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The Innocent Man Ending Spoiler (Korean Drama) a.k.a. Nice Guy


******************The Innocent Man Ending Spoiler (Korean Drama) Ahead*********************
******************The Innocent Man Ending Spoiler (Korean Drama) Ahead*********************
******************The Innocent Man Ending Spoiler (Korean Drama) Ahead*********************
******************The Innocent Man Ending Spoiler (Korean Drama) Ahead*********************
******************The Innocent Man Ending Spoiler (Korean Drama) Ahead*********************

I don’t care for melodramas because of all the suffering involved with the characters, but alas, for this drama we have a good ending and a nice wrap up for the side characters as well which makes all the suffering worthwhile…I suppose.

Jae Hee turns herself in and confesses to her and Min Young’s crimes. Seven years later she is asleep in her car and waiting for Min Young’s release. He sees her but decides to walk away and leave.

Ma Ru was stabbed by Min Young while trying to protect Eun Gi, but she’s so oblivious she doesn’t know. He later falls to the floor alone and it looks as if he’s dead, but seven years later he is alive and well and practicing medicine.



They end up sitting on opposite ends of a bench and he slides a box to her. She opens the box with rings inside and they smile at each other and Ma Ru is saying that he’s happy now in a voice over.

Now for my rant…I didn’t care that it took them seven freakin’ years to get together. Thank goodness we didn’t have to sit and watch that! I didn’t care that Ma Ru ALSO lost his memory. I don’t care whether it was just facial recognition amnesia for him or not. Doesn’t matter. Still amnesia. I mean come on! Come up with some sort of other reason to keep them apart for 7 freakin’ years or just put them together right away. What was the point of dragging this whole thing on for 7 years?

The ending part where he got stabbed seemed completely contrived and sprung out of nowhere. If the writers were trying to give a little twist to the show, okay, they got me. I really didn’t see that one coming, but it left me thinking, WTF? And not, Oh wow! Ya know what I mean?

I really believe extensions drag on and ruin a drama but oh well, I suppose the producers wanted to increase their revenues so we have to deal with the flashback fillers but too many flashback fillers really kills a drama.

Back to the whole amnesia thing…so when people lose their memory, do they lose their personalities, too? If this is true in real life, then okay…but this is a drama, write in something about Eun Gi that can make her endearing or loveable even with her memory loss. The go getter kind of bi*!#y girl at the beginning of the drama was somewhat interesting. But when she lost her memory, she became this flat, boring character.

To pull me through the drama I really had to focus on her willingness to abandon herself for the sake of love even if it meant killing herself as well as him in the process. The tunnel suicide scene was original but still sort of unbelievable that two people going at full speed inside a tunnel can both survive, but whatever, we’re in dramaland. Other than that, her love declaration to Ma Ru in the rain after he was badly beaten felt so true. So, I held on to these things about her to prevent me from reaching through the screen and shaking some character in to her. And then when she was so oblivious to Ma Ru being stabbed in the last chapter— for Pete’s sake!, the man you love has just been stabbed and is bleeding to death and you don’t know? Um…when you lost your memory did you lose your entire brain, too?

Then there’s Jae Hee. For most of the drama, I watched hating her, so it was a little hard for me to forgive her character for all of her morally questionable actions simply because she had some sort of justification for it. And her suddenly developing a conscience and turning herself in didn’t make me want to forgive her an inkling more.

Like I said, this was just an okay watch. I’m glad this is through and I can put this up on my shelf of completed dramas. Now on with the next one…


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