the way he stands and walks in this series, it’s like he’s got a blinking “ALPHA MALE” sign on top of his head.

              • Oh and I totally live for the weekends when FB comes on too. They should make like, 20 episodes or something. 13 is too short

          • BTW, totally agree with you, my friend – it’s healthy to let down our hair once in a while! :D

        • TBH I generally just see a hot guy, think “OMG YUM” and then move on. That is, until I came across Jiro. I swear his charms just grew on me until suddenly one day “BAM!” and I’m drooling over him all over the place. I think I was just in denial for a long time (LOL). But now that I’ve found fellow fans, I fangirl with joy :D

        • :D :D :D
          Welcome to the dark side, my friend XD

    • My friend, you’re not crazy. (Or if you are, then you’re in good company cuz many of us are crazy fangirls too LOL. I wasn’t one before, but now I’ve seen the light XD)

      OMG I’m so glad I’m not the only who thinks Jiro looks better with a fringe! I love the hairstyle he has when he’s “casual” back at the company house, with his hair fluffy and down with a fringe. This hairstyle makes him look so much cuter and younger. Plus when he smiles, he’s so totally gorgeous it’s breathtaking.

      He still looks handsome with his hair gelled in his usual “Tai Jing” style, but that hair makes him look older and more severe. Personal opinion, but I think his face shape and his features are more suited to hairstyles with a fringe than gelled back.

      The “birth of pig-rabbit” is one of my fave parts of You’re Beautiful. I like the way they reenacted it here. It’s a beautiful scene cuz Jiro’s face is just as cute as the pig-rabbit and the way his eyes gleam and that cute grin of his – DAMMIT this guy’s trying to kill us with his beauty AAAAARRRGHHH

      I like the way they played out the “take care of sick GMN” scene too. Just like you said – no excessive, over the top actions, just doing sensible things to get GMN to break the fever. I mean, most of the time with flu-induced fevers, we just take some medicine, drink water, and sleep it off. (Like Dramanut said, it’s not like it’s a bullet wound or anything.) His sensible and practical actions also fits in with his character – he’s the leader who’s supposed to be in control, knows what he’s doing, etc. So if he suddenly gets melodramatic over a fever, it wouldn’t make sense and would just make me laugh instead.

      I also think that Jiro’s Tai Jing comes off as more gentle than the original Tae Kyung. Tai Jing’s physical actions and facial expressions feel a lot softer than in the original. Tae Kyung is more prickly. I feel like I’m getting 2 different characters here with Tai Jing and Tae Kyung, which I think is a good thing because it’s more interesting this way.

      Tai Jing’s in denial over his feelings for GMN. He’s already acting like her boyfriend but he just doesn’t know it yet (or he doesn’t believe it yet). Next week’s ep will sure be interesting :D

      • i am not a fan of tai jing but certain scenes of him really made me go ga-ga…when he looked at mei nan while filming the MV and then kept shaking his head while sitting beside the director…REALLY FUNNY.

        having a fever is really no big deal…take some medicine, drink water and rest…but the way tai jing looked after mei nan is a little over-doing.
        3 hunks who dashed home to check on mei nan after she fell sick is shiok isn’t it ?

        • LOL almost makes getting sick worth it, right? Getting nursed by 3 hot guys… ONLY JOKING! It’s NEVER good to get sick, but they way they act it out in this drama…

          Tai Jing is hilarious in the MV filming scenes. His faces and head shaking (LOL)

  10. Jeremy scored points when he went on stage to ‘rescue’ Mei nan, followed by Xin Yu and tai Jing.
    I think having to decide which ‘drink’ to select must be a very difficult decision…no matter what, 2 will be hurt.

    Xin Yu would have been a better choice caring for Mei nan instead….Xin yu is more loving and caring. I always get heart broken when his efforts to get close to Mei nan is ruined.

    Episode 9 is quite boring…I think we are all eagerly anticipating episode 10.

    • >>>no matter what, 2 will be hurt.

      Thats right Janet.. that thought hadnt really sunk in..Am so caught up with the whole Mei Nam – Tk story that it didnt occur to me that two hearts will be broken in the process. Thanks for reminding me of the fact.

      Am glad finally Yu will openly be able to treat Mei Nam as a girl from next week. It ateast puts him on the same plane as TK. What I liked in ep 9, was when TK offered Me Nam a glass of water and Yu immeditely came up with a cup of tea, TK glared at him, but Yu gave him back with a look that said ” thats right buddy. Am still in the game. Am not going to give up on her that easily!” Good for Yu, finally some assertiveness…

      • Oh yes, I love the tension between the boys, all fighting for the same girl. It’s so beautiful to watch <3

        • yes, i love those parts when tai jing and xin yu look at each other, fighting over mei nan, esp that part when she ran out of the studio after singing part of that song and OMG, xin yu running and shouting for her…i have melted. i suppose xin yu didn’t sleep when mei nan had fever…couldn’t he have gone into the room to take a look at her when tai jing left the room?

          • OMG IKR? When Xin Yu was just looking at the closed door and was relieved that Mei Nan seems to be OK, I was like, “Yes that’s good, but why don’t you go and take a look?” In You’re Beautiful, they actually had Shin Woo bring Mei Nan hot tea while she was resting with the fever (just before Tae Kyung takes care of her through the night).

            Or maybe Xin Yu didn’t go in cuz he didn’t wanna disturb her sleep…

  11. So, in the last part of the last scene when Mei Nam looks at Tae Jing Gae, he smiles back but after a few secs looks away.. I didnt get why. Infact I didnt even notice it untill I read your recap Dramanut. I mean its not like he is hiding something or feeling guilty about something..Infact, if anything, Mei Nam should look away, coz she is worried abot what the future would unfold.

    Also, as per your translation, if TK says something like – I cant help but look at you.. thats as good as a confession right?? I mean he is admiting it, right?! So does this mean, this is the big confession scene and we are not going to get that scene where he sees her dressed as a girl in the greenhouse along with YU, gets jealous etc etc?!

    • Tai Jing starts looking away probably because he’s already got romantic feelings for Mei Nan but he just doesn’t know it yet…

      The kiss on the balcony scene and the greenhouse/Mei Nan dressed up as a girl scene are 2 different scenes. According to the original You’re Beautiful, the kiss on the balcony happens after Tai Jing thinks Mei Nan is in love with Xin Yu but Xin Yu is gonna confess to another girl, taking Mei Nan with him as his wingman. Tai Jing gets agitated because he doesn’t wanna see Mei Nan torture herself like this and he drags her away when she’s about to go meet up with Xin Yu. He ends up dragging her up to the balcony where they have this massive argument with Tai Jing yelling at Mei Nan for being an idiot (to torture herself over Xin Yu), but Mei Nan doesn’t know that Tai Jing thinks she’s in love with Xin Yu, and is upset at Tai Jing just taking his temper out on her. They keep yelling louder and louder until Tai Jing gets so pissed off he just swoops in and kisses her.

      The greenhouse/GMN dressed up scene happens after Mei Nan reveals herself to be a girl and the A.N.Jell boys find out about Xin Ning and Tai Jing’s fake relationship. Xin Ning keeps blackmailing all of them now and makes them follow her orders or she’ll expose Mei Nan and drag all A.N.Jell members down with it. They were filming another photoshoot together and Xin Ning makes the boys wait on her like her servants, but the boys all hate her and hang out with Mei Nan whenever they can. Mei Nan sees Xin Ning dressed up prettily as a girl and looks forlorn. Stylist Coordi sees Mei Nan looking sad and Xin Ning pretends to be “nice” and suggests that Coordi can dress Mei Nan up in her clothes and style her with make up, etc. so that she can look beautiful for Xin Yu (Coordi thinks Mei Nan loves Xin Yu and Xin Ning lets her keep thinking that). Mei Nan is made pretty as a girl and Coordi takes a picture to commemorate. Xin Yu then comes and sees Mei Nan all prettied up and they’re alone, until Xin Ning brings Tai Jing to the greenhouse where it looks like Mei Nan and Xin Yu were getting romantic together. Tai Jing (of course) is absolutely pissed off (ie. jealous) and tells Mei Nan she looks foolish and stalks off. Mei Nan cries and Xin Yu realizes that she loves Tai Jing. Stuff happens and Tai Jing finds out that he pig nose is not meant for Xin Yu, but meant for HIM, and realizes that the one Mei Nan loves is HIM (not Xin Yu)…

      • And maybe thebdancing scene after that. Just hoping :D GAH I just want them to be together already!!!!! I hate this pain where we have to wait for a week D:

        • I think it may happen like this:
          1. balcony kiss
          2. greenhouse/Mei Nan dressed up (except from the MV it looks more like a restaurant than a greenhouse)
          3. dance scene (this can either be straight after the above, or it could be substitute for the movie date in You’re Beautiful?)

          I totally agree with you – 1 episode per week is PAINFUL. I remember when I watched You’re Beautiful – I watched it all at once and it still felt like I wasn’t watching the episodes fast enough! Here with Fabulous Boys we have to spread it out over 13 weeks! >_<

          • This is why I watch completed shows!!! Well, used to XD DARN YOU FABULOUS BOYS!!!!!

            • I’m the same way too – I usually hold out till the whole thing’s finished, but DAMN YOU FB FOR BEING SO ADDICTIVE!

              • I recently made a promise to myself. The promise was to wait till the show is over (this was from this morning). I watch the Be With Me MV (filled with cute moments), then start dying from waiting. Time can be evil sometimes, I swear T.T

                • Those MVs are BEAUTIFUL. Gorgeous song, gorgeous cast, gorgeous scenes. They should do an MV for every song and not just for the opening and ending themes.

                  • Haha too bad they’re so cute that it makes me want to see the rest of the episodes :/

                    • Every week at the end of an episode, I let out a pained “NOOO” at the thought I have to wait another week to see what happens next. I start clawing at the screen but alas, I still have to wait T_T

          • anonfan, 1 episode per week is a torture…i am hoping to see more romance between xin yu and mei nan…and of course hoping tai jing continue to deny liking mei nan and taking a back seat. xin yu deserves MORE screen time. didn’t he once confess in korean that he hopes mei nan confess she is a girl so that he can tell her how he feels…think that should be the part when both of them were clearing dishes.

            • I totally feel you here – I used to go for Shin Woo back in You’re Beautiful too (actually, I was torn between Tae Kyung and Shin Woo most of the time). Sweet Xin Yu definitely wins points from me, although I’m more partial to Tai Jing here because Xin Yu is too passive. He should be more straightforward with Mei Nan, since she’s so dense she has no idea he’s actually confessing to her most of the time! C’mon Xin Yu, you need to fight for Mei Nan more! This is why I really liked the way the boys were all offering her drinks at the breakfast table and Tai Jing and Xin Yu looked at each other as if to silently challenge each other over whose drink (ie. them) Mei Nan will pick.

              • I was kinda worried Mei nan would take tai Jing’s water…so happy when she chose the tea. Wished Xin Yu looked after Mei nan when she was sick…why did he back out when tai Jing said he would.
                There were several scenes when Xin Yu gave tai Jing the ‘look’…how come he didn’t persist in this instance????

                Xin Yu…Xin Yu…Xin Yu…

            • I totally wished they showed dramas consecutively. At least 5 days a week. That would be so much better…however, I’ve forced myself in to loving the weekly episodes as well. The anticipation, the suspense, really helps in making a drama addictive. And you totally know that a drama is good when by day 5 and day 6, you are still looking forward to the next episode and not like, “Whatev’s.”

              Janet, I’m not so sure Xin Yu is going to get more screen time. sorry…he’s totally slipping in fans here and is totally getting beaten out by Jeremy. :) I didn’t know you were such a fan of Xin Yu. We had another poster here that loved Xin Yu as well. Are you saving Xin Yu images from my screenshots? If yes, I’ll try to get more of him in my recaps. ;)

              • If I had any say, they should show dramas every day and stop torturing us audience with the long wait! Good grief, 13 weeks! That’s like a whole semester!

              • I am mad over Xin Yu. I feel so heartache when that pig-rabbit doesn’t catch any hints…that bedside story is so obvious…my 8 year old can even tell me the ‘story’ is about her…but then Mei nan is supposed to be a klutz.
                Drama nut, I’ve saved all the pictures of Xin Yu from your recaps. Thanks.

                • I swear Mei Nan is the densest girl. She’s a sweet thing but SO. DENSE. OMG. Xin Yu should’ve just came out and told her the truth, maybe then she would’ve gotten a clue. The sad thing with Xin Yu is that he’s a great guy and all, but ALWAYS a step too late! He would’ve had a much better chance with Mei Nan if he made his intentions more obvious.

                  • But haven’t you noticed that Mei Nan is SOOO much cleverer when it concerns Tai Jing? I mean their talk under the stars on the grass and in the planetarium, was full of all kinds of metaphors, allegories, anthropomorphisms and what not. (Stars, suns, getting lost in life – it wasn’t exactly a straightforward, literal way of saying things.)

                    And Mei Nan seems to be able to pick up on Tai Jing’s feelings, see under the facade he puts on. She’s much clever and so much more receptive to Tai Jing.

                    • Absolutely accurate and brilliant observation! Thank you for pointing this out! :D

                      I think you’re totally right – it just shows how much attention Mei Nan pays to Tai Jing, that being the dense girl she is, she still picks up on his moods and is in tune with him. Similarly, Tai Jing pays special attention to Mei Nan and he also seems to know when she’s not well or when she’s feeling happy/sad/etc. It’s beautiful how well they understand each other and they’re almost opposites in personality, but they know each other better than anyone else. They’re SOULMATES <3

                    • alasterius, when it comes to tai jing, mei nan is not dense at all…but how come she cannot pick up xin yu’s feelings…which is more obvious right? tai jing is sarcastic and not the least gentle with her.

                    • Good point and thank you!!! Look, lets give the girl a break. Just a few weeks back, she was contemplating celibacy!!Now she has three hot, awesome guys on her heels. The poor girl doesnt even know how lucky she is..The fact remains that Yu could be this kind, gentle handsome dude and doing all the right things, but Mei Nam did not choose him. And when I mean choose, I dont mean she made an analysis like – Tae Jing is more popular, has more money, has better features etc etc. I don think she came to A.N.Gell with the view of getting herself a man. Tae Jing just so happened to get soft with her and come to her rescue a couple of times and then BHAM!..

                      And if you notice, even though she likes him and all, its not like she falls all over him or flatters him in order to get his attention, unlike Xing Ning. If she wanted to do that she would have chosen the water he offered and would have immediately answered :lime…

    • Anusha, I think Tai Qin looked away because he is uncomfortable with his feelings for her. I think after the boutique scene, he’s probably figured out that he has some feelings for her. The greenhouse scene may happen next episode if this drama is indeed only 13 episodes. There’s quite a bit of ground to cover. They will need time for Xin Yu and Jeremy’s confessions and also time to reveal the Mu Hua Lan story and then possibly another episode to clean things up before the finale.

      But like anonfan said, the greenhouse scene and the kissing on the balcony scene are two different scenes. However, if this drama has 14 or 16 episodes, then I think the greenhouse scene will be saved for Episode 11.

      • To me it feels like FB is gonna speed up quite a bit. They’ve been roughly at the same speed as You’re Beautiful, but now they have to basically cover the same amount of stuff in half the amount of episodes! The reveal came at about ep 10 for You’re Beautiful, and this is also gonna happen at ep 10 for FB. But You’re Beautiful has 6 episodes for the big events to happen, whereas FB only has 3. I really hope they don’t end up cutting out stuff and rushing the ending. FB’s been going pretty well so far, it’ll be a shame if they ruin things with a rushed ending.

        Honestly speaking, with the extra stuff they added in at the beginning, FB could’ve went for at least 16 episodes (if not 20). The Japanese version had 11 eps, but their pace was faster than FB and YB.

      • >> I think Tai Qin looked away because he is uncomfortable with his feelings for her. I think after the boutique scene, he’s probably figured out that he has some feelings for her.

        I think you’re right on the money with this. When he questioned himself, I was like “Yes, Tai Jing, WHY are you dressing up Mei Nan in the style you like, hm? First you wanna see her wear your hair clip, now you wanna see her wear clothes YOU picked out for her. Hmm…”

      • That’s why I was a bit surprised to see the preview show BOTH the balcony kiss and the greenhouse scene. Cuz that’s like squeezing 2.5 episodes in the space of 1. Unless they only showed the greenhouse scene for the hell of it and not actually showing that scene till right at the very end of ep 10 and leading on to ep 11.

        But even after the greenhouse scene, there’s still quite a bit of stuff to cover – Tai Jing’s confession at the airport, Mu Hwa Lan’s part of the story, Jeremy finding out, Xin Yu’s failed confession, Tai Jing/Mei Nan temporary break up and all the drama, the real Mei Nan coming back, and finally all the events leading up to the ending. Seriously I wonder how they’re gonna fit all this stuff in O_O

  12. Awww. It’s nice to see jeremy getting some love _<)

  13. Awww. It’s nice to see jeremy getting some love <3 I think Evan Yo is not getting nearly enough credit for playing this role. Of course that no one expects him to be better than Hong Ki, but even though he hasn't appeared much so far, this is still a quite demanding role. And he's such a sweetheart!
    Jeremy was also my second favorite in the original version. The big difference was that Shin Woo was my first choice lol Props to the tw production team for doing such a good job at "humanizing" Tai Jing and for explaining better why Mei Nan (and Liu Xin Ning) would fall head over heels in love with someone like him.

    I'm still amazed at how well the three newbies are doing. I was honestly disappointed when I found out that the casting team chose 3 people with pretty much no acting experience for such demanding roles. They exceeded all my expectation, though. Ugh. Le Le's crying scenes are SO FREAKING GOOD! I can feel my heart breaking a little everytime she cries. Honestly, there are many established actress who aren't as good as her at crying. And I just wanna hug the heck out of Jeremy whenever he appears on screen. Xin Yu… he's okay-ish. I can almost see the heels in his head turning whenever he says his lines but, considering that mandarin is not his first language, he's pretty okay (I think he's at least a lot better than Wu Zun when he first started lol). He will certainly improve a lot in the future :) If only his chemistry with Le Le was better and if there wasn't a certain way too lovable Tai Jing in their way, I could see myself shipping them just like I did in the k-version…

    @Anusha "Also, as per your translation, if TK says something like – I cant help but look at you.. thats as good as a confession right?? I mean he is admiting it, right?! So does this mean, this is the big confession scene and we are not going to get that scene where he sees her dressed as a girl in the greenhouse along with YU, gets jealous etc etc?!"

    Actually, in one of the previews for the next episode, you can see a brief clip of the greenhouse scene (Tai Jing sees Mei Nam in a dress, gets upset and leaves while she looks like an abandoned puppy), though I think that won't happen until episode 11. Sometimes they puts some scenes in the previews that won't happen until 2 episodes later… So I think that we will get that scene, but the dance scene will not happen in that episode (the dress she's wearing is different, I think). My guess is that we'll get the dance scene either when they admit their feelings for each other and he takes her out on a date, or in the very last episode (Noooooooo! I can't wait that long!!!)

    • Ok, I just re-watched the preview, and it IS the same dress after all. That got me thinking… After Tae Kyung gets all pissed off and leaves the greenhouse, Mi Nam goes to find comfort with mother superior, right? And then Tae Kyung finally realizes that he’s the one she likes and goes looking for her and tell her “you have my permission to love me” or something like that. What if… in the tw version he takes her out for dinner after that? <3

      • That’s my guess too haha I don’t think that he’ll do the fan club test though:/ it was one of my favorite moments too!!!><

      • My guess is that the dancing scene is a substitute for the movie date in You’re Beautiful. Or it could be after he says it’s OK for her to like him, but it feels a bit too soon since the dance was really romantic…

        • I think they’ll cut out the part where he tells her that he gives her permission to like him and I’m fine with that! Because I really believe that he’ll get mad at her, thinking that she dressed up for Xin Yu. Then learns about the pig nose, thus learning that she likes him, sets up a dinner, then FINALLY the dancing scene XD I JUST WANT THE DANCING SCENE, IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK?!!!!D: Waiting is agonizing pain. T.T

          • ROFL you can say that again! Waiting sucks! >_<

            I hope they don't cut Tai Jing/Mei Nan scenes! They're the best part of the series!

            • They’re the reason why waiting is so painful!! They’re so freaking adorable! Why must they be so adorable?! GAH D:

              • IKR? They’re so freaking adorable and sweet it’s teeth-rotting. WHY MUST THEY MAKE US WAIT SO LONG OMG?!! *shakes fist*

                • They’re so adorable, I’m litedally puking rainbows (was eating skittles XD jk). I really don’t care about mei nan and xin yu moments anymore, JUTST GIVE ME MEI NAN/TAI JING MOMENTS!!!!!!

    • Jeremy is such a darling, my heart totally breaks for him when he cries after finding out about Tai Jing/Mei Nan. I think Evan’s doing a great job as Jeremy – he’s got the liveliness and bubbly personality spot on. In Deok is a bit stiff as Xin Yu but I think he’s doing well considering Mandarin is not his first language.

      I think Le Le does best when she’s doing the crying scenes. I said this before but I really like the ways she acts out those scenes. Great stuff.

      Tai Jing is more loveable in this version. JGS’s Tae Kyung is great and he’s only acting out what’s in the script, but I always thought Tae Kyung was a bit too prickly. Here in FB they softened Tai Jing’s edges a bit and it then becomes more convincing that Mei Nan would fall for him.

  14. there are a few episodes i cried my eyes out…especially episode 8. my heart just breaks watching xin yu dropping hints to a girl who is so dumb. remember that episode when tai jing made mei nan tell xin yu she is a girl and then xin yu told her a bedside story about HER and yet mei nan can still ask ‘what is the secret?’

    when will that scene be shown…xin yu giving flowers to mei nan wearing that sleeveless dress ?

    • The scene probably happens next week’s ep :D
      Don’t worry, it’ll be soon :D

      • It won’t be soon because there’s 1 week of waiting just for 1 new episode. I really want this show to be over already because the waiting period is agonizing D: I also don’t want it to end because I want more things to happen…so conflicted T.T I’m hoping that they shoot more episodes for the time when she returns from Africa. :)

        • The Japanese version actually showed an epilogue at the end of the final episode where Mei Nan returns from Africa after 2 years and Tai Jing waits for her at the airport to pick her up. During the 2 years, they kept in touch with photos, postcards, letters, etc., with Tai Jing keeping all the letters, etc. in a special corner of his room, right next to the pig-rabbit stuffed toy. When Mei Nan comes back, her hair’s grown long again and she’s wearing the necklace he gave her. She comes out of the gate and says “I’m back!” and Tai Jing’s leaning next to his car and smiling back at her.

          I’m hoping something like this happens here with FB. You’re Beautiful just ended with Tae Kyung and Minam watching the stars and making a promise with each other, but the Japanese version made the ending a lot sweeter :D

          Extra bonus points if there’s a proposal at the end! :D

  15. the show seems to be moving faster than You’re Beautiful but I guess it’s because I watch most of the episodes together instead of weekly. I don’t suppose they will make it longer than 13? aren’t taiwanses shows mostly at16 or 20 epsiodes?

    I would prefer the water scene over the prize/tissue scene. only because it seems so weak. a prize mistake? doesn’t really do anything and besides, it would have been nice to see them perform a song together even if it’s some old christmas song.

    the creation of the pig-rabbit scene is wonderful. I think they even use the same pig-rabbit from You’re Beautiful! it sure looks it and the bow tie too, right?

    I thought the actor who played Xin Yu has the right attiude for his character. I don’t think he’s awkward. his character is quite thoughtful and he seems like a person who thinks more than he says.

    Jeremy is more likeable in this episode. I think in the episodes before this, he was just a side character and there seems to be nothing for him to do. so defintely he’s 2nd place for me.

    thanks for the recap.

    • Yeah TBH I like the water pouring scene in You’re Beautiful better too, because that explains why she fell sick. Here it just seems random that she got sick again (because now we don’t have the water soaking her through and her having to stay wet until she got home that made her get sick). I get that FB is trying to do something different, but they need to make sure it connects with the rest of the story too…

      • Perhaps its because her immune system malfunctioned from sleeping next to Tai Qin every night. It probably went, “Ga ga, *swoon*,” for a bit and a cold took that opportunity to latch on to her. keeheehee. :)

        • LOL maybe sleeping next to the one she loves makes her sleep fitfully, and she kicked the blankets when she slept, allowing the cold to come in… Not even the warm/hot fuzzy feelings from sleeping next to sexy Tai Jing is enough to keep the cold away…

          Now if she actually snuggled with Tai Jing in his bed under his warm blankets, she wouldn’t be having this cold. It’s only right that Tai Jing takes responsibility and cares for her while she is sick with fever. OK I’m just being ridiculous now ROFLMAO

          • Haha….you guys are hilarious.

            I for one believes that instead of malfunctioning, Mei Nan’s immune system is actually really hardworking – instead of just looking after her physical health, it is concerned with her emotional health too – what with Xing Ning’s threats and everything stressing MN out. Perhaps it decided that Mei Nan needs a little looking after from Tai Jing, and since it can’t make Tai Jing directly address Mei Nan’s emotional needs, it allows MN to fall sick just so TJ would administer to her. (And the occasion did fortify her against the threats, where before she was just running away from Xing Ning and crying from helplessness, she now decides to face XN’s threats straight on in order to protect TJ.)


    • >>>I thought the actor who played Xin Yu has the right attiude for his character. I don’t think he’s awkward. his character is quite thoughtful and he seems like a person who thinks more than he says.

      I think you described both the character – Yu and the person – In Deok very well at the sametime

      Most of us are gushing about Jiro’s physio, but I noticed in a pic where he is wearing a sleeveless shirt that In Deok has got really good arm muscles. And in that scene where he stop Tae Jing from going after Mei Nam after she is upset after sining Cant stop love, I noticed that he was as tall as Jiro and can be as commanding..

  16. i think holding back the truth about mei nan being a girl has dragged too long. reveal the truth so that 1) xin yu can confess his love for mei nan 2) i have enough of that liu xin ning threatening mei nan.

    go xin yu go !!!


    • I normally watch my dramas on Sugoideas but I don’t believe it is subbed on there. If you understand Chinese, then you can go and watch it there…but you should probably watch it quick because it gets deleted pretty fast.

      Anyone else who knows where to watch subbed version can give the site name. Just don’t include the entire web address…it will get deleted as spam.

      • I follow Sugoideas for every episode. At 12 midnight Monday, I must catch the new episode…with my ear plugs.
        You ladies mentioned some greenhouse thing…what is it all about?
        My neck is going to be stretched like a giraffe waiting 1 whole week for one episode.
        Xin Yu is supposed to be a quiet character in the show.

        • ROFLMAO I watch with headphones too! It’s usually around 2 am by the time I get to see it.

          The greenhouse bit – basically Mei Nan gets dressed up prettily and Xin Yu sees her. They have a moment alone together, and then Xin Ning brings Tai Jing to where they are and Tai Jing gets really angry (jealous) and stomps off, telling Mei Nan she looks foolish, etc. Mei Nan cries and Xin Yu sees how much Mei Nan loves Tai Jing.

          Stuff happens and Tai Jing finds out the pig nose is meant for him and that the one Mei Nan likes is him and not Xin Yu. Tai Jing then goes off to find Mei Nan…

          • Anonfan, I saw the shots which had tai Jing and Mei nan at greenhouse…Mei an wore that pretty dress and tai Jing scowled…was wondering what it was all about. So all the while he thought Mei nan likes Xin Yu, that’s why he didn’t try to go after her.

            Great…understand better

    • @kathleenw1o1 : If you want to watch it raw, you can go to sugoideas. If you need subs, lyricalxiaozero has taken up the subbing of the drama. 7 episodes are out already (just type “lyricalzero” on google and click on the first link that shows up^^).

      Also, if anyone is interested, someone is subbing the BTS clips on youtube. The name of the channel is “Ky He” :)

      Has any of you watched the BTS for episode 9 yet? OMG, it’s adorable. Lots of Le Le and Jiro’s interactions ;)

      • Am so glad you mentioned it. i was about to give it a miss coz I thought it would only contain Xing Nng and Mei Nam moments…

      • Rumple: pls help me out… cant find it on YT and the Ky He channel doesnt have it up yet. Could you, if you know, let me know the characters to type in yahoo. I tried pasting the ones used for ep 8, but still coudlnt find ep 9’s BTS.. thanks in advance

        • It’s on youtube already. Just copy this 视频: 《原來是美男》第九集精采花絮 汪東城

          But in the future you can always try to go to Fabulous Boys’ official page on yahoo

          tw . omg . yahoo . com / fabulousboys/

          It’s usually the first video. BTS are uploaded every wednesday ^^

          • Thanks so much Rumple. In the first one, where Le Le gets some spit on Jiro and she later trys to tell him sorry by holding her palms together, He seems pretty pissed…:-d

            • They were trying to film the scene with the lime green and the director kept telling Jiro to stick his head closer while Le Le was trying very hard not to laugh. Once they started filming the scene and Jiro stuck his head right up to her face, she couldn’t help but laugh “PFFFFFFFFT”, and ended up spraying spit all over his mouth. She was like “OMG I’M SORRY!” and he was like “I wasn’t even thirsty oh~!” (making a dramatic sad face) and wiping his mouth (and making a sigh/sad laugh sort of expression). It seemed more like he was making a joke on himself rather than looking pissed off…

              • He said – I wasnt even thirsty???!!!! Awwwww. Gwad that guy has a good sense of humour.. See, this is why I need translation. Its so easy to misinterpret expressions

                • This guy’s hilarious. His BTS are as entertaining (sometimes even more so) than his series. It’s like, whenever you feel down, just watch his BTS and you’ll laugh your head off. He is a true entertainer, always making people laugh, especially us audience :D

                  2 more days till ep 10!

          • Thank you very much for the tip! :D

            Just watched it and it’s hilarious! Thanks!

      • THANK YOU!!!!!! am no longer dead :3

      • Thanks for the tip about the BTS! I love all the outtakes – they’re hilarious! It’s funny they kept flubbing the fever scenes and then the bit at the end when the director was telling Tai Jing to look cool and give an encouraging gaze to GMN at the same time, Jiro started making funny faces again LOL

        I swear I love the BTS as much as I love the episodes. So hilarious! :D

  18. So, I was driving and I suddenly noticed a pink and white stuffed toy at the back of the car in front of me and I immediately yelled ‘ Pig-rabbit!!!” The others in the car with me were like – what is wrong with you??!!

    Similarly, a couple of days back, I was at the supermarket at tha cash counter and out of no where and for no reason whatsoever I started singing loudly ” i will promise you ta da dee da da da de da da..” The girl behind the counter gave me this look as if to say – are you normal?!

    hell.. what do these guys know. But this is just little little proof that this drama has driven me crazy…

    Anyways, I watched the epi again, seiving out the Xing Ning – Mei Nam scenes and it felt much better than when I watched it originally.

    You know one of the scenes I did enjoy more was when Tae Jing walks up to Mei nam to give the ring. I like how he knocks on the bar table when he approaches her.. as if he knows she would be spaced out and so was like – Earth to Mei Nam..I know the dialogue was a duplicate of YB, but i still like how when Mei Nam says -I dont want it anymore . Tae Jing stops being cocky and his voice drops when he asks her – did you say, you didnt want it anymore?? As you all have been saying, Tae Jing is so full of tenderness when it comes to Mei Nam.. its almost surprising.

    Yes, i too noticed so many scenes in the MV, but am wondering how are they going to cover all of that in the next 4 episodes. I even noticed the Mei Nam hanging on the monkey bar scene.. and I hope they show that scene just for you Janet, becoz Yu totally make good use of the opportunity there.

    Btw, anonfan, I like how the Jap version ends. Its only a drama, but it gives a sense of completion when they sign off with a scene that says – ‘ And they lived happily ever after..”

    • By now my family are used to hearing me sing random drama theme songs, or squealing over something random, that they just treat it as normal LOL. Well TBH, being drama/movie fans themselves, sometimes they sing songs or quote lines as well, so it’s all good (haha).

      The Japanese version gave closure to the open ending of You’re Beautiful, which is good and I like that ending better than the original. So far FB has been more romantic than You’re Beautiful, so I’m hoping for a sweeter ending too. I’m secretly hoping for a proposal but even I know that’s stretching it a bit … oh well I can dream, I suppose.

      The playground/monkey bar scene is actually pretty important, so I hope they keep some form of it here. It happens pretty soon after the reveal and it also makes Tai Jing get more jealous. The balcony kiss didn’t happen just because of 1 incident – it happened because of a string of incidents that made Tai Jing totally believe that Mei Nan is in love with Xin Yu, and when he heard that she was gonna torture herself just to be Xin Yu’s wingman, it pushed him over the edge to just grab her and kiss her.

      These episodes need to come out faster. The suspense is torture!

    • The MV showed the A.N.Jell members playing in a playground with Tai Jing glaring and scowling while sitting on a swing, with Mei Nan, Xin Yu, and Jeremy on another set of swings. So maybe this bit is either a variation or an extension of the monkey bar scene?

    • Oh and you’re totally right about the drop in tone when Tai Jing talks to Mei Nan in the bar about the hair clip. I really love this version of Tai Jing, who seems to be much more tender with Mei Nan. He’s got the whole “angry and prickly on the outside, big softie on the inside” thing down pat, and it makes him a lot more loveable than if he was all cool and proud all the time. It’s nice to see Tai Jing soften around the people he cares about =)

  19. ladies, i am mad over xin yu…but you are all nuts over tai jing. ok, he does have a soft spot for mei nan although the fever thing is a little over…oh yes, i like the guy who directed them for the MV..his amusing look when the 2 guys stared at mei nan instead…hahahaha.

    xin yu, can you please show more action ? the girl you like is not able to pick up your hints.

  20. Am I the only one who wishes that the brother’s best friend comes? I wanna see jealous Tai Jing :3

  21. I’m loving the fact that Tai Jing actually went to help Mei Nan after Xing Ning pushed her. Tae Kyung just told her to get up and lent her his hand XD

    • Never watched the Korean version…don’t like the male actors EXCEPT Xin Yu.
      It’s fun to see tai Jing jealous.
      I know Mei nan chose tai Jing in the end…read plot somewhere.

  22. I keep telling myself to control…but every morning, I login to Sugoideas to re-watch earlier episodes again…can die…those episodes with Xin Yu with Mei nan. I think in episode 5 or 6 when Xin Yu held her wrists…I was like, ‘silly fella, hold her hands, not her wrists!’ Oh yes, the other nice part was when he made her promise with pinky…some assertiveness finally !!!!

    How come when Mei nan kissed xin Yu on his cheek, there wasn’t much excitement on his part? I thought that was a good one.

    • that’s ok…i like spoilers…so, no worries.
      the previews and the actual shows don’t match.
      i love the song sang by jiro…promise. don’t seem to get sick of it…that’s about it.

      tai jing is always scowling or passing remarks to mei nan…love must be so blind that she can actually accept it. i am a sucker for tall, quiet types like xin yu.

      • Actually, TBH I dun think that I would be able to fall for a guy like Tai Jing in real life. (I’m only talking about the character Tai Jing here, and totally abstracting from Jiro and all that he stands for) I don’t know if I could handle a guy with OCD and the 101 allergies Tai Jing has. I appreciate a guy’s subtle gestures and I’m attracted to guys who smile. And i dont think that I’m as navie or as patient as Mei Nan as to be able to discover the Tai Jing under the facade he puts on. So given Tai Jing, Xin Yu and Jeremy in real life, I’d probably fall for Xin Yu first.

        As audiences however, we don’t have to figure Tai Jing out ourselves, we’re shown his thoughts and behaviours – the real, sweet him under the stern facade. That’s why we find it so easy to fall for him as he is shown through the drama. (And of course, it’s not just Tai Jing – Jiro’s personal charms (the SMILE!) helped a lot too.)

        • This pretty much sums up my thoughts exactly. I was always torn between Tae Kyung and Shin Woo when I watched You’re Beautiful because Shin Woo would be the one I’d actually go for in real life. I like the gentle strength he has and he’s very sweet.

          If it weren’t for us audience being aware of all Tai Jing’s thoughts and knowing that underneath all that crankiness is a kind heart, we wouldn’t be going for Tai Jing/Mei Nan and would be going for Xin Yu/Mei Nan instead.

          I don’t have a problem with people with 101 allergies, OCD, etc. (probably because I’ve been dealing with stuff like that my whole life). It was only the crankiness that turned me off at first, but then as the series progressed, and we learn WHY Tai Jing’s like this and how in his own ways he’s trying to be kind to Mei Nan and help her, THEN I started going for Tai Jing/Mei Nan.

        • Oh and just so you don’t misunderstand me – I’d be totally going for Xin Yu and Jeremy in real life too. UNLESS I found out about Tai JIng’s hidden side earlier on (earlier than GMN did).

        • And yeah, the devastatingly beautiful smile helps :D
          Who can resist such a smile?

  23. Now I know this point has been discussed by a few of you, but I just wanted to put down my 2 cents as well.

    I do think after the greehouse scene, TJ will find out about Mei Nam liking him and then comes the dinner scene, where I think they will both confess to each other.

    As much as I am very excited to see the date scene, I am a little dsappointed coz I think the drama then skips one or two steps on TJ’s side of the story.

    In YB, when TK just tells GMN to just ‘ look at him only’.. I did think that was pretty arrogant of him. But now that I know TJ’s character, I think that makes sense coz being someone who has never received or given love, it would be really hard on the guy to just admit his feelings just like that. Besides it gives us one or two more g8 episodes…So if TJ took sometime to finally admit to Mei Nam that he likes her, I wouldnt mind at all..

    Besides, I loved the scene at the airport, where TK rushed to tell her he liked her coz he was worried if Shin Woo would take her away from him.. Ofcourse the scene that tops my list is the 2nd last scene in the last epi where TK walks up to her in the concert hall and says- “Listen to me careful coz am going to be telling you this everyday of my life – ILU” I screamed!!

    Like Dramanut mentioned somewhere, its nice when the final confession happens in the last epi..

    • Thing is, even though Mei Nan is wearing the same dress, her hair’s different in the greenhouse scene and in the dance scene. And I think Tai Jing’s outfit is different for the 2 scenes too.

      I still believe Tai Jing’s first actual confession will happen at the airport, where he chased after Mei Nan and then finds that she didn’t leave with Xin Yu after all. I think the dance scene may be a substitute for the movie date instead…

      I love the ending in You’re Beautiful with Tae Kyung saying that he’ll tell Minam he loves her everyday. Very romantic and very fitting, since it showed that Tae Kyung has let go of his pride and that he fully admits his love for Minam.

      • Saw in one of MVs…Mei nan told tai Jing something and then she walked away in tears…that must be the part anonfan mentioned. Tai Jing’s face is so important to him…I can’t believe he always has to think how to protect his pride. Honestly such a man is not worth going for.

        • The “Mei Nan walking away in tears after telling Tai Jing something” you saw in the MV – is it the one where she’s in her boy clothes? She’s at somewhere like an airport (building?), right? I think that’s part of the “temporary break up” drama that’s gonna happen and leading right up to the final confession in the ending…

          Yeah, I don’t like guys who are always trying to save face and be all proud, etc., but sadly most guys in real life are kinda like that. Xin Yu and Jeremy are rare breeds.

          • Temporary breakup? Give up on that fella. When there is a faithful xin yu waiting and protecting her, tai jing is really too arrogant.

            • LOL yeah poor Xin Yu really got the short end of the stick here. According to the original Korean version, the poor guy even confesses to her at the end but she loves Xin Yu like a brother (same with Jeremy). Everyone gangs up on Tai Jing at the end, telling him to stop being an arrogant jerk, or he’ll lose Mei Nan for good and that, if he just lets her go like that, he doesn’t deserve her anyway. Which is why Tai Jing begs her to come back to him at the end, in front of EVERYONE (and a huge audience). He lets go of his pride and is like “OMG I CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT YOU, PLEASE GIVE ME ANOTHER CHANCE, I’LL TELL YOU I LOVE YOU EVERYDAY”

              • Omg, Xin Yu has waited for a long time to confess his feelings. He is like a little puppy with adoring eyes waiting for (owner) Mei Nan’s love. It is so heartbreaking. In one scene, I saw tai Jing telling Mei nan something but Xin Yu took her wrist and led her away. Anyone has any idea ?

                • Hey Janet.. Those of us who have watched YB would pretty much know. But do you really want us to tell you?..Theres a very nice YU- Mei Nam scene that follows a scene or two after that.. well as per YB’s schedule. Wouldnt you like to wait it out and enjoy the moment as it unfolds? However, if you are kneen, let us know

                • Oh boy. That scene.

                  If they follow the script from You’re Beautiful, that bit happens after Tai Jing finds out that the pig nose is meant for him and that the person Mei Nan likes is him and not Xin Yu. This happens straight after the greenhouse scene. Tai Jing then goes off to find Mei Nan and sees her crying. He says to her: “Have you always been crying in the dark where I can’t see you?” and she’s like “I won’t cry anymore so just ignore me” and he’s like “How can I ignore you when I can see you so clearly?!” and he tells her that it’s OK for her to have feelings for him. He then takes her in his car…

                  Meanwhile, the paparazzi has found the photo of girl Mei Nan that stylist Coordi took of her to commemorate her prettiness (when they were at the greenhouse) and took it to Vice President Jie Ge, confronting him with the truth of the girl in the picture. By then Xin Yu has already said that the girl Mei Nan is his girlfriend (this happens in next ep when Mei Nan has to go to the press conference as a girl, and before the press could take photos, Xin Yu grabbed her, hid her face in his chest, and said to everyone that she is his girlfriend, and Mei Nan got away before anybody could see her face), so the managers just said that the girl in the picture is Mei Nan’s twin sister and Xin Yu’s secret girlfriend.

                  Mei Nan and Tai Jing are in his car when Tai Jing gets a call from the managers to bring girl Mei Nan back to A.N. Music HQ, with the paparazzi guy and the managers waiting. Xin Yu comes to meet up with Tai Jing and Mei Nan, and Mei Nan is nervous (she’s still in her girl dress and pretty make up) that she won’t be able to convince the paparazzi guy that she is Mei Nan’s twin sister (so basically she’s nervous about having to act as a woman again, after acting as Mei Nan for so long). The paparazzi guy suspects that Mei Nan is a girl in a boy’s disguise, so she has to convince him that there are indeed twins: Mei Nan (her brother) and herself.

                  Tai Jing and Mei Nan gets out of his car, and Tai Jing gives her the hair clip and tells her that she doesn’t need to worry, because in his eyes, Mei Nan is definitely a woman. He holds her hand and they look into each other’s eyes, and then Xin Yu comes up and takes Mei Nan away from Tai JIng, telling him that he’ll take it from here and that Mei Nan is his woman now (ooooooooh). Mei Nan gives Tai Jing one last look before Xin Yu takes her away into his car, and Tai Jing could only stare at them, speechless and kinda devastated…

                  • Thanks for the details…I am eagerly waiting for episode 10.
                    Oh yes, when will Xin Yu be playing guitar to confess his feelings? I saw that part in preview…hope it is not imaginary again.

                    • LOL no worries, you’re welcome! Always happy to talk about dramas :D

                      That scene of Xin Yu playing the guitar for Mei Nan should happen after Tai Jing kissed her on the balcony. She was supposed to meet up with Xin Yu for dinner but Tai Jing dragged her away and they argued and then he kissed her. It was awkward for them and Tai Jing walked away, confused by what he did. Mei Nan was in heaven. On the way out, Tai Jing ran into Xin Ning and she knows that Tai Jing may have feelings for Mei Nan, but Mei Nan was actually somewhere behind Tai Jing – Xin Ning could see her but not Tai Jing. Mei Nan stayed behind a pillar. Xin Ning then deliberately goaded Tai Jing, and he ended up saying that Mei Nan is nothing to him (he was confused, and more importantly, he didn’t want to say anything in front of Xin Ning) and that it doesn’t matter that she’s a girl. Tai Jing walks off. Xin Ning smirks at Mei Nan before walking away to follow him.

                      Mei Nan, after hearing what Tai Jing said, is devastated and ran back into the building. She shut herself in a dark corner of a music room and cried so much that she didn’t even pick up her phone. Xin Yu was worried that Mei Nan never showed up (he was gonna confess at the dinner) and went to look for her. He finally found her crying in the music room and at first he was angry that she never showed up, but then after seeing how sad she was, played the guitar and sang a song for her, a song he wrote about his feelings for the girl he loves (Mei Nan).

                      After the song, Mei Nan has calmed down and Xin Yu take her along with him to go have dinner. On their way out, chatting happily, Tai Jing sees them and feels jealous again…

  24. Hi drama nut, I just saw the preview for episode 10. There is a scene where Xin Yu hugged Mei nan when she disclosed her identify. Please please help me get that screen shot. Thank you in advance.

  25. Dramacrazy is gone. Do you know where I can go to watch episode 9?

    • The subs for the lastest episodes of FB are not out yet.. I think. Thats why I depend on the receps here for translation. However you can keep checking viki.com

  26. hi, just a comment but it isn’t exactly right to say that xin yu (aka in deok)’s first language isn’t chinese. He was born in korea but he studied at an international school, which means his chinese is quite strong. So i find him the best among the other members as he is so sweet and he’s like the superhero for gao mei nan thats why i admire him the most… heehee just a random comment! :) thanks for uploading this though!! I really appreciate your efforts :)

    • Hmmm. so if his first language is indeed Chinese, then he must REALLY be out of practice, otherwise, why would his Mandarin come out so forced. Any In Deok fans out there want to clear up this situation?

      • He mentioned he studied Chinese in Korea…but that’s as much Chinese he can get while in school.
        Just like if we study a foreign language but that is during school hours, after school, it will be the native language again.

        In any case, thanks for the details…at least knowing what to expect is more fun than being in the dark. Thanks.

        • Yeah.. I agree. Studing a language in school doesnt really help much.

          But you know I remember watching their autograph video and remember how In Deok did that little chant at the end while Le Le did those cute faces.. I thought he did it with ease.. But then again I know nothing of the lang.

          @ Janet: the scene where Yu sings to Mei Nam is not imaginary. But if recall right, hes just cheering her up during the scene and not really proposing…

          • we can study foreign language for 2 hours but after class, would one still be using that language unless it is spoken at home as well.

            in a youtube clip, in deok said his father is a chinese while mother is a korean. if his daddy speaks to him in chinese while mummy speaks korean, he will be effectively bilingual.

            • Thanks for the info, Janet. :)

              • Dramanut,
                No worries.
                Appreciate your detailed recap every week. It’s Saturday today and 30 min to go before episode 9 is shown. But I am yearning for episode 10. It’s killing me just waiting to see romance blossom between xin Yu and Mei nan.

  27. i love fabulous boysss

    omg please update me episode 10 and post it up asap if you can puh-leeesee!! Cuz my mum doesn’t allow me to watch it immediately after i pre-downloaded it… sighhh

  28. Drama nut, we have exploded out of episode 9.
    Can you kindly bring forward episode 10?

    Anonfan, thanks for the clarification. Mei nan stood Xin Yu up twice. It’s only normal to be angry.

    Episode 10 preview shows Xin Yu giving Mei nan a kiss on her forehead…that is so tender and absolutely wonderful to see tai Jing jealous.

    • Episode 10 Recaps will be available around 11:30 Sunday night PST in the United States.

    • Yep, that kiss on the forehead is part of the monkey bar/playground scene that was mentioned in the above comments :D

      It’s very cute and made Tai Jing VERY jealous (and pissed off)

      • anonfan,

        HOORAY !!!
        just curious, why did xin yu do that ?? did that kiss come after mei nan confessed she is a girl ?
        wow, can’t wait for 12 midnight.
        can give me a breakdown of episode 10 please ?

        • Well, right now ep 10 isn’t out yet, but I can tell what I know from You’re Beautiful…

          After Mei Nan came out as a girl, they covered it up by Xin Yu saying that the girl Mei Nan is his secret girlfriend. (The reporters didn’t see her face since it was hidden by Xin Yu) They took her backstage where the truth came out about her gender to the A.N.Jell boys – Tai Jing and Xin Yu already knew and are gonna help keep the secret, Jeremy is overjoyed that the person he loves is a girl after all and he also agreed to help keep the secret. At the end of the day they manage to sneak out without other people knowing the truth and Mei Nan dressed up as a boy again.

          Tai Jing suspects that Xin Ning planned the whole thing (blackmailing Mei Nan, etc.), and on their way out of the auditorium, they ran into Xin Ning who then blackmails ALL of them to do as she says or she will expose all of them as liars. Everyone then finds out that Tai Jing was blackmailed into pretending to be Xin Ning’s boyfriend all along, but he still has to keep up with the pretense cuz Xin Ning wants him to.

          Life continues on, but with all A.N.Jell members actively helping and protecting Mei Nan. Now that it’s exposed that Mei Nan is a girl, she has to move out of Tai Jing’s room, but when she left, she didn’t dare to take pig-rabbit with her (even tho she wanted to, she just felt she wasn’t worthy), which is why in the preview there’s a shot of Tai Jing saying to the pig-rabbit: “How sad that your master has abandoned you, you poor thing.”

          A.N.Jell members all go to the playground for some fun and it looks like Xin Yu and Mei Nan are getting closer. They play around and eventually Mei Nan gets on the monkey bars and boasts that even when young, she beat all the boys in hanging on for the longest. The guys are all pretty impressed and eventually they’re like, “OK you can come down now”, but she’s like: “NOPE”, so Tai Jing tries to convince her to come down by complimenting her and saying that she’s proven how good she is at the monkey bars, so could she come down now? But Mei Nan is like “Na-ah, whatever you say, I’m still hanging on!” Jeremy’s like “wow, even with praise from Tai Jing isn’t good enough to convince Mei Nan, well, lemme try!” and he makes jokes and tries to get her to laugh so that she’d let go of the bars. Mei Nan laughs, but she still hangs on.

          Then Xin Yu’s like: “lemme try =)” and he kisses her on the forehead! She’s so shocked that she lets go and Tai Jing’s all jealous and pissed off, especially seeing Mei Nan all flustered and everything (LOL)

        • After the playground scene, the big scenes that follow are the balcony kiss scene (and Xin Yu playing the guitar for Mei Nan), the greenhouse dress up scene, and the Xin Yu taking Mei Nan away from Tai Jing scene.

          Should be a fun-filled episode :D

  29. Anonfan,
    Thank you.
    I was seeing stars watching Xin Yu and his explosion of feelings in episode 10.
    Episode 10 is great!!!!!!!

    • You’re welcome :D

      Oooh yep ep 10 is awesome. I should be sleeping but I stayed up just to watch it. They changed some stuff from the original but that’s OK cuz it’s good to have something different. The pace is really fast now. Can’t wait to see Dramanut’s recap :D

  30. dramanut/anonfan,
    certain scenes of episode 10 are worth watching SEVERAL times. xin yu led mei nan away wearing tai jing’s jacket, how he protected her by hiding her face, how he pretended to be angry when mei nan confessed to him she is a girl…i think i can watch episode 10 MANY times and yet still not get bored.

    • Xin Yu wins major points from me in ep 10. Good on him for finally taking some action! I felt so cheated when the scene of him giving Mei Nan flowers at the restaurant was all just imaginary!

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