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Fabulous Boys Episode 10 Recap


Get ready for an eye full of delicious Tai Qin jealousy in this episode!  Xin Yu makes a move while Tai Qin and Mei Nan have a HUGE fight that brings them closer. :)

Fabulous Boys Episode 10 Recap


Mu Hua Lan is listening to “Waiting a Lifetime” and staring at an old picture of Gao Tsai Xian and two children. She promises that this time around, she will make sure that more people hear this song because this is the song that he wrote to get her to come back to him. She finally realizes that she was the one he always loved and he was the only one she always loved.


Tai Qin is listening to the same song, holding the cover to the cd. He thinks to himself that it was with this song that Gao Tsai Xian tried to get his mother back. And it was because of this song that his mother deserted him. With a heavy sigh, he tosses the cd cover to his table and turns to ask pig rabbit if it can understand his mother’s logic. Why after so many years she would still insist on rewriting the song? When he doesn’t get a response, he gets upset with pig rabbit for being quiet and tells it that it’s not being likalbe, before making a huffy face. He then thinks to himself that Gao Mei Nan is much more useful when he’s not in a good mood.

Tai Qin and Mei Nan are outsize stargazing again, and Mei Nan tells Tai Qin that the stars are really bright tonight, but Tai Qin says he still can’t see a thing. Tai Qin asks why she’s out so late at night and wonders if its because she’s nervous about tomorrow’s MV release. He reminds her that the Three of them won’t be going with her because Jie Ge didn’t want them to steal the spotlight.

Mei Nan says, that’s fine because sooner or later they have to go their separate ways. She tells Tai Qin that in the future, whenever she thinks of this time in her life, she’llremember it as a beautiful dream. The Three are like stars to her, far beyond her reach.

Mei Nan: “It’s a good thing that stars are so attractive, so even if I’m not here, I’ll still be able to see Tai Qin ge.”
Tai Qin: “But I can’t see it clearly. I don’t like the feeling of not being able to see. So, Gao Mei Nan, don’t stay in a place where I can’t see you.”
Mei Nan: “But even if I’m by your side, you still can’t see clearly, right?”


Mei Nan reaches her hand up toward his face and as she brings her hand closer he can see her hand clearly. Tai Qin grabs her hand and says, “I see it. When it is this close, I can see it.”
Mei Nan: “Can you really see me, Tai Qin ge.”
Tai Qin: “As long as you come close to me, I can see. So, Gao Mei Nan, you better stay at a distance where I can see you.” *squeals!*

Mei Nan agrees but then she tells Tai Qin to also promise her something. She wants him to promise that when she becomes a girl, he will pretend not to recognize her. But inside, she is telling Tai Qin not to protect her anymore and that for once, she wants to protect him. Tai Qin asks if she is certain of her thoughts and when she says, “Yes,” Tai Qin tells her that in the future, he will pretend she is a stranger. Mei Nan thanks him while wiping away her tears. She tells him that she’s tired and is going to head inside first. After she leaves, Tai Qin is upset that she wants to be strangers and mutters that she’s ungrateful.

When Mei Nan arrives back in her room, she finds Tai Qin’s bag on her bed. At the same time, she receives a text from Tai Qin that say the dress is for an emergency. He tells her that when she becomes Gao Mei Nu, even if she calls out to him, he will still treat her as a stranger. Mei Nan sadly thinks to herself that Mei Nu has always been a stranger.


Jie Ge is setting up the auditorium and Mark is picking up Mei Nan for the MV release. The Three stand on the balcony encouraging her for her first solo venture. Mei Nan reluctantly follows Mark.

Jie Ge calls Mark to see when Mei Nan is going to arrive. Mark assures him that they’ll be there soon, but after he ends the call, Mei Nan is nowhere to be found. Mark frantically calls Tai Qin to see if she’s there but she’s not. Tai Qin tells Jeremy and Xin Yu to head over to the auditorium. Tai Qin heads upstairs to change and notices the clip missing from pig rabbit’s ear. He then goes to Mei Nan’s room and finds the dress missing from the bag and recalls their conversation from the night before.


Mei Nan has changed in to the dress Tai Qin bought her and is getting ready in the restroom. In the auditorium, Xing Ning has arrived and greets Jie Ge. Jie Ge calls Mark to ask why he isn’t there yet. Xing Ning sits down and calls Mei Nan to see if she is ready. Mei Nan tells her that she is.

Jie Ge is frantic that they haven’t found Mei Nan, yet. He tells the coordinator to change the program around by starting with the intro video, followed by the MV, then have the main stars come on onstage.

The Three arrive and Tai Qin is on the phone trying to call Mei Nan but he gets her answering machine. He tells her that running away would be better than her coming there dressed like that. He tells her that he’ll resolve the MV release but he will not allow her to come dressed like that.

Mei Nan receives the message but doesn’t listen to it. She says that it is her responsibility so she must bear it alone.


The Three are now inside the auditorium and the paps are snapping pics like crazy. Jie Ge tells the coordinator to shut off the lights and directs the paps to take their seats. Once the lights are off, Tai Qin tells Xin Yu and Jeremy that he can’t see a thing. He tells them to look for her while he goes outside to look. But before they turn away, he reveals that the Mei Nan they are looking for will be in a girl – in a white dress. Jeremy is confused and tries to ask more questions but is told they’ll talk about it later.

Reporter Da Pai is rushing in to the auditorium. Mei Nan notices Reporter Da Pai and tries to avoid him. Reporter Da Pai notices Tai Qin searching for someone. Tai Qin spots Mei Nan but is unable to get to her because he is swarmed by grab-at-him fans. :)

Mei Nan arrives in the dark auditorium. Tai Qin follows her but once he’s inside, he can’t see a thing even though she is only a few steps away from her. Frustrated he yells, “I told you not to stay where I can’t see you!”



Mei Nan turns to see Tai Qin but she silently says, “Pretend you don’t see me. Pretend you don’t know the girl me.” Suddenly the lights snap on and Tai Qin is shocked. Before Tai Qin can make a move, Xin Yu appears and grabs Mei Nan, tucking her face in to his shoulder. *ahhh! I’ve just fallen for Xin Yu, again!*


Xin Yu announces that this person is his girlfriend. He apologizes for not revealing that he’s in a relationship and asks the paps to stop photographing because he doesn’t want her to be exposed. Tai Qin finally recovers and takes off his blazer and puts it over Mei Nan’s head, allowing Xin Yu and Mei Nan to leave. But as Mei Nan turns to leave, Tai Qin’s hair clip falls from her head and drops to the floor. It gets trampled by the paps. Tai Qin picks up the broken clip and clenches it tightly in his fist.

Jeremy approaches Tai Qin to ask if that is “her.” Jie Ge follows closely and wonders what the heck is going on. He yells at them for causing so much trouble and is shocked that Xin Yu has a girlfriend commenting that the news will hit the tabloid headlines tomorrow. He then tells them that Mark said he found Mei Nan and tells Tai Qin and Jeremy to get ready to help Mei Nan.

Xing Ning innocently walks up to Tai Qin and mistakenly asks what is up with Mei Nan. Tai Qin realizes that this all must have something to do with Xing Ning and asks her how she knew that was Mei Nan. Before she has a chance to answer he tells her that he’ll deal with her later and takes off.


Xin Yu has taken Mei Nan in to a room. Her head is still covered and she reveals that she is a girl while apologizing for hiding her identity from him. Xin Yu decides to make her squirm a little and tells her that he doesn’t know if he should be mad at her or if he should just tell her it’s no biggie. He tells her, he can no longer be buddies with her and for her to remember that from now on, he will know that the person he is seeing is a girl.



They stare at each other in silence, but it is broken by Jeremy’s tapping on the door. Jeremy rushes in followed by Tai Qin, Ge Di, and Mark. Tai Qin tells everyone that he knew the truth about Mei Nan being a girl and that he will take full responsibility for it but that it is up to them whether or not they want to accept this. Xin Yu says he’s already in. They all look towards Jeremy and Jeremy looks as if he is mad but he suddenly grabs Mei Nan and kisses her on her forehead telling her that he’s so happy that she’s a girl. He’s so excited he keeps hugging her that poor Xin Yu and Tai Qin had to pull him off of her. Hahaha. Loved the expressions on their faces when they saw Jeremy kiss and hug her. LOL.

Mei Nan gets escorted out of the room and changes. When she reappears dressed as a boy, Xin Yu, Jeremy, and Tai Qin are waiting for her. Tai Qin tells her that now they’re on the same boat. She needs to continue acting as a guy and they won’t let her give up. Mei Nan promises that she’ll try her best and not be found out.

Jie Ge arrives and tells Xin Yu that he wants an explanation after the MV release. He then heads over to Mei Nan and tells her to finish up the release beautifully.

Love enemies Tai Qin and Xin Yu give each other the stare down while Tai Qin flashes back to when Xin Yu grabbed Mei Nan and himself and hugged her so she wouldn’t be found out. Xin Yu breaks the ice and says it’s a good thing the issue got resolved. Tai Qin tells Xin Yu that it’s a good thing his reaction was fast.

Reporter Da Pai finds it odd that Xin Yu would allow his girlfriend to come if he was afraid of her getting revealed. After some thought he believes that the person Tai Qin was looking for earlier must have something to do with Xin Yu’s girlfriend and the girl in the picture.


Back in the room, Jeremy says they must have a party tonight to celebrate and tries to hug Mei Nan again, but he is thwarted by Xin Yu. Outside, Xing Ning is knocking and Tai Qin tells the rest of them to watch how he exposes her.

Xing Ning arrives and plays dumb. Tai Qin turns and tells her to stop pretending because everyone knows she caused the whole scene. She gives in a little too easily and tells Tai Qin that it’s not over between them until she says so. He tells her that the promise was that she won’t spill the beans about Mei Nan’s identity but she’s already broken the promise. She continues to threaten Tai Qin that if he wants her to stay quiet, he better continue pretending. So they all agree to keep pretending what they were pretending.

Jeremy asks if Tai Qin dated Xing Ning to help Mei Nan cover up her identity and Tai Qin nods. Mei Nan is even more impressed with her Tai Qin and starts to say something but Tai Qin says he doesn’t want to hear thank you or sorry and walks off.

Xin Yu realizes the lengths Tai Qin willing go through for Mei Nan and tells Jeremy to take Mei Nan home first because he has something to take care of.


Xin Yu and Tai Qin are now at a bar. Xin Yu finally realizes why Mei Nan chose Tai Qin to stay with when her aunt arrived. He tells Tai Qin that he’s curious about what Tai Qin thinks of Mei Nan. Tai Qin tells him that he thinks of Mei Nan as a troublesome dummy. Tai Qin throws the question back at Xin Yu and Xin Yu tells him that he sees the previous Mei Nan and the current Mei Nan the same way.

Tai Qin tells Xin Yu that he’s not as big as Xin Yu, he finds Mei Nan to be, “One big trouble.” Xin Yu smartly replies that since she’s so bothersome to Tai Qin, he will gladly take Mei Nan off Tai Qin’s hands. Hahaha. Tai Qin is stuck and says nothing.

Aunt comes to meet with Mu Hua Lan but Mu Hua Lan’s student can’t find her. Aunt looks around and discovers a picture of Mei Nan and Mei Nu with Tsai Xian and wonders why Mu Hua Lan would have their picture. When Aunt decides to use the restroom, she finds Mu Hua Lan passed out in the bathtub.

When Tai Qin and Xin Yu finally arrive home Jeremy tells them that he’s starving but since there’s no food at home, they decide to head out to celebrate. They arrive at a restaurant and must all be Clark Kent, thinking no one will recognize them with such simple disguises.



At the restaurant, Jeremy cutely feeds Mei Nan spicy rice cakes while Tai Qin sits and watches in a jealous rage. Jeremy then brings Mei Nan some shaved ice and Tai Qin, unable to contain his jealousy, comments about her eating shaved ice after barely recovering from being sick. Mei Nan agrees and decides not to eat it.


Xin Yu arrives with some red bean soup and Jeremy says that since Xin Yu’s soup is hot, Mei Nan can have some. Xin Yu offers to share half of his soup with her and Tai Qin says that drinking hot soup might burn her throat. LOL. Tai Qin continues to forbid her to eat everything that is placed in front of her, oyster omlette, meat dumplings, omg, this is making me hungry! WTF is up Tai Qin a**! LOL!

A doctor is called to check on Mu Hua Lan and says she’s fine but needs some rest. Aunt wonders why Mu Hua Lan has a scar on her stomach.


In a clothing store, Mei Nan notices some hair clips and wonders about hers. Tai Qin arrives and tells her that her hair clip was trampled in the auditorium. He tells her that since it is broken it doesn’t matter if its thrown away.



Before she gets to say anything, a girl pushes between them and Mei Nan falls back. Xin Yu catches her and she thanks Xin Yu. Tai Qin is irritated that Xin Yu is holding his woman on the hips. LOL. Xin Yu notices Tai Qin’s looks and lets go. Jeremy arrives and the Three head off. Mei Nan says to herself that even though the clip is broken, it is still very important to her.


Back at the house, Jeremy and Xin Yu step in and forbid Mei Nan and Tai Qin to sleep in the same room. They help her move out but she accidentally leaves the pig rabbit behind. After she leaves, Tai Qin tells the pig rabbit that its owner left him there. He says that even the hair clip is broken and throws the broken hair clip in the garbage.

In the middle of the night, Tai Qin can’t sleep again and wanders downstairs to the kitchen wondering if its because he’s sleeping alone. He receives a text from Mu Hua Lan’s student telling him that Mu Hua Lan doesn’t feel well and would like to meet with him.

Mei Nan heads in to Tai Qin’s room to get her pig rabbit that she left behind. As she is leaving, she notices her broken hair clip in the garbage.


Tai Qin visits his mom and agrees  to rewrite the song for her. She promises that she will tell him why she can’t let go of the relationship with Tsai Xian after the recording.

Back at home, Mei Nan is super gluing her hair clip back together. She thinks that she’s so clumsy that she won’t be able to fix it right and wishes that Tai Qin was there to fix it for her. But then she realizes that if he found out she picked the hair clip back out of the garbage, he’d find her strange and may even discover her feelings for him. She shakes her head to clear her thoughts and discovers that her fingers have been super glued together.


Just then, Tai Qin arrives home and she quickly puts the clip in her pocket and hides her glued hand. Tai Qin finds her odd and wonders what she’s doing. She asks him why he’s getting home so late. He tells her that he had something important to take care of before wondering why he’s explaining himself to her. He asks her what she’s doing still awake. She tells him she was super gluing something very important to her and he asks what it was. She randomly tells him that she was super gluing a cup and that she ended up gluing her fingers together.


Tai Qin helps her unglue her fingers but she’s giggling like crazy because it tickles. You can see he’s totally putting up with it because he likes her. He tells her that if they could glue her mouth shut it’d be much quieter. She asks then how would she be able to sing.

Tai Qin smiles at her and agrees with her comment. He then adds that thanks to her he doesn’t have to think about complicated stuff and only needs to focus on her glued fingers. Mei Nan asks if something is the matter and he tells her that someone made an unreasonable request but in the end he still agreed to do it. Mei Nan thinks back to the conversation she overheard the other night between Mu Hua Lan and Tai Qin. Tai Qin tells her that the funny thing is every time that person messes with his mind, Mei Nan always appears to distract him. He tells her that she’s really useful during those times.


Mei Nan tells him that if she knew gluing her fingers would be so useful, she would have glued all 10 fingers. Then Tai Qin flashes his glorious smile and she has to pig snout again. Tai Qin asks her what she’s doing and she tells him that it’s good for her health. LOL. He asks if she’s hiding a secret and she tells him that everyone knows she’s a girl so she has no more secrets. Tai Qin tells her he’ll let it go, tonight and heads off to bed. After Tai Qin leaves, Mei Nan says her secret is her feelings for him.

Outside the headquarters, fans are crying their eyes out about the news that Xin Yu is now taken but they still try to support him and his new found love.


In the studio, Mei Nan apologizes to Xin Yu for causing everyone to think he has a girlfriend. Xin Yu tells her that compared to him, the girl that he likes must be suffering more. Ditsy Mei Nan wonders what to do and says she feels real bad for stepping between Xin Yu and the girl. Xin Yu looks away like how the heck am I gonna get through to this girl?

Tai Qin arrives and Mark questions him on what Xin Yu’s reaction is after he found out that Mei Nan is a girl. Tai Qin says he doesn’t know and tries to head in to the studio, but Mark stops him. They look in and see Mei Nan talking to Xin Yu.

Mei Nan: “The girl that you like…she’s not still mad is she?”
Xin Yu: “I was just considering asking her out and telling her everything.”
Mei Nan: “Hurry up and ask her out. Otherwise, she’ll be really sad.”
Xin Yu: “If there is a need, can you go with me?”
Mei Nan: “Of course! The entire misunderstanding was caused by me. I have to go with you to explain everything.”
Xin Yu: “Really?”
Mei Nan: “Yes. I’ll definitely go with you.”


Love Tai Qin’s swagger when he enters the studio to interrupt Xin Yu and Mei Nan. Tai Qin asks where they’re going and Mei Nan tells him that it’s somewhere that Tai Qin wouldn’t be interested in.

Upset, Tai Qin heads over to his music sheets and starts to fuss with it angrily. He thinks in his head why she has no self respect and why she would agree to such an invitation. Taking his anger out on the music sheets wasn’t enough so Tai Qin angrily asks where Jeremy is.

Aunt tells Mei Nan that she has to leave for a bit. As she’s leaving she thinks to herself that she better get the licensing rights to the song resolved. But then she imagines that if Mei Nan is really Mu Hua Lan’s secret love child, she’d be set for life.

Back in the studio, Tai Qin is super jealous of Xin Yu and Mei Nan’s closeness. Jeremy invites Mei Nan out to play and Xin Yu agrees because they haven’t been out in a while. Tai Qin forbids Mei Nan to go, telling her that she needs to memorize her song. He tells her that she needs to stick to him like bubblegum (LOL) the entire day until she gets the entire song memorized.

Mei Nan tells him that she’s almost done memorizing the song and asks if she can float outside like a bubble and play for a while. They all head out and have a blast while Tai Qin sulks and calls them immature and boring.


Xin Yu, Jeremy, and Mei Nan find Tai Qin doing pullups and Mei Nan says that she’s awesome at hanging on the bar. She does and Jeremy times her and is amazed. Xin Yu tells her to get down before her arms get too sore tonight. Mei Nan says not to worry because she can go for at least another half hour. Tai Qin is super jealous thinking that she’s trying to impress Xin Yu. LOL.

Tai Qin sarcastically says that she’s great, she’s #1, and commands her to get down. She doesn’t and says that scaring her won’t make her come down. Jeremy tries to make her laugh to get her down, but it doesn’t work either.


Xin Yu says that he’ll give it a try. He walks up to Mei Nan and she says that no matter what he does, she will never…Xin Yu leans in and kisses Mei Nan on her forehead and sure enough, she drops to the ground. Me likes this more assertive Xin Yu. Jeremy runs to her to help her up calling foul play and leading her somewhere else to play. When they all walk away, Tai Qin says that even scared him, but then wonders to himself why Xin Yu kissing Mei Nan would scare him.

Back at home, Tai Qin is playing the piano trying to rewrite Mu Hua Lan’s song but can’t. Furious with himself for caring so much for her he stands up from the piano and try to leave but ends up walking right in to Mei Nan carrying a cup of water.

Tai Qin tells her that she’s troublesome but Mei Nan talks back and tells him that he was the one who came out of nowhere. Tai Qin takes his anger out on Mei Nan, telling her that now that she has other people backing her she is no longer patient with him.


Mei Nan: “Tai Qin ge, I’m still the same as before. No matter what happens, I’ll still resist and be patient.”
Tai Qin: “Then what about before, how come you couldn’t resist? Xin Yu comes at you and you just fall?”
Mei Nan: “I was really shocked earlier.”
Tai Qin: “Shocked? I think you were more happily surprised! Don’t you think you were a little too obvious? Didn’t you say that Xin Yu liked someone? How can you be so obvious? Don’t you think you’ll make things difficult for him?”
Mei Nan: “Tai Qin ge, I already told you it’s not like that.”
Tai Qin: “If Xin Yu ever finds out that you like him, he’ll feel bad. Don’t just think about liking someone. Aren’t you afraid you’ll be bothersome?”
Mei Nan: “Is it wrong to like someone? I’m already trying hard to hide my feelings. I’m not expecting that person to reciprocate. Is that wrong too?”
Tai Qin: “What’s the big deal with liking someone? I can’t stand people who use liking someone as an excuse to force someone to accept unreasonable requests. If I were Xin Yu, I would never accept that kind of love. Because that kind of love is selfish!”

Mei Nan begins to cry and tells him that he’s gone overboard and shouldn’t have judged her love. He is suddenly affected by her tears but she runs away.

Mei Nan is back in her room talking to Mother Superior, telling her that he thinks her feelings are selfish and will only bring trouble. She says that when she leaves she will leave her star here and puts her hair clip in a tin box.


Mei Nan is out with Mark and she tells him that she’s going to meet up with Xin Yu and help him complete his love. Mark tries to stop her because he thinks its so tragic that she’s loves Xin Yu but still has to help him with his girlfriend, but Mei Nan happily heads off.


Xin Yu is at a restaurant waiting for Mei Nan.  He looks in to a mirror and imagines how their date will play out, tonight. He imagines that she’ll be standing in front of a mirror and he will tell her that the person that she sees in the mirror is the one that he likes.



He imagines her turning and (Who knew a bowl cut could look SOOO CUTE! I want one. Give me a bowl cut now!) that she would accept his flowers and presumably his affections. Xin Yu hopes that she doesn’t get too surprised tonight.

Tai Qin is in the studio studying an album and Mark runs in telling him that he needs to stop Mei Nan. Tai Qin tells him to do it himself but Mark tells him that since he’s the leader of the group, he should do something.

Mei Nan is outside on the phone with Xin Yu telling him that she’s on her way. She is about to get in a taxi but Tai Qin comes out and grabs her, dragging her up to the balcony.


Tai Qin: “Don’t go!”
Mei Nan: “But this is the only thing I can do for Xin Yu ge.”
Tai Qin: “That’s enough! You’re always getting in to trouble. You can’t do anything right! I’m used to all that already, but now you’re going to do that? Just thinking about it makes me feel like I’m about to have an allergy attack. Can’t breathe, chest feels constricted, about to go crazy!”
Mei Nan: “So I’m your allergy and cause you discomfort? Then don’t look, don’t touch, don’t think, and don’t worry about me and everything will be fine.”
Tai Qin: “How can I not worry about you, seeing you like this? Am I supposed to just watch you go and make trouble?”
Mei Nan: “Even if I were to make trouble, what’s it to you? Why are you stopping me?”
Tai Qin: “Because seeing you like this makes me mad!”
Mei Nan: “Then don’t look!”
Tai Qin: “Do you think I want to? But I just keep seeing you.”
Mei Nan: “Even if you see me, you’ve never really looked at me. You always think you’re the most attractive. That you’re the best. But you never see everything that’s around you. I’ve been keeping patient. Always hiding in the dark corner. I’ve never asked you to look at me. Why do you always get mad at me!


Tai Qin can’t hold out any longer and grabs her and kisses her.  OMG!  *swoon*

OMG, Xin Yu! Why, Oh Why! This is just too heartbreaking. Xin Yu is at the restaurant waiting for Mei Nan.


Next week, Mei Nan overhears Tai Qin telling Xing Ning that he has no feelings whatsoever for Mei Nan. She is completely embarrassed and heartbroken. Xin Yu finally reveals to Mei Nan that he likes her. Mei Nan gets dressed up in the greenhouse and Xing Ning brings Tai Qin in to further make him think that Mei Nan likes Xin Yu. Tai Qin gets super jealous seeing Mei Nan totally dressed up for Xin Yu.


OMG, I never knew I could swoon with a broken heart!  Why did they have to follow Tai Qin kissing Mei Nan scene with poor Xin Yu.  Ahhh,  it is completely breaking my heart!  The ending seemed rushed, so I hope in the next episode, they will backtrack some. But I’ve now jumped back on to Xin Yu’s side and would love koala-ing him so I’m torn. Seeing him at the restaurant full of anticipation and waiting breaks my heart! And whenever Tai Qin steals Mei Nan from Xin Yu, I just keep thinking, dang this blockhead keeps tripping him up! So I’m really happy to see that Xin Yu finally gives up the whole setting the mood with the whole restaurant, etc. and just straight to the point and tells her. Finally! Geez!

What’s interesting is that Mei Nan’s transformation in Tai Qin’s dress seemed a little underwhelming for me, but when Xin Yu imagines Mei Nan, she is so much more beautiful. It’s so true that when you’re in love, everything is rosier than it seems and even an ordinary person can look more beautiful than they actually are.

But let’s backtrack a little bit here and talk about the scene at the restaurant where Tai Qin was forbidding Mei Nan from eating anything. I understand the shaved ice and the red bean soup because he was jealous and didn’t want her to share it with them but what about the rest of the food? Did she just go hungry then?

But I’ll try to focus less on his bad and more on his good – hmmm…is jealousy good? :)  Well, it is for me when it comes to Tai Qin. This episode was just filled with Tai Qin jealous moments so I think I got my fill. :)

So tell me, are you a DramaNut?

And the question of the day is: Jealous Tai Qin or protective Xin Yu? Which one would you rather koala?


  1. Hey everyone. I’ll be on vacation for the next couple weeks, but I just had to get this episode up for you all before I leave. :) I won’t be checking in as often but I will still try my best to get the recaps up for the following weeks — hopefully the internet connection won’t be too spotty. Anyhow, have fun everyone!

    • No worries!! Thank you so so so much for the recap!! And have a great vacation~~ :D Ah, just one question! (To DramaNut and to everyone who reads this) Where do you watch FB? I can’t find anyone uploading the raw for recent episodes. I usually find them like a week after :(

      • Sugoideas (for streaming of raw episodes) :D

        • Episode 11…I am going to melt at Xin yu’s feet when he tells Mei nan he likes her and to give them a chance to be together.
          Really pity him…because he was stood up by Mei nan twice. Think episode 11 will be the one he plays the guitar while singing to her…ladies, am I right?
          What else can I expect? Did not watch Korean version before.

          • I think we can expect to see the guitar scene (it follows from Mei Nan’s devastation after the balcony kiss), the greenhouse scene, and the bit of Xin Yu leading Mei Nan away and them pretending to be a couple.

            Of course Tai Jing doesn’t like it, but he can’t really do much about it. Meanwhile, Xin Yu keeps trying to tell Mei Nan that he loves her and eventually he just comes out and says it to her face. They’re at the airport and he asks her if she would like to go out with him for real and that if she agrees, she could come with him to meet his parents (he was gonna fly to visit his parents and tell them about the “news” that he has a secret girlfriend). If they go out for real, they wouldn’t have to “pretend” to be a couple. But even though Mei Nan thinks that Tai Jing doesn’t love her, she still loves Tai Jing and she can’t accept Xin Yu’s feelings. To her, Xin Yu is a very special friend who she loves like a brother, someone who’s always helped her and supported her.

            Xin Yu ends up going to visit his parents on his own and Mei Nan is about to go back to the studio from the airport, when she runs into Tai Jing, who is surprised but so happy that she didn’t leave with Xin Yu. By then Tai Jing has realized that he loves Mei Nan and when he heard that she was gonna go with Xin Yu to meet his parents, he rushed to the airport to try to stop her. He goes up to her and holds her tight, confessing that he returns her feelings…

            Mei Nan is overjoyed and they head back to the studio together. Manager Mark thought Mei Nan loved Xin Yu but Tai Jing corrected him and is like, “she’s with ME”. Mark is shocked that the pig nose was for Tai Jing all along and not for Xin Yu. Jeremy finds out that Mei Nan loves Tai Jing and is devastated. He runs off to his bus and Mei Nan follows, where they have very tearful moments: Jeremy crying because of heartbreak, and Mei Nan crying because she has hurt Jeremy, who she also loves like a brother.

            After the tearful bus ride, Jeremy tells Mei Nan not to worry and that he’ll be back to his normal cheerful self once he gets off the bus. He’ll keep his love for Mei Nan in his heart and move on with life, wishing for her happiness.

            • Anonfan,
              Thanks for the details…at least I know what to expect later…preview showing bits and pieces…killing me.
              But guess can expect more ‘action’ from Xin Yu…hooray !!!

              • No worries :D
                I go nuts when I have to wait to find out what happens so I’m always happy to answer any questions I can. I try not to reveal spoilers on purpose, but if someone asks for them, I will gladly answer :D

            • Anonfan,
              One more question. Why must Xin Yu and Mei nan pretend to be a couple?

              • No worries, I try my best to answer questions :D

                Xin Yu and Mei Nan must pretend to be a couple because the paparazzi got hold of a picture of the “mystery woman” (ie. Mei Nan as a girl) and the only way to explain it is to say the girl in the photo is Mei Nu (Mei Nan’s twin sister) and that she was the same mystery woman who showed up at the auditorium in ep 10. Back then, Xin Yu covered Mei Nu’s face and said to the press she’s his secret girlfriend, so to keep the truth from getting out, they have to continue playing the part of the “secret” couple.

                • anonfan,
                  tai jing will know mei nan’s father is the man he detests and caused his misery…prob after knowing that, there will be a rift between tai jing and mei nan. will xin yu have a chance in episode 11? will his parents show up? thanks

                  • I dunno how things will play out for sure since the FB team seems to be changing stuff from the original (which is good cuz it’s nice to have something fresh), but TJ finding out about GMN’s dad is a major part of the reason they broke up (temporarily).

                    According to the original You’re Beautiful:
                    GMN rejected Xin Yu after his confession at the airport, but Xin Yu DOES get another chance: after TJ and GMN broke up, the A.N.Jell members (and stylist Coordi and Manager Mark) all went to Japan for a short trip (except for TJ who stayed behind). GMN is heartbroken but Xin Yu and Jeremy are there to cheer her up and hang out with her. TJ is still upset over GMN’s “betrayal” but is still reluctantly working on his mom’s song. However, TJ’s still looking for info on GMN’s mom and eventually gets a picture of her and her name, and finds out that she was a new singer back in the day. He went to Japan to try to give GMN this info about her mom (since GMN always wanted to find her mom), but just before he can give it to her in person, he finds Xin Yu with GMN.

                    Xin Yu wanted to give himself another chance to confess to GMN. This time he tells her the WHOLE truth, how he knew she was a girl from the first day and how he just kept quiet and watched over her. He tells her that he’s always tried to drop hints to her and that GMN is the girl in the stories that he always told about the “special girl” he likes. When he confessed at the airport, he made it sound as though he wanted a new start with the “woman” GMN, but he now tells her that he didn’t tell her the whole truth back then.

                    After this full confession, he asks if GMN will give them a chance to be together (especially now that TJ is out of the picture). GMN is shocked but she still loved TJ and didn’t really feel romantic love for Xin Yu, who then sees TJ walking towards them (TJ found out from Mark that GMN was with Xin Yu and he didn’t like that). Xin Yu then grabs GMN and holds her, deliberately letting TJ see them from a distance (GMN had her back to TJ so she never saw TJ coming). TJ is upset and walks off. GMN pushes away from Xin Yu and feels awkward and sorry that she can’t return his feelings…

                    • Thank you once again, anonfan.
                      Though Xin Yu will still lose Mei nan, he did try his best.
                      I feel so sad for him.

      • Link is at the bottom of this page =)

  2. THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!! will you be updating episode 11 next week?

  3. Well I for one am still very much Team – Tae Jing Gae! Even in the korean version, inspite of a very handsome Shin Woo, I was all for her ending up with Tae Kyung….

    I too was disppointed in that dress she wore. I mean seriously, for a guy who dresses well, you would expect him to buy her something better. He might as well bought her a nun’s habit. But I guess him being so protective about her and all, wanted to buy her something conservative?!

    Btw, Jiro looked so good in that simple formal suit. I guess seeing him always with something bling, it was nice seeing the straight-forward corproate suit..

    I actually found it to be a highly emotional episode. Everyone was drawing lines and trying to find out where the other stood with regard to the other and the jealousy scenes were more heart-breaking than funny to me..

    I dont know why, but that simple scene of Jing seeing the clip being trampled was just so heart breaking. The way he clneched it in his fist was as if he was trying to protect and not let go of what he had with Mei Nam.

    Talking about that kiss:I think there were many things right about that kiss.

    I think having that scene where Mei Nam spills water on Jing was an awesome prelude to the scene on the balcony. I thought it set the right mood. We also come to realise that whatever mood Jing may be in becoz of his emotional mess, he immediately calms down when he sees Mei nam tear up..

    Reg the balcony scene per se, I hope Le Le silenced her critics with that scene. You guys are right she does crying scenes really well. The scene in front of the hospital didnt do much for me. But here she was just awesome.

    I liked the fact that Mei Nam was more heart – broken than frustrated. One could get the feeling that she was tired, tired from being strong, tired from having to constantly try so hard to hide her feelings for a guy who infact kept thinking she liked someone else.

    Now we very well know that Jing runs away from his feelings. Here he too seems to have reached the end of his rope. He thinks Mei Nam likes Yu, but hes not mad that shes throwing herself at Yu or being a burden. hes actually more worried, considering that Yu immediately protected Mei Nam at the auditorium and the kiss on the monkey bar, that Yu infact might accept and reciprocate Me Nam’s feelings. So he has no way of stopping her from going to him except to blame her behaviour.

    But I really like the fact that he atleast admits, that he sees her. Now Jing’s heart was always many steps ahead of his head. So when he sees her crying her eyes out, all his defenses are broken down..So I like the fact that the desire to kiss her was born not out of frustration. It came out as if he has been wanting to do that for so long

    Reg the kiss, I liked two things about it 1. When Jing decided to kiss her, its he who stepped forward. He didnt pull her towards her and go *smack*. In terms of body language that was awesome. Its shows when it comes to it, Jing can get off his high horse and go to her..

    Another thing that I liked and this I got from the extended preview, was that the kiss was lip between lip and not just a smooch. I mean Jing actually opened his freaking sexy mouth to catch her lip.. I know there was no tongue action, but i dont think that would fit into this scene..so to me it was a very nice genuine kiss.

    P.S. If Yu was the first to find out Mei nam was a girl, If Jing gets the girl’s love then Jermey has every right to be the first to kiss the girl Mei nam…

    • Le Le’s crying scenes are BEAUTIFUL.

      I love Tai Jing’s sadness at the broken hair clip and the thought of Mei Nan slipping away from him. I think it’s all that confusion and sadness and jealousy that pushed him to the breaking point of just going up and kissing her. He’s such a lost, confused child when it comes to feelings and while he cares deeply for Mei Nan, he doesn’t know how to express his feelings and he’s annoyed with himself being all worked up over her. He lashes out like a child throwing temper tantrums (when he’s desperately wanting attention), but when he sees that he’s hurt her, he can’t help but feel guilty.

      The balcony kiss was done really well. The kiss is a good one and fits with Tai Jing and Mei Nan’s characters. It’s great that he goes to her to kiss her (like you mentioned) and it’s a gentle kiss with lip action but no tongue (LOL if he tongue kissed her, poor innocent Mei Nan would probably die of shock). And it looks really good on camera too :D

      I’m not a fan of the outfit Mei Nan wore to the auditorium either. The ones worn in the Korean and Japanese versions were a lot more prettier and made it more obvious that Mei Nan is a girl. Maybe he dressed her so conservatively cuz he sees her as someone who is beautiful but simple and pure. I actually think the outfit she wore when she visited Mother Superior back in ep 6 was prettier (LOL).

    • I want ep 11 already

      • oh definitely EPISODE 11.
        episode 10 is GOOD…i love how jeremy was always trying to hug mei nan after finding out she is a girl…xin yu’s hug, his kiss on her forehead and holding her hands while teaching her to play the guitar.
        it’s really good to see him assertive.

        • I love it when Xin Yu gets all assertive and everything. I’ve been telling Xin Yu to be more assertive all the way back in earlier episodes (LOL). I love seeing Tai Jing and Xin Yu fight over Mei Nan (mwahahahaha)

          • Anonfan,
            This I totally agree…fight for his love, don’t keep dropping hints to a slow to react girl.
            Show by action, I just love it when xin yu told tai Jing he will take over.
            I love to see tai Jing jealous whe pn Xin Yu is close to Mei nan,,,,yay !!!

            • The jealousy’s gonna explode next ep! It’s gonna be great :D

              • HEY anonfan.. how are you? A very happy new year to you and your family.. So what are you upto?

                Are you watching ‘In a good way’ Its a realllly good drama and DN has started recapping it.. do check it out

          • Anusha,
            I like how you described in-depth about this episode.
            Xin Yu is the first one who knows she is a girl at the dark auditorium, yet he kept quiet when tai Jing told them to look for Mei nan who is a girl. Then he wanted to know what Mei nan means to tai Jing.
            One big triangle love affair….very frustrating when Xin Yu dare not be assertive when he actually wanted to. Both guys seriously love Mei nan but dare not go all the way in the presence of each other.

    • Xin Yu’s really winning major points from me. I was always torn between Tae Kyung and Shin Woo in the original (but ultimately chose Tae Kyung cuz he was starting to get really sweet with Minam as the series went on), and the same thing is happening here with Fabulous Boys, but I’m still Team Tai Jing here cuz the Tai Jing/Mei Nan chemistry is just so good, and this Tai Jing is actually sweeter than Tae Kyung, so yeah…

    • Tai Jing looked great in that suit…the one which he wore hurriedly looking for Mei nan…btw, is that fella short sighted? He can’t see in the dark, but he cannot see Mei Nan’s hand either? Stargazing ???

      • Hes got night blindness. So he pretty much cant see in the dark and hence could not see her in the auditorium. But since her hand was so close, he was able to make it out. Stars he cant really make out becoz they dont emit much light.. The moon he can coz its generally much brighter than the stars..
        Btw all this – drama logic..have no idea whether its scientific…:-)

        • Night blindness does exist and is either from birth or from malnutrition/injury. They really play it up here as a plot point to emphasize the whole metaphor of stars/moon/etc. for Tai Jing and Mei Nan.

          • Anonfan,
            One talks about the REAL stars in the sky…the other one uses the stars, sun and moon to express her feelings about tai Jing. She being the shy girl, cannot openly express her feelings to him. In prev episode with tai Jing’s birthday, our hero made a birthday wish, hoping she can be the moon, always accompanying him THE SUN.

        • Like, how to Mei Nan, Tai Jing is bright as a star and so far away from her, and she’s always loved stars since she was a child. He’s bright as the sun and she’s the moon that only sits in the sun’s shadow, but all the brightest stars don’t mean anything to Tai Jing unless he has a moon (Mei Nan) to let him see them.

    • Anusha,
      I like how you described in-depth about this episode.
      Xin Yu is the first one who knows she is a girl at the dark auditorium, yet he kept quiet when tai Jing told them to look for Mei nan who is a girl. Then he wanted to know what Mei nan means to tai Jing.
      One big triangle love affair….very frustrating when Xin Yu dare not be assertive when he actually wanted to. Both guys seriously love Mei nan but dare not go all the way in the presence of each other.

      • Thanks Janet.. Believe you me, in the beginning I actually thought in this version I was going to support Yu. Remember that scene, i tink in the 2nd or 3rd episode where Mei Nam is at her first photo shoot and Yu and Jermy decide to go and support ‘him’ and Jeermy pulls out the cockroach and Mei Nam jumps into Yu’s arms. I mean WOW.. Its a bit unbelievable for a real life circumstance, but I really liked that scene and Jacob and Le Le had good chemistry. I think thats when Yu’s protective instincts came into play and thats when he slowly and surely started falling for her.
        I think for me, overall the first 2-3 episodes werent that great. Mainly becoz the scenes were ditto to that of the K- version. Epi 4 was when it all started getting interesting. But even though there was that very sweet hug between Tae Jing and Mei Nam after she finds out abt her mom, it still had not got me hooked.

        I think the game changer for me came after the ferris wheel scene. I think the scene signified the very essence of the relationship between Tae Jing and Mei nam. He wanting to give her something, inspite of his fear of heights and she, already having understood his ego, in turn handled the situation very well and managed to help him out..Now I know the Director takes care to make sure every move is well acted out, but still there was something so natural about that scene and Jiro and Le Le had such awesome chemistry. I mean inspite of Jing wearing the sunglasses, one could still get a sense of how he was looking at her.

        From there on, I got crazy about FB. I think its only after that episode that I started commenting here..

        • Anusha,
          I fell in love with xin Yu the very first time when I saw the 3 of them emerging from the bus…remember Mei nan was wearing nun uniform going to sign the contract? And then when they were at airport…Xin Yu looks gorgeous in his dark glasses.

          Then of course when Mei nan jumped into his arms. That was when he realized he had feelings for a girl. But what really attracts me is his smile. That makes Jacob very charming.
          He has a killer smile.

  4. No worries, Dramanut, I hope you enjoy your vacation! Thanks for always being so quick with drama recaps and news :D

    Is it me or are the episodes going really fast now? Like, the pace is so fast it’s like they’re rushing to get the whole thing finished.

    Tai Jing’s so crazy jealous it’s really entertaining to watch (LOL). The guy’s an idiot when it comes to understanding his own feelings, though. “Can’t breathe, chest feels constricted, about to go crazy!” Um. That’s not an allergy attack when it’s a person, Tai Jing, it’s cuz YOU’RE GOING CRAZY WITH JEALOUSY at the thought that the girl you love is directing attention at anyone else other than you.

    Stop lashing out at Mei Nan already, Tai Jing. That’s NOT the way to show your care for the girl you love. I was so pissed off at him for forbidding her to eat (Jiro’s faces and gestures were AWESOME in these scenes though, I especially love the bit where he just takes off his glasses, looks at her, and then waggles his finger LOL). Of course, Mei Nan didn’t have to obey him, but she did it anyway. If a guy stopped me from eating, I’d just ignore him keep eating. OK, I get that some foods she probably shouldn’t be eating cuz of her previous cold/fever and her voice, but c’mon, there were foods that were fine! He was just jealous that it was the other boys bringing her food (and trying to feed her). Well if you’re so jealous, Tai Jing, why don’t YOU bring her some food that you deem OK for her to eat? Oh but of course, he wouldn’t do THAT cuz he has to save face. *rolls eyes*

    Tai Jing’s jealousy is fun to watch, though. When looked all upset at Mei Nan being held by Xin Yu and then her moving out of his room, looking sad at the abandoned pig-rabbit and the broken hair clip, and then not being able to sleep cuz she’s not with him anymore… *sigh* it’s so hard to stay angry at him. He’s like a lost, confused child throwing temper tantrums cuz he wants attention (maybe cuz of his abandonment issues with his mother). Sometimes he pisses me off, but at the same time I forgive him cuz I pity him.

    It’s amazing when Tai Jing smiles, it makes him look years younger. Same with the hair. His fluffy un-gelled hair makes him look more boyish and the smile makes him a lot cuter :D

    Mei Nan is so cute she’s just as cute as the pig-rabbit. I love that they changed it here so that she takes the pig-rabbit with her.

    I like that they added the scene of Xin Yu declaring his intentions to Tai Jing and Tai Jing having no choice but to shut up (unless he wants to reveal his own feelings). I like how Fabulous Boys really ups the tension between these love rivals. More fun this way :D

    Xin Yu’s such a sweet guy he’d be an awesome boyfriend in real life. I feel sad that he’s gonna get stood up and then rejected once he actually confesses. Poor guy.

    Mwahaha that balcony kiss was great. I was hoping they wouldn’t cut off the episode like that but they did the same in You’re Beautiful, so I wasn’t surprised they left it hanging like that. Next week’s ep should be interesting. Poor Mei Nan’s gonna get so heartbroken but good on Xin Yu for always being there to cheer her up.

    • Anonfan: I think the scriptwriters have always wanted the audience to have a love-hate relationship with Jing. Actually with most of the dramas thats how it goes right? its the second lead who is more sweet, caring, thoughtful sensitive and all those wonderful and positive adjectives…

      At the restaurant Jing was just plaing irritating.. thats why I liked it when he didnt allow Mei Nam to go out and play, she overruled him..

      Having said that I still feel Tae Jing is waayyyy better than Tae Kyung. I was remember that scene dring the MV shoot when he pins Mei Nam to the ground and starts throwing leaves at her. I remember staring at the screen going: dude you do know thats a girl right?

      I really liked the bar scene. As dramanut mentioned, Yu would have thought that as long as Jing is goin around with Xing Ning there was no danger. But now that that was all ake he wanted some reassurance. Jing ofcourse was never going to admit to liking a girl who liked someone else. Unfortunately for him, by saying that he washed his hands off Mei nam, he gave her straight away to Yu’s waiting arms…

      I actually feel sorry for the whole lot of them. They are all moving around in circles…

      • The MV shooting scene in You’re Beautiful was a bit “WTF” for me too, especially since he was SITTING ON HER while chucking leaves at her. Um, dude, she’s a girl, you REALLY shouldn’t be straddling her like that…

        I absolutely LOVE it whenever Mei Nan gives Tai Jing a bit a attitude, like when she overruled him for the going to the playground or when she was like, “then don’t look at me, I never asked you to look!” at the balcony. You’re right that the scriptwriters want us to have a love/hate relationship with main lead, since it makes us more interested in the character that way. Sure, we all love nice guys in real life, but in dramas/movies, usually nutcases like Tai Jing are more interesting to watch…

        The scriptwriters made Tai Jing more loveable in this version, and that’s a good thing. I’ve said this before, but while JGS is a great actor and played Tae Kyung perfectly, his character was too much of a jerk until right at the end. Here they softened Tai Jing more, so it’s easier for us audience to see why Mei Nan would fall for him. Tai Jing is a total jerk one moment, but then can be really sweet the next (and he’s almost always the first one to take action in helping Mei Nan), which is why we can love him.

        You’re right about everyone going round in circles. If people were straightforward with each other, there wouldn’t be all these misunderstandings … and then there wouldn’t be much of a drama to watch (LOL).

      • tai jing said mei nan is ONE BIG TROUBLE…wonderful, i loved it when xin yu said he will take over since tai jing finds it troublesome to look after her. if he wants to be hands off, don’t get jealous.
        i am a sucker for romance…but xin yu has made me swoon all over him.

        • I love the way Xin Yu pretty much declared his intentions and challenged Tai Jing in that bar scene. Finally Xin Yu takes action! Much more fun to watch that way :D

          • anonfan,
            i feel the same…xin yu actually declared and tai jing was shocked…yet dared not say no.
            it is really a big circle. mei nan likes tai jing but tai jing thinks that she likes xin yu…dared not pursue her.
            when tai jing is harsh towards mei nan, it ‘pushes’ her to xin yu.

  5. And did anyone feel cheated (or is it just me?) when the scene of Xin Yu giving Mei Nan flowers was only imaginary? When I saw it in the MVs I thought it’d actually happen!

    • i thought that was supposed to be the case, isn’t it ? all the drama in the restaurant…only to realize it is all his imagination.

      *anonfan, you’re not the only one who felt cheated. i am so upset it is not real.

      • Yeah I know, it was supposed to be his imagination, which is probably why he was upset that she never showed up…

        But I still would’ve liked to see the scene with the flowers happen for real. Xin Yu and Mei Nan were just so cute in that scene.

        But I guess next week’s greenhouse scene makes up for it, since he walks in and is amazed at how beautiful she looked and they have a cute moment together before Xin Ning comes and ruins everything…

        • Idiotic Xin Ning never fails to irritate…but Mei nan wearing that dress and spinning around is really refreshing. I think I am going to do more pig snout next week watching Xin Yu.

          • Mei Nan looks absolutely BEAUTIFUL in that dress and make up/hairstyle. Much better than Xin Ning who looked like she’s wearing scrunched up rainbow colored toilet paper (from what I saw in the preview)

  6. Hi guys!! this is hwang Bai Ling, one of the admin for Fabulous Boys YB Facebook! its so awesome to know that all you guys are so into Fabulous Boys! Dramanut and anusha.. you guys have facebook right? thanks for liking fabulous boys YB! the boys are very sweet and i am pretty sure that you all cant wait for episode 11. if you guys are not so convinced that i am an admin.. i send you guys a message on facebook through the page! i’ve been reading all of your comments on facebook as well as here, i can must say, your are really fantastic! i have never ever met such enthusiasts about fabulous boys! reply to this comment with your facebook name
    ( anusha,… and if you have liked fabulous boys YB, i promise i’ll message you!
    -Bai Ling

    • I’m crazy over fabulous boys, especially huang ren de.
      Yes, I have him on my FB account as well as fabulous boys too.

    • My Facebook name is lee Lai yin. Thanks.

    • Wa… Never thought that Taiwanese drama admins ever takes much notice of English discussion blogs. I’m always impressed by dedicated drama support crews. Well, glad that you enjoyed our comments. Do join in the discussions if you have the time. Is always nice to hear some sort of response from the guys associated with the drama.

  7. Dramanut: Have a great fun filled holiday. Come back refreshed !

    I think if Yu is going to admit his feelings next week, then we are down to the last 3 episodes.. Coz in YB, Shin Woo confesses only in the 15th epi. No idea why they decided to cut down. If Love Now can have 70 episodes, then why not FB??!!!

    So its only 3 more epis and there are a quite a few ppl here who can translate scenes if required. Hope you dont mind us using your comment section…

    take care. Bon Voyage!!!!

    • If you ask me, I think FB could’ve been at least 15 or 16 episodes, since they were pretty much following the pace of You’re Beautiful right up until ep 9, where they just suddenly went speeding through things. If last week’s ep went fast, then this week’s ep went even faster. I would prefer if they kept the pace of earlier episodes…

      Not saying that fast pace is bad, since I actually love fast paced stories, but here I feel they’re going a bit too fast, so…

      I agree. Dramanut should enjoy her vacation! As long as she doesn’t mind us clogging up her comments sections, we’re always happy to keep the discussions going :D

  8. thanks a lot! hahahaha, tai jing is really funny. i agree, cheng yu xi is playing gao mei nana very well. her crying scenes are both cute and touching. whenever gao mei nan cries, i can’t help but tear too. i love the dine out scene. hahaha. jeremy is such a darling.

    • Those hugs from Jeremy are so cute…now that truth is out, mei nan is conscious as she is a girl.
      But Jeremy is over doing and xin yu has to hold him back…hahahaha

    • Jeremy is so CUTE :D
      I’d love to have a friend like Jeremy in real life – so much fun to hang out with!

  9. Dramanut,
    You’re going for holiday….oh no, there goes my pictures do xin yu…just joking.

    Episode 10 is the best…I have melted bcos it has xin yu professing his love and closeness with mei nan.
    That arm around her hips was romantic…don’t remove it lah,,,since he told tai jing he is taking over from him.

    That KiSS!!! Omg. How could that guy be so loving ???

  10. don’t you just love mei nan’s side glances on tai jing? hahaha. i really find it amusing to watch her doing that. coz her big crush/liking for tai jing is so real. specially in the super glue scene.

    • Totally agree with you. Mei Nan’s glances are so cute and it’s so obvious how much she loves him. Too bad Tai Jing can be such an idiot sometimes when it comes to feelings *sigh*

      Oh well, at least he finally gets a clue sometime soon…

    • Superglue incident is cute…that tai Jing treats her like a girlfriend actually, tells her what he is upset with and where he goes…but stupid fella just doesnt realize he likes her…complete nut.

      The way he smiles when she is tickled by the toothbrush is cute. He smiles and that is very very real.

      • Tai Jing and Mei Nan’s feelings for each other are so obvious to everyone but themselves. Tai Jing’s smiles are beautiful and it’s no surprise they take Mei Nan’s breath away :D

        I like the superglue incident too. Mei Nan’s really cute with her glances and smiles.

  11. Btw this is totally random but the A.N.Jell fangirls’ reactions are hilarious. Like, whenever they camp outside A.N. HQ and are crying while trying to wish their idols well at the same time, it’s so funny to watch LOL

    • OH YES!!! Am so glad you noticed and brought them up… I loved the way the girl took a hold of Yu’s framed photo and started crying. Seriously I think they have under-used the fan girls. they played a much better role in YB…

      • I LOVED the fangirls in YB! They were so hilarious and so much fun to watch! I agree – they should’ve used the fangirls more here in FB too. They always make me laugh :D

      • Btw did you notice Mu Hua Lan’s version of “Waiting for a Lifetime” playing at the beginning of the episode? It’s a nice song and the way she sings it sounds like those old songs from the 70s. Feels very old school :D

        I like Tai Jing’s version much better though :D

        • Tai Jing hates the man GAO cai xian who caused his mother to desert him….what will happen when he finds out that man is actually Mei Nan’s father? Jiro does a better remake of that song…more lively.

          Yesterday, when i saw episode 10 uploaded, my excitement grew.
          There are some shots where tai Jing and Mei nan are in the studio playing rather intimately.
          Please give my Xin Yu some time to romance Mei nan.

          • Totally agree with you – Jiro sings the song with much more feeling and sounds more lively.

            I have no idea when the scenes of Tai Jing and Mei Nan playing in the studio are gonna be shown, but I’m guessing it’s probably after his confession at the airport and they come back to the studio from the airport (where they’re sort of “together” now)

          • Don’t worry, Xin Yu does get his chance to romance Mei Nan (although whether Mei Nan accepts him or not is another story)…

            • REALLY ??? after xin yu confesses he likes mei nan, will she reject him? i am going to be heartbroken if she does. sob sob sob.

            • A scene in episode 11 shows Xin Yu telling tai Jing that Mei nan is his girlfriend and he took her away. Wonder what that is all about.
              That liar genie said tai Jing has to continue pretending to be her boyfriend..until when?
              We play Jiro’s promise, Evan’s ‘be with me’ practically all the time. Hubby is going bonkers too. Hahaha.

              • Remember back in our previous discussions where we talked about the aftermath of Tai Jing finding out the meaning of the pig nose and that the person Mei Nan loves is him and not Xin Yu? Well, Xin Yu telling Tai Jing “she’s my girl now” and leading her away follows right from that :D

                LOL I’ve been playing the FB songs on repeat too, but my family’s used to it by now so they don’t care :D

                • Episode 11 shows Xin Yu leading Mei nan away from tai jing…it is really showing xin yu’s love.

                  I listen to ‘promise’ everyday. :)

              • Xin Ning makes Tai Jing continue to pretend to be her boyfriend until she calls the thing off, i.e. until she publicly “dumps” him.

  12. Am I the only who’s hoping that the next episode will be filled with Tai Jing/Mei Nan cute moments?

    • Don’t worry, you’re definitely not the only one – I’m hoping for some real good Tai Jing/Mei Nan scenes too! Things are supposed to get really exciting from now on, which is why I was hoping for more than 13 eps … they’re rushing thru the Tai Jing/Mei Nan too much!

      • I thought that they were going to decide on whether or not they’ll make more episodes. Did they decide not to? D:

        • oh yes i hope producers extend it…because the romantic scenes with tai jing/mei nan are really appeared ‘rushed’.

          i think when any guy flashes a smile, he will look absolutely charming especially when we like him.
          each time xin yu smiles, i promise you i will melt.

  13. i do not get sick listening to jiro’s songs in this drama…as well as evan (jeremy).
    in fact jiro’s promise is a great get-up song.

    • Same! I’m totally in love with the songs from this drama. Gorgeous <3

    • Actually I love Jiro’s version of Promise even more than I did the original. Same with his version of “Still”. The new arrangement + his voice makes it even better than the original :D (and I already love the original versions)

      • the songs which i crazy over: promise, still and that song which mei nan ‘sang’. totally beautiful. i can listen to promise several times and still not sick of it.

      • Agree. Also it helps that the Korean version didnt use”Promise” too much, well not as much as “As ever”. So the TW version using it as their opening theme was a good call. Also I like the little rap that they inserted

        • The rap bits are one of my favorite parts of the song :D
          (The original Promise had rap bits in it too and they were also my favorite bits)

  14. So I know this is totally irrelavant to Ep 10 or FB as such, but I created a weibo account.. finally. The sign up page translated to english..just had to google whats the chinese version for my location and stuff. But am in.. but so freaking lost. Most of it is in Chinese( duh! naturally!). I just clicked on something randomly and I am somehow following 20 ppl!!!

    Anyways, I am just following one person and theres no points for guessing who that is :-D

    • I’m no expert on Weibo so I’m afraid I can’t help you much with the problems (did they just make you auto follow 20 people? how does that work?)…

      ROFLMAO I’d totally follow Jiro too :D
      So much love for him <3

      • Yeah.. as soon as I registered, they asked which categories am I interested in and I think I selected Music and Entertainment and it immediately added ard 20 ppl to My following list.. Go figure.. had to unfollow them all..:-) But still its nice to know what weibo is all about…

    • I want ep 11 already. OMG. The wait is so much torture. T_T

      • I know right?! For once I feel like ep 10 was an unfinished story and I need the next scene to follow. ( Even though i know what happens). I feel if they had just shown us the next 2-3 scenes, we would have loads more to talk about :-D

        • EXACTLY! When they cut off the episode there I was like “WHAT NO!!!” cuz I was expecting something to follow! It felt so incomplete with the way they left that scene hanging like that. I know You’re Beautiful did the same thing but I was hoping Fabulous Boys would change it and just add the next bit in (so us audience wouldn’t feel so tortured)…

          • You know what’s funny? Most of us have already seen You’re Beautiful and we pretty much know what’s going to happen, but we’re sitting here anticipating the next episode as if we were watching it for the first time. LOL! By the way, from the previews, the greenhouse scene, I think I like Mei Nan’s outfit a lot more than Go Mi Nam’s outfit in You’re Beautiful. If I remember correctly, I think Go Mi Nam was wearing a hideous looking purple dress that made me think, um…is that supposed to look good on her? lol.

            • In YB, I cant remember what she wore to her visit to the Mother Superior or when she was about to reveal herself..but I do remember that purple dress and it wasnt the most impressive. But IMHO, neither was the dress she wore in the final scene to the concert. She looked so Aunty-types you know..I mean GMN is supposed to be in her 20s right? And I know Park Shine didnt have the curves she has these days, but I felt they could have done alot better…

            • IKR? The fact that we’ve all seen the original and are still screaming for new eps every week means that the FB team is doing their jobs right. Even though it’s a remake, they’ve done it well enough to please even the people who loved the original (like us).

              Mei Nan’s outfit in the auditorium would’ve looked better if she styled her hair differently. The dress/hairstyle that GMN wore in You’re Beautiful in the greenhouse made her look like she was going to a funeral or something, and the style was all wrong for her age.

              Actually, out of You’re Beautiful, Ikemen Desu ne, and Fabulous Boys, I think FB definitely wins in the fashion/hairstyle overall. This applies for guys and girls. I’m not talking about the actors’ appearances, but the styling. I think the FB style looks flashy/pretty enough but not going overboard. I could never get into the styling of YB at all, from the guys’ to the girls’ (hair, clothes, etc.). Ikemen Desu ne looked OK, actually Mio’s outfits were pretty good. But overall FB wins hands down (IMHO).

    • LOL! Anusha, you just put a smile on my face. LOL! That’s hilarious. You are such a big Jiro fan that you’ve even attempted getting a Weibo account just to see more of him. LOL! I don’t even have one because I don’t think I can read enough Chinese for that. You’re so brave! Sorry, but I can’t help you there. :)

      • Hey Dramanut.. hope your enjoying your vacation. No issues, I kind of settled down on weibo now. I have ‘liked’ Jiro’s page and its nice to see what the guy is all about. His facebook page is actually handled by a fan who just reposts some of the stuff Jiro+ his team posts on Weibo.

        I tried looking for Lee Min Ho’s page, but couldnt find the authentic one. But thats okay, Lee Min Ho’s facebook page is pretty active.

    • Lol Actually, I can’t understand mandarin either, but I’ve has a weibo account for a couple of years already. It’s quite easy to use once you get used to it. And if you use google chrome, it will translate the page automatically for you :) I would suggest you follow some of Jiro’s fans and his fanclubs. They post a lot more updates about Jiro than he does :P Just tell me if you need some help ^^

      • Rumple: Thanks a ton.. My weibo account name is Anusha2013.. yeah by the time I got through translating the sign in page, i didnt have much enthusiasm left for coming up with a more creative name.

        I must admit.. I am not a HUGE jiro fan.. I definitely like the guy so lets just say am more curious about him..

        but its defo nice exploring this whole new world of weibo and its nice coming to know of how fans interact with their idols and vice versa.. Maybe this is biased, but I feel the actors and actresses work much harder in keeping in touch with their fans than their Western counter parts…In my country altho the actors and actresses are on social networking sites they mostly get active just before their movie premiers. or during their show.

        Also Rumple, while exploring Jiro, I ended up watching alot of Fahrenheit vids. Apparantly Jiro and Aaron were close bt Jiro had some issues with Wu?Now apparantly they have all gone their seperate ways.. Ironically on Jiro’s weibo account, he has posted a lot of pics with his drama co-stars ( except Le Le..:-() but I can hardly find any pics with his Fahrenheit band mates..

        • That’s probably because Fahrenheit disbanded and Jiro left his record company lol If you look back to the first pages of Jiro’s weibo, shortly after he created it, there’s a couple of pics of them together. Especially Jiro and Calvin. Before that, frh had an official site and each member had a personal blog and photo album. It has been deleted ever since, though. After Zun left, their record company still tried to convince the media and fans that the group would still go on with only 3 members. But each one of them started focusing more on their solo careers and appearing together less. The only song they recorded post Wu Zun’s departure was “Mr. Perfect”, the opening theme for Absolute Boyfriend. Then Jiro left too after releasing his solo album (it was probably the only way HIM found not to let Jiro follow on Zun’s steps and leave after their 5 year contract was finished. They promised to let him released an album, something he had been waiting for for over 12 years already). Best thing he could have done, imho, since he has only got more popular ever since :)

          Don’t trust the rumors. They’ve been going around ever since the very beginning of FRH. Because FRH was only supposed to have 3 members, and Jiro was the most popular (it was right after It started with a kiss aired). Then in comes Zun, who was literally picked up on a plane because of his incredibly pretty face and yummy body, and suddenly all the attention was on him. The media started the rumors that Jiro was jealous and all, and the rest is history… I think the main thing here is that all four of them had different personalities. And Jiro and Zun were the most polar opposites of each other. Jiro was this charismatic sunshine boy, always cracking jokes and loving to be in the spotlight. Zun was more quiet and reserved, he didn’t really like the attention, he didn’t even want to be part of the entertainment industry to begin with, it just happened and he went along with it. He also had problems understanding the language so he just kept to himself. But if you see videos of them together, it’s easy to see that they all adored each other. They were like family (there used to be this inside joke and they always talked about how Calvin was the mom, Zun was the dad and Jiro and Aaron were their kids lol Then it evolved to a love triangle between Jiro, Calvin and Zun. It was cute :P). Btw, Jiro even promoted Zun latest film on his weibo not long ago. And whenever one of them as some sort of important event happening in their lives, the other always gives his support :)

          • Thanks so much for the detailed reply Rumple.. Ok one last question.. is it true that Jiro and Goo Hye Sun started dating after AB?

            • Oh God, no! where did you hear that?! Because it’s the most ridiculous thing ever lol If there’s one co-star that Jiro definitely didn’t date, that person is GHS. I’m mean, I’m sure she’s a lovely girl. But if you watch the BTS and the promo activities, she was just so… meh. I think Jiro really tried to connect with her, but there’s the whole language barrier in between. And she’s very quiet and reserved, isn’t she?

              • I watched the BTS and Jiro’s always tried to talk to GHS but because of the language barrier they couldn’t communicate at all. It got to the point where he started using body language and gestures to try to communicate with her and even still they couldn’t really communicate with each other….

                So I have no idea how he could’ve dated her. Now if there were rumors of him dating Pets then I wouldn’t be so skeptical…

          • Thanks Rumple for all the info. We can always trust you to tell us all the goss :D

            I watched the MVs of the songs on his solo album and they’re awesome. I really like the title song. Very cool :D

            I hope he keeps up with the solo albums. What record company is he with now that he’s left his old one?

            • Not sure which company he’s signed to now. It hasn’t been revealed yet… I guess it’s going to be a surprise and the news are only going to come out when he released another album? It might take a while, though, since he’s focusing on acting for now. He is having a tour, however. Started out in Japan in June and he’s going to have a couple of concerts in mainland China and Hong Kong soon. I’ve been wondering who’s sponsoring it…

              His solo album is pretty good. My favorite songs are the one from AB “Pretend we never loved” (I absolutely adored it from the moment I heard the song for the first time) and “like you”, the song about his father. I always get emotional when I watch the MV.

              • Oh absolutely! I love most of the songs on his album but both the songs from Absolute Boyfriend are among my favorites. I actually saw the MVs of the ending theme before I even knew about the series! I loved the song the moment I heard it and the MV got me interested in checking out the series. (But sadly the series fell short of my expectations even though Jiro was actually quite good in it)

                His MV for “Like Me” is really nice too. Very emotional. I really like the songs from Drama Go Go Go and “What are you waiting for” is a great one too. Love it.

              • Well he’s a great actor so I’m always happy to hear that he’s gonna be in more acting projects. I love his singing style so at the same time I’m eager for him to release another album (LOL). Sounds like he’s gonna be super busy with all the tours and acting projects and everything.

                Thanks for always sharing all the news. We can always count on you for all the reports :D

          • Jiro’s personality is perfect for being in the entertainment industry. He’s so charming, funny, lively … it’s probably his public persona but he seems to be outgoing and flashy so it makes him really fun to watch. I love how he just goes out there and does his thing.

            • Jiro has a way of walking…swagger. But that makes him stand out as a rock singer. Not many can walk like him…gotta have a style or else look like a bear lumbering. Hahahaha

              • Yeah this guy doesn’t walk, he swaggers. When he stands, he poses. I swear he’s like king of posing. It’s like he knows he’s sexy and he flaunts it whenever he can. It looks good on him so yeah, he knows what he’s doing LOL

  15. oh yes, why is the preview for the next episode cut off? the pathetic part before the ending song doesn’t show much…give us something to hang on to till the next week.

  16. Hey all…I was just thinking. With Fabulous Boys about to end, what drama should we jump to next? I love hearing everything everyone has to say and would totally miss you guys like I am right now when I’m on vacation and can’t check back in as often as I’d like. Any suggestions?

    • Hey drama nut, I will be depending on you to help me capture screen shots of my fav guy…huang ren de. Please help me ok? Enjoy your holiday first.

    • I’m not really interested in any of the dramas airing right now (besides Fabulous Boys and KO3 lol), so I would suggest the drama that’s replacing FB. I’ve seen some previews, and it looks pretty cute. And very J-drama-esque lol The name is “Wo Ai Ni Ai Ni Ai Wo”, i think. No english name yet.

      • Off topic but OMG I’ve been marathoning KO2 and now I’m watching KO3 and I had no idea it’d be so addictive. I felt SO CHEATED when Da Dong and Lei Ting didn’t get together in KO2 WTF???!!! They better make then get together in KO3!!!

    • IKR? You guys are all so awesome I’m gonna be sad when FB is over and we don’t have our weekly discussions anymore!

      I’ve been catching up on K.O. One Return and I’m following K.O. One Re-act, and I’m also following Just You, so yeah…

      • tai jing has actually fallen in love with mei nan, but just doesn’t realize. each time he blasts and makes her cry, you can see he feels guilty.

        the scene at the airport where mei nan walks away in tears…i wonder what is it all about.

        strangely when xin yu held mei nan at the mall, didn’t she feel it? how come she was shocked only when he kissed her on the forehead?

        • Tai Jing’s fallen in love with Mei Nan but is confused about his feelings. He doesn’t really know how to express his feelings and at the same time he thinks she’s in love with Xin Yu, which is why he’s all worked up. He’ll find out the truth next ep :D

          I’m guessing the scene of Mei Nan crying at the airport and walking away is when she says she won’t get back together with him anymore….

          Mei Nan didn’t even notice Xin Yu holding her because she was too busy staring at Tai Jing.

  17. I had a thought.. You know how Janet mentioned in one comment how in the scene at the mall, when a girl pushes Mei Nam, Yu catches her at the waist. Now actually speaking, as Janet mentioned, Yu should have continued to hold her right?!. What was there stopping him?! He had already cleared the air with tai Jing that Mei Nam would be his ( Yu’s) responsibility. Mei Nam now could be open to Yu too and he could treat her like a girl.

    Infact when Yu held her at the waist Yu did not let go becoz Mei Nam protested or even looked uncomfortable. Infact now was the time for Yu to make bold moves to show Mei nam what he feels.

    But one look at TK’s face and one which was half covered with coolers and he lets go…..

    I think even though TK told him he considered Mei Nam a pest, somehow Yu didnt fully believe him. Infact it was the fact that Tai Jing a public figure would fake date a girl and be seen in public with her didnt seem the kind of thing Jing would do for just about anyone..
    So I think even though Yu has become more assertive and has gained more confidence after the reveal and had that talk with TK, he is sensitive enough to know that TK is not comfortable with his closeness to Mei Nam. And even though they might be love rivals, he doesnt want to make TK feel bad or uncomfortable..

    Jing ofcourse is under the impression that Yu has a girlfriend as told to him by Mei Nam just before the ferris wheel scene..But he has also realised I think that Yu likes Mei Nam..and he knows he has to do the right thing and wish them well..as much as it hurts..

    I think that says alot about the relationship Yu and TK have. I do wish the drama could have concentrated on the relationship btw the boys more. But I think there are very subtle hints throughout that the boys get along really well and have got each other’s back

    Like, i remember that scene before Mei Nam sings ‘Cant Stop love’, when Jeremy goes to tell Jing that Mei nam has returned. Now Jeremy is the kind of guy who gets along with everyone.. sure. But I thought it was very persecptive of him to realise that Jing was actually happy that Mei nam had returned and took the opportunity to tease him a bit..

  18. Ugh. So much love for this episode! And so much frustration too lol Actually I think the problem with Mei Nan’s outfit for the big revelation is not the dress, it’s the hair. In the shots where the camera just focused on her body, it’s easy to see that the dress fits Le Le perfectly (it’s even more noticeable in the BTS). They could have styled her hair a little bit :/
    I was squealing so much when the lights snap back on and you see Tai Jing and Mei Nan staring intensely at each other!!! There was also some very intense stares going on between TJ and Xin Yu LOL

    OMG! The scene where we see TJ helping MN unglue her fingers! Le Le’s giggles had me giggling along with her!! So cute! You know, I think that (my bias for Jiro aside) I’m rooting all the way for TJ to get the girl not only because the TW version made him a lot more gentle, caring and likeable, but also because we get to see how much he NEEDS Mei Nan by his side. He’s not only in love with her, she’s become irreplaceable. He can’t live without her anymore. That’s why my heart goes to him and not Xin Yu.
    Also, no matter how much it breaks my heart everytime Xin Yu’s attempts to get Mei Nan to notice him fail, and even though I was all for Shin Woo in the korean version, I think that ultimately it’s his own fault that he doesn’t get the girl in the end. I mean, he was the first one to find out she’s a girl. Had he been honest about it, if he told Mei Nan that he knew her secret from the beginning, maybe she wouldn’t fall so hard for Tai Jing. Maybe, whenever she was in trouble, she would have gone to him instead. And maybe he would have a chance. Let’s face it: it’s much easier to fall in love with someone like Xin Yu than it is to fall for Tai Jing. But Xin Yu knew how daft she is, he knew about her background, that she lived in a convent for the greatest part of her life. But he still insisted on being all mysterious, dropping hints hoping Mei Nan, a girl with no experience in love whatsoever, would magically realize that he likes her. And then getting upset because she doesn’t. Now he’ll have to live his whole life wondering “what if?” and he can’t blame anyone else but himself for that…

    I really like how they filmed the kiss in this version. Looks even better in the long preview for ep 11. It also shows that Mei Nan is the first one to break the kiss. I wonder how TJ will react. I hope he doesn’t say “haha you’re funny” like in the k version. I rather have him just walk away without saying anything lol And we’re finally getting the dance scene in the next episode!!!!! I swear I’ve been waiting for that particular scene since the first trailer came out, back in February. And I don’t feel that it’s rushed. Their relationship has been much better developed in this version and I think TJ is really close to realizing his feelings and let go of his pride. Maybe the kiss will be the final bump he needs.

    I was also worried about how they’re going to fit 5 episode into 3. But I think they can do it without cutting out the cute MN/TJ moments. For one, they’re probably not gonna have the whole “TJ’s mom finds out Mei Nan’s a girl and tries to break them apart” arc. The TW version is toning down the “evilness” level of their villains. Xin Ning for one is not as hateful as her korean counterpart and, even though TJ’s mom still gets the title of the “worst mother ever”, she’s not as unreasonable as k-version’s. She seems to feel remorse for the things she does to TJ (like in the scene where they were fighting in the roof on TJ’s birthday. She tries to call after him when he tells her what day it is and leaves). There’s also the fact that the TJ in this version is older and more mature, so I’ll be surprise if he blames MN for what his own mom did to him. So that cuts out a lot of the unnecessary drama.Let’s see how it plays out :)

    • Rumple: as you and the others have mentioned the superglue incident was mega sweet, inspite of it again being copied. It was nice how Mei Nma was asking him where he had been like the dutiful wife and him answering her like the dutiful husband.. lol.

      I was watching the stargazing scene again and I love that part when Mei Nam reaches out to touch him and he catches her by the hand and says” but I do see when you are up close”. Its as if he felt she was disappointed in him for not being able to see her and I could hear the almost desperation in his voice that he so badly wanted Mei Nam to believe him when he says he does see her and wants to see her, but she would need to stay close.

      Again wth the water spilling scene, when Mei Nam through a teary voice says he has gone over board, I like how TK looks as if he hates himself for making her cry…

      • Tai Jing’s facial expressions are GOLD in this drama. He conveys show much with just a look or an expression. That’s some beautiful acting right there <3

    • Rumple: watched the BTS.. my eyes nearly popped out when I saw Evan trying to fake kiss Le Le. ..
      My entire theory of Jiro-Le Le is now totally shattered. But it ok.. its called reality I guess..

      Jiro Yu seem to have really bonded well.. And I guess whats suprising is that even though Jiro and Le Le really didnt hit it off off- screen, their scenes in the drama are simply awesome..
      I have seen dramas where the leads are two well known great actors/actresses and even though their acting is good, their scenes just lack that spark you know..

      And yet, here we have Jiro who does have ard 8-9 yrs experience, mostly doing comical roles and then you have Le Le, a fresher and their scenes are simply mind boggling..

      • I think picking Tai Jing’s role is one of the best things Jiro’s done. As you said, he usually plays comical roles and he does them really well, but Tai Jing is such a different character and is more serious and mature, which is great for expanding his acting range. And Jiro plays Tai Jing’s character beautifully.

    • Totally going for Tai Jing/Mei Nan all the way! They’re not only in love with each other but they also need each other. They complete each other!

      You’re right that they toned down the evilness and DRAMA!!! of FB compared with You’re Beautiful. I like this softer and more mature version of Tai Jing, and his mom isn’t as bad as the original one. I don’t know how they’re gonna resolve things here but in the Japanese version they had the mom needing to remove her vocal cords (due to cancer) and this is why she was adamant about singing that song one last time. The Korean version just had the mom be a manipulative selfish woman who clung on to a lost love…

      With FB, it’s like they based it off the Korean version but toned it with some influences from the Japanese version. The whole orphanage thing in the earlier episodes was from the Japanese version, but the FB team changed it to be more Tai Jing/Mei Nan.

      The kiss scene was done really well in FB :D

      As for the Tai Jing/Mei Nan developments, I was hoping they’d stretch it out just a tiny bit more but I do understand that they have time limits so it’s all good. I think they’re gonna cut out a lot of the “temporary break up” drama and be more like the Japanese version where the break up stuff was shorter. Actually, in one of the MV scenes of Mei Nan crying and then walking away at the airport and Tai Jing looking devastated, I think that may be the equivalent of the bit in the Japanese version where Mei Nan refuses to get back with Tai Jing (wild guess).

  19. tai jing hated the man who made his mother desert him…irony is, that man is mei nan’s father.
    yes, i certainly agree that tai jing needs mei nan and she has become indispensable in his life.
    he needs love to break down that outer appearance of being ‘cold and hard’.

    xin yu has openly declared he will look after mei nan…mei nan didn’t protest…why did he remove his hand?

    the intense stare between them was heart pounding…if only jeremy had not banged on the door, more chances of electricity passing to mei nan.

  20. Do you guys know what time new episodes are usually posted on sugoideas? (I live in the US)

  21. It’s fun to read the recaps and more so the discussions! :)

    Kathleen: It’s up at midnight the day of broadcast ie sunday where I am, and we are 12 hrs ahead of US. You probably can try to look it up around noon Sunday.

    Have a quick q: Where do we find the bts of the episodes please?

    • Of course…I am desperately waiting for episode 11.
      Hi BaiLing, I am mad over Jacob Huang…and I have provided my Facebook name earlier. Any chance of more scenes/shots of him please? Thanks.

  22. Alastrius O’ Alastrius.. where art thou gone to Alastrius.. pls do honour us with your comments. :-)

    • LOL. Shakespeare FTW :D

      I need people to fangirl KO3 with me….

      • Am sure there must be a dedicated fan page for KO3 anonfan…I wish I could get on the KO crazy wagon.. but am not finding time to watch the previous seasons and hence cant watch the ongoing season..

        • Well I only watch dramas just before going to sleep, so I only had time to watch KO2 and then start KO3 now. KO3 is basically like a sequel (spin off?) of KO2 anyway so if you just watch KO2 you can still follow KO3. They introduce the background of the previous KO series in the beginning of KO2 ep 1 anyway so that’s how I watched it…

          • You guys are catching on the KO band wagon so quickly. I’m impressed. Well yes, one can pretty much start with KO 2, but KO 3 has more references to past characters. (P.S. do watch the X-family; It’s such a cute and heart-warming take on the KO universe and the whole several dimensions thing is explained a lot more clearly there too…)

            • I had no idea how addictive KO would be! I started out watching KO2 and got hooked and now I’m following KO3. I’ll definitely check out X Fam after this! :D

              • I know right. Wang Da Dong is pretty much who Jiro is in real life. A cheerful, adorable, funny and jovial person who really treasures his friends and family and willing to go through lengths for them.. Loves to show himself in front of the camera and yet is not afraid of ugly/awkward shots. KO 2 was my first real introduction to him, so imagine my surprise at his portrayal of TJ who is such a reserved character.

                I had to tell myself several times that the actor for Tai Jing is the same Jiro that is also Da Dong, because there was hardly any traces to the loud, cheerful and bumbling Da Dong in Tai Jing at all. But now that ep 11’s rolled along…. Ugghhh… There’s just so much of the kind, smiling Jiro in it!!!!!

                • Yeah, when I watched KO series for the first time I was like “OMG this is basically Jiro playing himself LOL” and he’s just such a lovable fun guy! :D

                  Da Dong and Tai Jing are like totally opposite characters so kudos to Jiro’s acting skills for pulling off both characters so well!

                  Next week’s ep is gonna be amazing! LOL they really amped up the drama here with Tai Jing and Mei Nan breaking up after not even a whole episode of being together (LOL) and then Xin Yu punching out Tai Jing (that wasn’t in the original but LOL @ them adding lots of new stuff in this ep 11 and next week’s ep … makes the story more dramatic). IT’S ALWAYS THE QUIET ONES (OMG I can’t believe they make Xin Yu all aggro all of a sudden)

                • IKR? Jiro and his devastating smiles. *SWOON* *FAINT*

    • Ugh… So sorry. I’ve been so crazily busy the past week. That I haven’t been able to comment. But I’ve just watched ep 11 now. And waiting, oh so waiting for dramanut’s update. There is just SOOO much in Ep 11!!! Anyways I’ll leave my comments for the recap on 11. Can’t wait to hear of dramanut’s take on it.

      • OMG EP 11. I JUST WATCHED IT AND OMG SO MUCH LOVE. Tai Jing carrying her up the stairs and then the dinner date OMG!!!


        (I literally screamed/squealed when I saw that dinner date scene LOL)

      • Like seriously that dinner date/dance scene? I been wanting to see it ever since I saw it in the MVs/trailers and they fully turned Tai Jing into this Prince Charming and made Mei Nan like Cinderella (LOL)

        Sorry for spamming but OMG I JUST CAN’T CONTAIN MY EXCITEMENT

        • The dinner date was simply BEAUTIFUL!!!! Way exceeded my expectations…. The way he took off her shoes so gently with that terrible terrible smile of his on his perfect face! The way they were forehead to forehead and the shy smiles they had!!! Ahhhh!!!!!!! It’s nearly 4am where I am currently and I cannot go to bed after that scene. Oh wait…. Maybe I’ll dream of myself being there in my sleep! Yes, that’s what I shall do….

          • LOL it’s almost 6am where I am and I basically stayed up all night to wait for this ep and after watching it I couldn’t sleep cuz I was so pumped up!

            Tai Jing is SO MUCH MORE ROMANTIC in this version and I can’t believe we got the amazing dinner date/dance and the airport confession in ONE episode! And I love the way they changed the “leading up to the stairs” scene to Tai Jing carrying Mei Nan up all the way! FB wins major points for all the extra romantic scenes!

            • Didn’t expect tai Jing to be THIS romantic…hugging her so tightly, candle light, taking off her heels and dancing away. IF only it was Xin Yu….

  23. hey girls, you can watch the preview here…episode 11.

  24. all the 3 guys are really good…jeremy is adorable and absolutely different from his role in real life.
    producer did a great job.

  25. Romance and fluttering hearts is always so sweet. That’s perhaps why this drama is worth watching. The casting team did a great job getting the right actors and actresses to bring out the essence of love.
    Great job !!!

  26. @anonfan: I think PETS and Jiro are either dating in secret or just really good friends. no doubt those two have g8 chemistry and look really comfortable with each other off screen, but I think thats a result of them knowing each other for so long. However, we never know when cupid strikes. It was a similar case with Park Shine and Yong Jung.. They both had excellent chemistry on screen and off, but they are very clear they are just good friends..

    Btw, I never realised how close Evan and Le Le are.. I mean I just saw pics of Evan with Le Le and her family.. I think in their case, theres a good possibility of them being together. But what do I know.. they may be just good friends too :-)

    • LOL I think Pets and Jiro are really good friends in real life. Who knows maybe they’re dating in secret or end up dating sometime down the track. Whatever it is I wish them well :D

      They really have amazing onscreen chemistry! Just watch KO2 and KO3 and it’s crackling with it!

  27. Evan looks absolutely boyish…did you see him singing on location in youTube.
    So different from Jeremy. Le le did mention she likes guys like Evan but treats Jacob like a younger brother.

    • Oh I just saw some photo shoot pics of the four of them along with the actress who plays Xing Ning and Le Le was posing with Evan more than Jiro lol. Infact in one pics the actress who plays Xing Ning is holding onto Jiro while Le Le is leaning on Evan.

      I think the hectic schedule might be getting to Jiro coz he looks so spaced out. Hes not even smiling in one of the pics.. Poor thing..

  28. DID YOU GUYS SEE EPISODE 11?!!! IT WAS SO CUTE! Tai Qing/ Mei Nu moments were so adorable, but I don’t want to see episode 11 because Tai Qing gets mad at Mei Nu and Xin Yu steps up (I don’t want to ship Xin Yu with Mei Nu because I know they’re not the main couple)


      So many beautiful Tai Jing/Mei Nan moments! They changed quite a few of the original scenes to make it more romantic and sweet in this version and I totally approve! Actually, my favorite moments from FB are usually parts where the Taiwanese team do something different from the original, like the way they made this Tai Jing more sweet and romantic and everything…

      Next week's ep is gonna be DRAMA!!! LOL in the original Xin Yu wasn't the type to get violent but here they make him go and punch Tai Jing instead of just comforting Mei Nan. Never thought I'd see Xin Yu get all aggro but there you go (LOL).

      • Gahhh I leave for two weeks and this is what I see hahaha! OMG episode 11 was everything like I imagined it!!! Goshhh it was soo soo adorable and romantic at the same time…….Mei Nan really suited the dress that she wore!!! That dance scene was sooo romantic already and then they added that darn background music which makes you fall head over heels more for that scene this is hands down my favourite episode!! Ahhh soo many great moments in this episode him carrying here up the stairs, her feeding him and them two playing around in the studio which most of that scene was cut because they kept showing his Monster Mom looking at them!!
        Ahhh and I almost forgot that scene when they were talking before he gave her back to Xin Yu soooo sooo adorable but soooo awkward for Xin Yu to see all that hahahaha.
        But I’m not looking forward to next week although I don’t ship Mei Nan and Xin Yu it’s nice to see that he really does care for her….even if by showing it is by the expense of punching Tai Qing in the face :/ next week is also going to show the big cry of my cute Jeremy :(
        Ahhhh btw everyone du bu qu for anyone who haven’t watched Episode 11 yet as I have spoiled it for you!!!

        • OMG I was so pissed off when they cut out most of the tickling scene in the recording room just to show his Monster Mom’s reaction! WTF WHY CUT OUT THE CUTE??!

          Yeah Tai Jing was full on romantic Prince Charming in this ep. Funny how being in love changes his character. Xin Yu’s a great guy but it’s pretty obvious why Mei Nan chose Tai Jing over him. I love how Xin Yu’s always so protective and supportive though, so in real life Xin Yu would make a great boyfriend. TBH I’m looking forward to next ep’s dramatic punch up (LOL)

          Poor sweet Jeremy’s gonna cry buckets next week, so I’m gonna be sad to see that. But I know he’ll recover and move on from it so…

          The REAL Mei Nan’s coming back next week too. Should be interesting :D

          • But Xin Yu scored major points from me when he punched the all mighty Tai Qing for making her cry D: btw I was squeling the entire time SO MUCH CUTE

          • Yes, the REAL Mei nan is coming back…wonder what is going to happen. The reporter da pai promised to keep Xin yu’s girlfriend identity a secret. But both cannot appear together. Since tai Jing is angry Mei nan is the daughter of the man who caused his misery, what is next?
            Anonfan /Anusha, please advise. Thank you.

            • I don’t think he kept it a secret. Didn’t he publish it for the news? I know what happens from the original but I don’t think you want me to spoil it for you :/

              • Kathleen,
                It’s ok. I hate to be kept in the dark about next episode…especially when the preview doesn’t really show actual thing. Thanks

            • According to the original version, Mei Nu leaves after the real Mei Nan comes back. Tai Jing and Mei Nu had broken up by then but Tai Jing found out the truth about his mom and how she was the one who destroyed Mei Nu and Mei Nan’s family. Mei Nu’s dad wrote the song for Mei Nu’s mom, but Mu Hua Lan stole it and claimed that GMN’s dad wrote it for her. TJ was gonna find Mei Nu at the airport but it was Mei Nan there instead. The paparazzi tried to expose that Mei Nan was a girl, but by then the real one was back so he couldn’t get his big scoop (he guessed that Mei Nu was disguising as her brother but he had no proof).

              Tai Jing eventually finds and apologizes to Mei Nu, and promises her that he won’t let his mom steal the song again. He tries to get Mei Nu to come back with him but she refused and decides to go back to her own life. She’s gonna leave and go to Africa (to work as a volunteer/missionary/etc.) and in a last ditch effort to get her to stay, Tai Jing sings GMN’s dad’s song in front of everyone in the A.N.Jell concert to beg for Mei Nu to not leave him. Mei Nu was at the concert (Mark gave her tickets to see her brother at his first ever concert) and was gonna leave after the first song to catch her flight, so Tai Jing changed the arrangement so that he sang the song first up. But because of his night blindness, he can’t see her in the audience (the stage is too bright), so Xin Yu asks the lights people to turn the lights on in the audience section instead.

              Tai Jing looks and finds Mei Nu in the audience. He goes up to her and holds her tight, telling her in her ear that he loves her and that he’ll say it to her everyday. After the concert, they’re on the balcony looking at the stars and TJ is not happy that she’s gonna go to Africa anyway. He gives her a beautiful star necklace to remember him by and they promise each other that they’ll keep other close even though she’s gonna be in Africa for 2 years. The Korean version ends here.

              The Japanese version included an epilogue where GMN comes back to Africa and TJ picks her up from the airport. During the 2 years they kept in touch with letters/postcards/photos and TJ stored all of them in a special corner of his room, along with the pig rabbit. He had a calendar marking down the days until she was gonna return. It’s all really sweet :D

              • Anonfan,
                Thanks a great deal for the spoiler…I love it.
                Is this episode going to be the last one?
                Tai Jing’s mum is so horrid…even Mei Nan’s aunt can’t stand her…that mother thinks her money can buy everything.

                I have never thought well of tai jing bcos of the way he lashes at Mei nan.
                That part about the vvv VIP and dance showed a totally different side of him. BUT he had to spoil it all by lashing and pushing Mei nan after finding out she is the daughter of GAO cai Xian…the song writer. That man needs a good bashing.

                • Hmm… Give him a break. He has hated the man that took his mom away from him all his life. And Mei Nan was the only real comfort in his life that is actually alive (books and music don’t count). He’s like a drowning man who finally found a floating log to hold unto, then the revelation that his only happiness is the daughter of the source of his misery. It’s like he’s once again pulled back into this whirlpool of madness that has been threatening to drown him all his life just when he thought he’s finally going to be liberated from it all.

                  Of course he’d be angry, bewildered and in despair. Although its hardly Mei Nan’s fault either – one can’t choose the parents they are born to after all. And perhaps in an ironic way, Mei Nan is making up to Tai Jing all that her dad has involuntarily taken away from him. They call this ‘fate’ in drama land.

                  • See, I can forgive TJ for being angry cuz in his eyes, he was betrayed by the girl he LOVES and TRUSTS to never lie to him. Part of the reason he fell in love with GMN is cuz of her innocence and purity, and to find out that she knew about his mom all along and hid it from him, plus the fact that she’s the daughter of the man who he thinks has ruined his life … finding out all of that in the worst possible way (his mom rubbing it in his face) just totally blew him over the edge.

                    Yes he shouldn’t have acted so rashly and lashed out at GMN, but he had his reasons and he came to his senses after a short time. He was angry with GMN and felt betrayed by her, but even still, he didn’t stop trying to find out about her mother – he knows how much GMN wants to know about her mom and he kept looking out for info about it, which is how he found out the truth about all his mom’s manipulation in the end. Even when he broke up with GMN, he still went to find her to give her the info/photo of GMN’s mom that he found (knowing how much it means to her) and then he left. But then when he got back and he found out the truth about his mom ruining GMN’s family and stealing the song, he went all the way back to find GMN to apologize to her, on behalf of his mom’s actions and also for his actions which hurt GMN. He also promised to not let his mom steal the song from GMN’s mother anymore.

                    He was even prepared to let GMN go when GMN refused to get back together with him, even though he didn’t want to let her go. Of course this is dramaland so everybody in the cast basically ganged up on TJ and made him go and beg for GMN to stay…

                • No worries, always happy to answer :D

                  Next week’s ep is the 2nd last ep. I basically described the stuff of 2 eps in my above comment (oops)

          • Tai Jing in love is SO different from how he is normally. Did you guys notice that this episode had two full TJ-MN hugs that was initiated by Tai Jing himself? And just a few episodes ago, he looked so lost at being hugged by Mei Nan… Gosh, he’s almost like a different person altogether. All that skinship…

            Gotta give Xin Yu a mention too: Luv how he’s finally stepping up to it. That’s how you do it Xin Yu, with a girl as dense as Mei Nan, you gotta get your message across, straight and clear. (But then again, you know that the more he perseveres, the more he’s just going to keep on getting hurt. *sob*)

            • You’re right on point about TJ initiating all the hugging and touching himself. It’s like he can’t get enough of GMN. Remember back in previous episodes we were all discussing how he wants to get more physically close to her the more he grows emotionally closer to her? It seems like this is exactly what happened in this episode :D

              Compare this to next week’s preview, where he shoves her away from him when he’s angry with her for “lying” to him…

            • Xin Yu gets major points for being assertive now, but it’s a bit too late. Still, it’s nice to see him protective and supportive :D

            • Yes, with a girl who is absolutely dense…tell her straight…that’s the advantage being a guy. I really hate to see Xin Yu so disappointed…my heart really breaks bcos I like him.

        • Gosh I’m soooo looking forward to next week – all that drama and angst!!! And Tai Jing crying! Ahh! I absolutely adore his smile, and yet somehow, I like his crying scenes too. It’s heart-breaking, but fascinating at the same time to see a stern and stubborn person like Tai Jing breaking down in tears. So I hope they show him actually break down and cry in the next ep.

          (P.S. Besides, there’s always plenty of smiling Jiro in KO 3 to comfort me even if it does get a little too upsetting…
          And oh, @Anonfan, I don’t know if you’ve seen it, but I just stumbled upon an adorable clip of Jiro and Pets on youtube (《終極一班3 芭樂報報》腦筋急轉彎一) that shows how much wonderful chemistry they have between them, you do understand chinese, yes?)

          • Oooh, the K-version had EPIC TJ crying @ GMN refusing to get back together with him (JGS does crying scenes really well). Even the J-version had Ren (TJ’s equivalent) bawling too, so I’m expecting some major TJ tears next week…

            Thanks for the tip about the KO3 vid! It’s wonderful and so cute! (I can understand some Chinese but only on a basic level)

            Seeing Jiro’s smile makes me happy :D (which is why in an interview I saw of him, when they asked him about his life story/parents and he broke down in tears it was so hard to watch. I felt so sad just watching him cry like that T_T)

            Pets is such a beautiful badass I have a massive girl-crush on her <3

            I'm gonna be sad when FB finishes. Besides the awesome episodes, I'm really gonna miss talking with you guys!!!

            • Jiro has had a tragic life, but instead of being beaten down by it, he persevered, and never lost his smile and his passion for life – instead, he made himself into a source of happiness for others (being the one who’s always making others laugh, in dramas and in real life) I respect him for that.

              • You basically just described the reason why I love him so much.

                I have SO MUCH admiration and respect for his perseverance and his hard work. Despite all of life’s challenges, he rises up to meet them and always tries bring joy to other people. Apart from his talent (he’s fantastic to watch either onscreen or onstage – he’s a born performer), incredible work ethic, and his devotion to his family/friends, the guy’s an inspiration – an example of the resilience of the human spirit.

  29. To those who have seen You’re Beautiful and episode 11:
    While watching Tai Qing/Mei Nu cute moments for the 3rd time, I FINALLY realized that the part where he made her feed him jello was substituting the tangerine scene. I’m so slow ==

    • oh yeah!!! I had forgotten about that!! Good on you..

    • The part where he asked Mei nan to feed him dessert is so sweet!!! Honestly, the whole dinner date was absolutely romantic.

      But what I don’t get is the scenes seem to be mixed up…were they in Japan or Taiwan ? I remember tai Jing’s car is a 2 door BMW while Xin Yu drives a white Volvo. One min they were filming in Okinawa, then suddenly it looks like they were back in Taiwan…what’s going on?

  30. I was waiting for Dramanut’s review for some translation help. But since shes on holiday and I did get the jist of what was happening and I am jst dying to share my excitement, I’ll just go ahead and comment on ep 11..Pls do correct me if I got some of the scenes wrong

    First of all, I did like that when Mei Nam sent that ‘wrong’ mesg to Jing, they made it look like she was carried away in her own world and hence did send it by mistake. I mean, how dumb can you be to actually type something you didnt mean to type. Overall I am glad they made Mei nam here more like a Bridget Jones than a total dufass….

    After treating her knee, when Jing made that face to tease abt her mesg.. I was like – Yes, hes back. I loved the way Jing was teasing Mei Nam, I think the last time it was in epi 3 just b4 the swimming pool scene and during the pool scene after their break. I actually wished they would have more of Jing teasing Mei Nam and this epi was full of them Even during the dinner scene, after the dance, I think Jing tells Mai Nam that Mark told him abt the pig nose?? and Mei Nam says something and Jing goes – Ah ( Yeah), nodding his head and making a comical face. I actually had to stop the vid and laugh . There is no doubt that Jiro’s forte is comedy. The entire dinner scene was perfect. I actually had my hands over my mouth and I didnt know whether to laugh cry or scream. Ofcourse I read many comments that this is not how a Jing would behave, but I agree Anonfan, love can change you. I love how when she stepped on his feeet, he just brushed off her mistake.

    Few things that bothered me. After Mei Nam pulls away from the kiss on the balcony and then does the pig nose.. what happens?? Does Jing just walk away??I wish they had adressed that better or did I miss something?

    When Jing is sitting with Mark and the hair pin falls off, Jing picks it up and Mark says – oh thats Mei nam’s box and Jing says – oh thats Mei Nam’s? I mean why would he pick up the pin if he thought it wasnt Mei Nams? Also, I can understand Jing putting two and two together and figuring that since Mei Nam does the pig nose in front of him, its him that she likes. But I did like how the K version handled that with the photos. If for so long a guy thought – ok, she likes someone else and now there is a possibility that she might like me, I would think that he would get some substancial proof before rushing off to her to say – ok , I know you like me …

    One scene that I did feel was underplayed was after Jing tells Mei Nam that he likes her at the airport and shes sitting by herself , I would think that Mei Nam would have more than a smile on her face when it finally sinks in that Jing actually likes her back.

    I feel generally in this version the director has made all the scenes more – ‘softer’ Cant stop love – Mei Nam had these gentle and soft expressions, which I did not take to at first, but did grow on me. I like how after she finishes the song there is this slight quiver of her lips.

    The scene on the balcony. they are not really at each others throats, but more like thinking before actually talking and infact if you go to see, they are in a weird twisted way trying to tell the other how they feel…

    You know, every time I watch an epi of FB, I think – WOW thats a fantastic epi. Awesome Mei Nam- Jing scenes. But then a new epi airs and they have raised their own standards…

    • When he saw the pin, he was curious because he threw the pin away remember? :)

      • Oh ok… So basically when the pin falls out, hes suprised to find it there coz he had thrown it out. Then is even more suprised when he realises that it fell out of GMN’s bag?! Ok. Got it. Thanks..

    • Okay let me do the honours since dramanut’s not in…
      The dinner scene went like this:
      After the jello feeding: (oh gawd, flashback to that absurdly adorable moment in Absolute Boyfriend when Night [Jiro] wanted Xiao Fei to feed him the rice crackers!!! This version pales in comparison to that!)

      TJ: Gao Mei Nam, from today onwards, don’t dress up like this in front of Xin Yu.
      MN: Oh ya, you did say that my dressing up like this looks ridiculous. I’ll quickly find men’s clothings and change out of this later.
      TJ: (incredulous look) It’s okay to do it in front of me, but don’t wear stuff like these in front of Xin Yu. Because your attitude made Mark, Cody and me think that you like Xin Yu.
      MN: Everyone thinks that I like Xin Yu ge?
      TJ nods…
      MN: How could this be? Hmm.. Since it is so, I should treat Xin Yu ge a lot better in future… yup…
      TJ: (comical look of disbelief) You are going to treat Xin Yu a lot better in the future? This is your conclusion?
      MN nods.
      TJ sighs and sips at his wine.

      Yup, look like Tai Jing probably did just walk away after Mei Nan pulled away from the kiss and pig-nosed, and he most probably did so angrily too because he thought that Mei Nan pulling away and pig-nosing somehow meant that she disliked the kiss and wanted nothing to do with him. This I conclude from what TJ said/muttered right after his flashback of the scene during his convo with Xing Ning: “I think Gao Mei Nan probably did not feel much [about the kiss].”

      The part about Jing picking up the pin. I think he was surprised at seeing the pin at all because the last he knew of it was that he threw it away. He was still confused about the pin dropping from Mark’s bag when Mark told him that the box was Mei Nan’s, then he realized that Mei Nan must have saved the pin from the bin and was trying to repair it that night when she glued her fingers together. His recollection also included her saying that she was trying to fix something really important to her.

      Then when he found out what the pig-nose meant he realized that she wasn’t indifferent to his kiss afterall, but that she was actually trying to suppress her feelings for him. And he’s seen the pig-nose often enough I guess, in places where there was just him and her with no Xin Yu or Jeremy around to draw the conclusion pretty quickly. (but yea, I did think it was a little too quick though).

      But I loved the ‘relevation’ scenes – the expression on their faces when TJ realized MN likes him, the shock on MN’s face when she heard Tai Jing whisper ‘I like you’ to her, and the shy smiles/giggles that followed. That look of shock and the stammering that followed Jing’s whisper of confession was just brilliantly done. I replayed her shocked and helpless face so many times, laughing in deep appreciation, I mean that look of shock was so intense that it really showed how it never ever did occur to Mei Nan that Tai Jing could ever return her feelings. She never contemplated it, never even imagined that Tai Jing could ever like her like she does him. It’s just like what she said on the balcony: she’s always putting herself in the dark, and all she wants is to be able to see the star that is Tai Jing shinning. That she never asked for anything in return, her only wish being that she could continue seeing him, even from afar, from a fan’s perspective. ‘To do her best in her role [as a fan] ‘ (what she typed when she signed up to be a member of Jing’s fan club on the website) – that is to support him to the best of her ability, even if she could only do so from afar. (Reference what she said when Jing carried her up the stairs: “my star is suddenly so close to me, so close that I cannot differentiate the sound of our heart-beats”. You realize how unused she is to the thought of him being close to her, as she has always thought of him as a star/the sun that hangs high up in the sky, so far away from her but still shining so brightly nonetheless.) And also when she told Xin Yu that Tai Jing now knows of her feelings and have accepted them (right after she changed back into boy’s clothing), she can only think of him as simply accepting her feelings, but it did not occur to her that there might ever be a day when he will actually RETURN her feelings. Thus her happiness when TJ allows her to like him, ‘Can I really like you?’ she asks, which is a downright retarded question for any other girl because who can disallow/command another from having feelings for him/her? (Like the song says, you can’t just stop love for another even if you were to desire it.) But all our hopelessly silly Mei Nan really wants is to be able to express her feelings for Jing openly to him, she never did even hope for his liking her back.

      That shock, turned to disbelief as she sat down – “Did he say that he likes me? But he said it so softly, could I have misheard? I wish that world could quiet down so that I can hear him say it again clearly.” She recalls his voice in her head, and THEN (only then) burst out giggling as it finally sank in that he did say he likes her. So I do think that the scene is done quite well.. But then again I’ve never really watched the K version’s take on it… So maybe they did do it better there. (I only watched the first two episodes of the K version when it first came out, and some random scenes of parts of it.)

      P.S. I honestly think that the conversations in this drama are half of them brilliant and half of them retarded. Who fights/argues like that in real life, in metaphoric, and overly-dramatic talk like that? And that whole farce about you’re my VIP fan thing? I mean honestly, who’d believe in such a thing? Not only on Mei Nan’s part, but also on Tai Jing’s part? I mean does Tai Jing honestly think during the dinner scene that his feelings for her were just feelings an idol has towards a loyal fan? While I was delighted too by the dinner scene, there was still this part of me that was going “seriously?”…. Oh well, at least the both of then have their feelings for each other sorted out finally by the end of the episode. Gosh, heaven help this two hopelessly dense individuals…

      • The revelation scenes are BEAUTIFUL. I love the look on TJ’s face once he realized the truth about GMN’s feelings.

        Totally agree with you about the VIP fans thing. If every idol treated their fans that way they’d all be part of his harem and not just his fanclub.

        But oh well, TJ and GMN can both be idiots when it comes to feelings (actually TJ is the bigger idiot here, at least GMN realized who she loved early on!). Good thing they eventually realized (LOL)

        Didn’t GMN take pig rabbit back with her when she went to TJ’s room and found the hair clip? Why was pig rabbit back on TJ’s desk when he checked to see GMN in his fanclub?

        • Anonfan – Well noticed about the pig rabbit. Oh why cant these guys get their sequences right!!!..Anyways, they make up for it by some g8 scenes…

          • LOL maybe they were too busy trying to come up with more romantic TJ/GMN scenes and so conveniently forgot about the pig rabbit (haha)

        • I noticed too about the pig-rabbit too. Thought that was a little wierd also. But maybe Mei Nan finding the hair clip in the bin and in her hurry to fix it she forgot about taking the pig rabbit with her? Ah well, drama logic…

          They pulled the Okinawa thing again in this episode: The castle thingy that was the background of their photoshoot is in Okinawa, following from that the greenhouse should also be in Japan (apparently, the reporter followed them there again), then Tai Jing took Mei Nan out to dinner with Mei Nan still in her dress (so the dinner must still have taken place in Japan with Tai Jing’s car having been airlifted to Japan), while Jin Da Pai and the managers was discussing the photo back in ANJell’s HQ in Taiwan. Then, at dinner, Mei Nan receives Xin Yu’s call, and Tai Jing drove Mei Nan to meet Xin Yu, whereupon Xin Yu drives Mei Nan back to the Taiwan HQ????? And that same night, they are back at their dorm in TW.

          I also wanna have cars that can drive over the sea from Taiwan to Japan within a single night after dinner!

          • Yes you’re right – I didn’t notice until you pointed it out, but the Okinawa teleportation plot holes have struck again! It’s like, they HAVE to have the Okinawa scenes every now and then cuz one of FB’s sponsors is Japanese … which is fine, except the scriptwriters often forget to explain HOW their characters manage to cross countries/oceans in the space of 1 or 2 hours!

      • Alaastrius.. Thank you SOO much for the translation

        I appreciate your take on Mei nam’s shocked expression at the airport. Will go back and take a look. I guess, becoz I was so pumped up about the epi, I expected Mei nam too to be super excited when she finally realises he likes her back.

        Regarding Tai Jing talking about the fan club service.. You know when Mei nam tells him in front of the bldg – I’ll be a great fan of yours or something like that. he goes ‘fan? fan?”. So I think Jing talking abt the VVVIP service was more him playing along rather than actually thinking this was really an Idol- fan relationship. I dont think he wanted to break it to her straight away that theirs was more than that. I think thats why, when he realised that Yu was going to be alone with Mei Nam, he suddenly started doubting how Mei Nam feels and thought she might really be treating him as his idol and that those feelings could easily be transfered to a nice guy like Yu. hence the rush to the airport…

        • Bingo. I think that’s why TJ was like “OMG I CAN’T LET HER LEAVE WITH XIN YU *RUSH TO AIRPORT*” and totally frantic until he found her…

          • When tai Jing realized Mei nan would be alone with Xin Yu, he really panicked…I just love how he grabbed his jacket and sped off to the airport.
            Just earlier, he told Mei nan to accompany him while he rewrote the song in the studio but Mei nan said she can’t as she had to visit Xin yu’s parents. That sent alarm bells ringing and when he asked if they (mark, Jeremy, coordinator) were returning the same day, she said NO.
            Having Mei nan sitting beside him is a sure sign he has fallen for her.

      • The dense girl actually just wants to be tai Jing’s fan??? That’s ridiculous. She wants more than that…so that part telling him she is happy she can be his fan is weird.

        But what I love most is Xin Yu calling her during the dinner to inform her about reporter wanting to see her. Then that part when he drives to meet her, taking her away is simply wonderful. Something like exchange of ‘hostage’. Hahaha. Yes, holding her hand in front of everyone. Melt !!!

        • Janet: I think Mei Nam thinks what she feels for Tae Jing is like that of a fan becoz Yu told her that. Remember after she saw Xing Ning and TJ kiss, YU explained that its all part of the fangirl feeling. And Mei Nam never for once doubted Yu, becoz she trusts him, believes everything he says and knows he would never lie to her. So in her mind, she likes TJ just like millions of other girls do. thats why TK had to keep telling her that everything he did was part of the VVIP package coz he didnt want her to get the idea that he does this for all his fans.
          Mei nam does realise that liking an idol is normally a one way street. So when TK says he likes her, she totally happy coz in this case her idol likes her back..

  31. “Even during the dinner scene, after the dance, I think Jing tells Mai Nam that Mark told him abt the pig nose?? and Mei Nam says something and Jing goes – Ah ( Yeah), nodding his head and making a comical face”

    I think you were referring to the part where Mei nan said she shld treat xin yu better in response to tai jing asking her not to dress like a girl before xin yu. Her warped logic made him react tt way. As I did! :)

    I thot there were a few leaps of logic-like after Mei nan ran away from the green hse, she next appeared at night in front of a bldg sobbing. Wonder if she has been there the whole time…

    But the fan service with the cute scenes were greattttt!

    • Hmm.. well if you watched it on sugoizh . info, I meant the part in Part 3 @ ard 15:05.

      yeah..I agree abt the part abt her going off… I understand her wanting to be alone. But being alone in front of a bldg with the rest of the crew not worrying about her. Did she mention anything to Yu about it? These are neways just little little gaps

      • Yep, that’s the part. Alasterius translated that (above) really well.

        She told xin yu that she change out of the dress and would tune her emotions whilst at that in the green hse. But that happened quite a bit later. Think in the k-version, she sought solace from the mother superior during tt time?

        I found it amusing tt tai jing drove up, got out and firmly placed himself in front of the headlights instead of walking up to her a little. But what came after made up for it :)

        • lol.. I think TK standing in front of the car was to provide the dramatic effect. Just like Mei Nam standing alone in front of some random building lol.

          I mean if I was upset, I’ll grab myself a bag of cookes or chips, lock myself in my room and munch and sob away. Then probably watch some clips of F.R.I.E.N.D.S or some rom com movie like While you were sleeping or You got mail etc etc…

          So real world – definitely not romantic. Dramas – totally utopic.. :-D

          • LOL yes totally agree with everything in your comment! :D

            Dramas are totally not realistic but oh well, they provide great entertainment and escape from harsh reality (LOL)

  32. Mei Nan’s warped logic can drive any guy crazy…but they love her, so can’t do anything. With a dense brain like Mei nan, things have to be clear and precise. Say it out..if need to clarify as well. Otherwise definitely different frequency.

    • Mei Nan’s dense, but I think that Tai Jing’s hardly any better with regards to relationships and emotions. Two hopelessly dense people about to bumble through life together, may the heavens take pity and help them out.

      • IKR? They’re such hopeless idiots when it comes to their own feelings it takes all the drama Gods working together in heaven to help them sort their lives out…

        • Hahahahaha!… “Drama gods working together to help them sort their lives out…” Love the way you said that! *grin* Yeah, with so many dramas over the years pulling ‘Dues-ex-machina’s, there must be gods in drama-land that specialise in helping these fictional characters out…

      • The both of them are super dense…but tai Jing is more terrible. He thinks Mei nan likes Xin Yu all the while. He likes her, yet confused. I am like, ‘hey man, wake up!’ When he is all sweet and tender with Mei nan, it feels so lovely and mushy…him taking out Mei Nan’s shoes gently and asking her to feed him dessert and looking at her throughout…literally took my breath away.

  33. Ladies,
    I will be very sad when FB ends…can we continue yakking for a while?

    • I will be sad when FB ends too :(

      Of course I’d love to keep talking with all you wonderful people! :D

      • We probably will continue because we’ll be talking A LOT when it ends just look at the the comments for this episode!!!:D I especially love reading the funny comments XD

  34. Just one episode alone, we can elaborate…hahaha. When episode 12 is out, we will go on another extended round and the finale is going to make me cry.

    After finding out Mei nan is the daughter and shoving her part, will Xin Yu have a chance to get close? The preview seems odd. Which part comes first? The shoving/lashing out or the part which Mark announces that real Mei nan is back. Thanks.

    • I think during the temporary break up Yu does try to propose to Mei Nam again. But shes pretty clear that altho he is very dear to her, she does not look at him that way. I think thats how it goes. cant really recall.. Anonfan.. over to you.

      Btw, I do think Yu and Mei Nam in their own way have a very special and close relationship. He was the first one to be nice to her, so they hit it off really well. I think thats why Tae Jing believed Mark when he told him that Mei nam likes Yu.

      Also Yu knew that Mei Nam did like him alot, thats why he kept trying coz he probably thought – one more step and shes mine.. But Mei Nam never takes that one step. I think thats why their ‘date’ scene , where he guides her on the phone as she walks around town is so significant.. coz, everytime he is ready to reveal himself, she turns away and during the other times, he is always one step behind..

      Am not sure what Yu says on the plane in this version. But in the K version – he says something like – I knew she never would come. So I think even though Yu is trying to get the girl, a part of him knows she is is already in too deep with TK. Thats why the least he can do is shield and protect her all those times when Mei Nam was upset seeing TK and Xing Ning together and one can imagine how angry he would be seeing TK hurt Mei Namas we would see in the next epi..

      • You remember the first time Xin Yu held Mei Nan’s wrists and confessed he likes her, in KOREAN. He chickened out bu looked sadly as she brought dishes into the house.
        The part where they had dinner and they were supposed to go on the Ferris wheel, only to have Mei nan run off after tai Jing. There were several attempts Xin Yu tried to confess, but he is plain unlucky.
        The most recent 1-1 episode at the airport would have been wonderful if she went with him to meet his parents but he failed again…at least he managed to reveal his feelings, only to have Mei nan at a loss…I feel so sad for Xin Yu…he tried so very hard.

        The balcony kiss between mei nan and tai jing ended abruptly. Missing gap there…she was wondering whether tai Jing likes her, or not…she pulled away and the both of them went separate ways thinking about it. That’s it?

        Knowing the rationale behind the pig snout is sweet…if not for Mark, he would never have known.

      • The scene on the plane with Xin Yu was very similar to the one in You’re Beautiful: Xin Yu was also like “yeah as expected she didn’t come” but then he added “but I said it’d be a fresh start (so let’s see how it goes from here)”

      • anusha,
        xin yu and mei nan share a close relationship…xin yu knew she is a girl from the beginning but helped her keep it a secret…that is very intimate…that explains why he tried to confess his feelings as they were clearing the table after a party.

        the ‘date’ scene and the dinner where he invited her to accompany him on the ferris wheel…it is so frustrating that she is so close to making his dream come true….but never did.

        on the plane, he did mention that SHE DIDN’T COME IN THE END, BUT AT LEAST I HAVE TOLD HER WE WILL START AFRESH.

    • In the original version, Xin Yu didn’t punch Tai Jing for making her cry. But he does tell her that he noticed that she was a girl from the beginning when they were in Japan. She was obviously surprised but still rejects him. Tae Kyung saw this, but didn’t hear what they were saying. Xin Yu sees him and hugs her right in front of him. Hope this helps!!!:)

      • Episode 12 would have more scenes of Xin Yu/Mei Nan…if the truth about Mei Nan’s father is revealed early in the show, then I guess GMN and TJ would split, giving Xin Yu a chance after his return.

        Thanks Kathleen.

    • Oh! and Mark tells them that Mei Nan is coming back before the shoving. forgot to mention that :)

  35. So I have a non – FB question…

    You know when I read or hear reports that lets say Jiro is doing a concert in Malaysia or Le Min Ho is doing an event/ show in Japan or Park SHine is doing a show in Thailand.. so when these guys go to other countries, do they speak in their native tongue.. eg Jiro in Chinese, Lee Min Ho in Korean and if yes, how does the crowd there understand? Or is there a significant popluation of Koreans, etc in that country or do the languages have some common words??

    Sorry.. dumb question.. but was really curious on how it works?

    • LOL interesting question! One I really want to know the answer to too!

      I assume they speak their native language and there will be someone in the audience who understands them? Or maybe they say some greetings in the language of the country they’re visiting?

      • They speak in their native tongue, and it gets translated typically. They do greetings in the language of the cty they are visiting – this always draws cheers of appreciation. Lee seung gi visited Singapore last year – and he spoke Korean. Nice fella, easy to see why he is so well liked.

    • Yup. They do speak in their native tongue. Then there’ll be an interpreter on stage with them translating after every statement spoken. We get that a lot in Singapore when a speaker speaks in English – they’ll pause after a sentence or two to give time for the interpreter standing next to him to translate what he just said into Chinese (cause Singapore’s billingual and some events may do this in order to reach a larger audience as some older people may not be as proficient in English as they are in Chinese).

      Takes twice as long to say anything. And there are even instances where they have to translate into TWO other languages with two different interpreters. (Events like these are a nightmare… Takes forever to know what the speaker is going to say next – Jokes and punchlines don’t have as much impact too.)

      • @ FB Fan and Alastrius; thanks a ton for the info.

        Was watching a clip of Raine in malaysia and I presume she was speaking Chinese and Jiro, who was a special guest was also speaking.. no interpreter, but was really surprised that the crowd was responding so well to them..

        Yeah you’re right.. translation totally kills the pun in a punch line…

        • Cause there is a huge Chinese ethic population in Malaysia. Chinese & English is almost like a 2nd language in Malaysia. All the people who’d be interested in Chinese celebs will be ethically Chinese or at least will understand Chinese. This is the same in Malaysia as in Singapore.

          • OHHHHH. Ok G8. Thanks.. WOW .. ur like an encyclopedia..Sorry… just 2 more questions:

            – So are Chinese and Mandarin the same?Does everyone who speak Mandarin know Chinese or is it the other way round?

            – With such a dispersed Chinese population around the world who neways have family and friends back home whom they keep communicating with, how does it help blocking sites like facebook/youtube etc. ( Sorry, again,if it too sensitive, you need not answer).

            • ‘Chinese’ can mean many things: Nationality, Ethincity/Race, Language or ‘Oriental’ in the general sense.

              Like I’m Chinese ethinicity wise but not of Chinese nationality. Dramanut should be much the same, but she’s probably more Chinese than I am because her parents are probably born and bred in China (from what I gleaned from her ‘about’ page) while I have to trace back to my great grandparents generation for an ancestor that actually lived in China.

              I’ve always considered ‘China’ to be different from the country known as ‘The People’s Republic of China’ (PRC) anyways, cause the PRC only has a history of 64 years while China as a land and a people has a history stretching back to almost 5000 years.

              When people refer to Chinese as a language, then it should include all the different languages/dialects the Chinese people speak – e.g. Cantonese, Hokkien, Teochew, Shanghainese, etc… But Mandarin specifically refer to one out of all these Chinese dialects/languages that is considered THE official language of China. All official documents are written in Mandarin, and all schools throughout the country are obliged to teach in Mandarin. [Hong Kong being the only exception]
              (P.S. something like the status of Hindi in India perhaps? Some places might speak Tamil more than Hindi, but Hindi’s more like the presiding official language? [Apart fom English that is])
              Mandarin is the official language of Taiwan too, with some form of Hokkien being the predominant ‘dialect’.
              Because it is the official language, sometimes (in fact, most times) when people say ‘Chinese’ (as in language) they really just mean Mandarin.

              The government puts up an Internet firewall for all ip adresses located in China, so any terminal that connects to the Internet from a server located in China cannot access sites like Facebook/YouTube/Twitter. Ppl can still overcome the firewall however by accessing the Internet though a server located outside of China. This can be done by subscribing to a service that masks your IP address or issues you another IP address that is from outside the country. (Some businessmen from other countries around that world do this all the time in order to be completely anonymous.) If you not wanna pay (most students in China don’t) there is various freeware you can download that tries to acomplish the same function, but it is very troublesome to have to use them and the connection these free services provide are often impossibly slow. (And many of these freeware can’t last a long time because the Chinese government keeps cracking down on thm, though new ones will always pop up in their place.)

              • Sorry for being very long-winded about it, but I wasn’t sure how much background knowledge you don’t or already know.

                • Dear Alastrius.. am sitting here speechless. Are you some kind of genius or something?!! I am genuinely amazed as to how much you know..not just about East Asia but also about India! I mean how in heavens name did you know about Hindi and Tamil etc etc.!!

                  Thank u so much for taking time out to explain things so splendidly in detail..I am indebted to you..

                  I absolutely love long winded answers. I dont have friends or aquaintences in the East so never had the chance to get to know how things are there. I started watching K, TW and J movies and dramas just 3 yrs ago. Before that I used to think that all their dramas and movies were the karate/kung fu kind. :-d.

                  So am totally enjoying experiencing these kind of movies and dramas. Now am just more and more curious as to how life is really lived in that part of the world.. So thank you once again for taking time out to explain it all to me. Cheers!!

                  • Haha… Your questions are about identity, language and Asia. I study Philosophy and Linguistics and have lived in various countries in Asia. So I guess your questions just happen to be about the things that I know really well.

                    Well, I know a little about India because growing up in Singapore, one will definitely have Indian friends/classmates. Of course I only have very basic knowledge of India – I’ve never been there, so I only know what I hear from my Indian friends when they occasionally talk about it.

                    It does sounds like you’re enjoying learning and seeing more of the Oriental Far East. *grin* THB, I was also rather surprised and impressed upon learning that you are Indian, cause I’ve never seen my Indian friends/acquaintances ever expressing interest in Chinese culture (or Korea/Japan) or entertainment. I think they see the language as a huge barrier to their understanding. So I really do applaud you for braving these complex waters. While Chinese, Taiwanese, Japanese and Koreans may have differences between them, we do share certain basic mentalities, because after all, we are of the same roots. It’s interesting sometimes to observe how the same mentality are manifested in different ways in these cultures. We orientals have some very funny notions and traditions sometimes, some of which you might discover in as you watch more dramas.

                    (P.S. I have watched a few Bollywood movies myself, and I recall a time when me and my friends used to have great fun imitating the dances. :)

                    • Thank you for your explanations. It’s always nice to read your comments cuz I learn so much from them :D

                    • Bollywood movies have awesome song/dance sequences! My Indian classmates introduced these movies to me and we had lots of fun trying to do the dances *grin*. They could do the head waggle move easily while I always struggle to do that move … and I still can’t do it *sigh*

                    • Bollywood dance imitation is one of the funnest ways to pass time in the dorms LOL … the wonderful people who introduced them to me are naturals at it while I usually just flap around clumsily, but it’s still fun nonetheless :D

              • (I thought Dramanut’s parents were Taiwanese?)

            • Oh yeah, I forgot to add that blocking Facebook and Youtube doesn’t really help in improving communications between dispersed families. The family overseas will have to have an account in the Chinese version of Facebook/Twitter (Weibo). Youtube (Tudou/Youku), MSN (QQ). It’s irritating but even overseas celebs or corporations have to use the Chinese version of these mediums to tap into the huge China market.

              The Chinese government block these sites because they want to limit the flow of information from the rest of the world into China so that the Chinese people will not be too much influenced by funny western ideas like democracy, capitalism, etc. (To very little effect in my opinion, because the young of China is very aware of the big wide world beyond their nation. And China is in more ways than one far more capitalistic than any western nation )

              • Seconding Anusha in thanking you for always being a well of information :D
                Thank you for all your wonderful explanations :D

  36. Hiya! I was looking at some websites to satisfy my FB fangirl-ing and I found this site – so glad I did! Love the FB recaps and comments!

    I am from Malaysia, so would like to give my 2-cents worth to Anusha’s question…for Malaysia at least, Chinese-speaking artistes speak and communicate using their native language i.e. Mandarin because Chinese is widely spoken and used amongst the Chinese community here, but usually, the DJ/emcee will also use English to highlight the more important information if it’s a meet-and-greet session or a press-event. For concerts or showcases, usually they are purely-Chinese language affairs. Since we’re on a FB-related thread, might just wanna add that Jiro was recently here as a guest for Rainie Yang’s concert here and their bantering was fun to watch, LOL!

    For artistes from other countries (e.g. Korea ), usually it will be done in Chinese or even English with the help of a translator…I am pretty sure it’s the same when they visit other countries as well, only if through what I saw from YouTube when one of my fav Korean band visited Thailand, LOL!

  37. Curiouser and curiouser…seems like there is no BTS for ep 11 – which shld be interesting considering the cute bits…

  38. Waiting for drama nut to return…then I get to save more pics of Xin Yu.

  39. Seek and ye shall find. :)
    Jiro does the moonwalk – this man sure knows how to steal the limelight.

  40. So I just realised..you know in YB the kiss that happens after the movie..I guess we wont be getting that here. I mean of all things to cut off their first official kiss.Anyways, we did get that dance..

  41. Alastrius/ Anonfan.. If and when you guys do plan a trip to India, you are welcome home. I’ll be glad to play host and show you around the sights and sounds.

    Given the Indian dispora, am not surprised that Bollywood has reached many a foreign shores. Distributors know that there is alot of money overseas. Infact there have been many movies which have done well abroad but not in India.

    Hollywood embraced Bollywood music I guess becoz they are always looking for ‘new sounds’. Heard of Slumdog millionaire? I actualy thought the movie was ‘meh’ and the music was definitely not one of the best works of the composer.

    In India, we do have alot of dramas.. Dramas are shown everyday Mon- Fri/Sat for half an hour.. no make that 21mins minusing the ad time..And we dont have limited no of episodes.They just carry on untill the ratings hold. There have been dramas that have gone on for years. The main problem is, becoz the story needs to carry on the scriptwriters need to constantly come up with twists and turns . So lets say a couple first fight, then fall in love, get together, break up, get together break up get together and it goes on and on and on. So even if the drama has a good feel to it initially, it kind of looses its shine after the many twists and turns.

    Another problem is dramas are recorded just a week before it is aired, so if the public’s response to the drama is not that great, changes can be made.So there have been instances where an actor or an actress has got fired becoz they just didnt appeal to the audience or their acting skills were highly criticised.

    So in a way I do prefer east Asian dramas which are neither too long nor too short.

    And also I can relate to a few cultural similarities.For eg, staying with ones parents at whatever age is not considered weird.or like how you call an elder ‘Gae’, we too have somthing like ‘ji’.. So its all pretty interesting and enjoyable to me.

    • Aww … thanks for the welcoming offer, my friend! I will definitely keep it in mind if I ever get to visit India! :D

      Thanks for the interesting info about Indian/Bollywood dramas & movies! Oh dear, it must be really nerve wracking for actors/actresses if they can be fired based on each week’s performance… It’s interesting to see how differently dramas/movies are made in different countries. The way you described the scriptwriting process of Indian dramas … the scripts with the many twists and turns and the sometimes years of running makes the dramas sound like soap operas (LOL), you know, like those “The Bold and the Beautiful” and “Days of Our Lives” series…

      Is the composer we’re talking about AR Rahman? I heard the Jai Ho song and it was quite nice. I heard the one with the singer from Pussycat Dolls and the Indian version of the song too, but I liked the Indian version of the song better (mainly because the girl from Pussycat Dolls kept pronouncing “Jai Ho” wrong and it kept me from fully enjoying the song)…

      Regardless of culture, I don’t think it’s odd for children to live with their families, no matter what age. As long as they and their families are happy, right? A lot of the younger generation in Western countries (where children often leave home early) are living with their families because of the bad economy and the cost of living away from home just isn’t affordable. For my family personally (being Asian descendents), it’s not a big deal for children to live with parents, especially if the children are unmarried…

  42. I’m watching episode 12 right now, and there should really be a limit on how cute this show can be. :D

  43. i watched episode 12…and i cried when xin yu just couldn’t melt mei nan. fans of jiro would be elated because of the several touching moments with mei nan. but the most pitiful is evan (jeremy).

    kathleen, that scene when he wanted to punch mei nan, instead planted a sweet kiss on her lips is nice.
    the candlelight meal of noodles and milk…there is no stopping how this drama can melt girls’ hearts.

    • I couldn’t help but laugh at their candle lit dinner because they had instant noodles and milk in wine glasses. But is SO cute :3

  44. when jiro turns ON his charm, it can be hard to resist.

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