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Fabulous Boys Episode 6 Recap


Xin Yu finds the courage to try to express his love to Mei Nan, again, but will he be successful this time around? Tai Qin surprises Mei Nan with something good and something bad.

Fabulous Boys Episode 6 Recap

After Mei Nam turns off the lights, she heads back to her bed but notices that Tai Qin looks different than normal. She wonders if it is because his face is relaxed when he is asleep. She places her hands in her pocket and remembers the taser gun that Mark gave her. Feeling a little guilty she thinks that Tai Qin would probably be upset if he found her with the taser gun.


As Mei Nan continues to watch Tai Qin, she remembers all his different faces throughout the day – From mocking her, to laughing when she put the wig on, to fear on the ferris wheel, and finally to his mesmerizing smile, Mei Nan thinks that he is most attractive in this moment while he is asleep. Suddenly, her heart starts to pound, and not knowing what is happening to her she does the sign of the cross and ends up tasering herself. She falls down on to the bed, right next to Tai Qin.



The next morning, Tai Qin awakens to Mei Nan in his bed. Surprised, he calls her name and begins to nudge her to try to wake her up. Instead of waking up, Mei Nan bear hugs Tai Qin and ends up snuggling closer to him while nuzzling his cheek. Hahaha.

Tai Qin is shocked that he hasn’t already kicked Mei Nan off his bed and wonders why he doesn’t feel like doing that at all. He concludes that he must be sick and needs to get checked out at the hospital.

He quietly gets out from under her arm and even covers her up with the blanket before taking a good look at her. He notices that she looks like a carefree child while sleeping and wishes that she could be so carefree in real life.



Suddenly, Mei Nan sleep talks about not being late today and Tai Qin quickly gets under the covers and pretends to sleep. When Mei Nan wakes up, she is shocked to see Tai Qin and says out loud, “How come I’m sleeping on Tai Qin Ge’s bed?” She waves her hand in front of his face and is relieved that he is still asleep.

Just as Mei Nan slips out of the bed, her aunt comes in to the room to tell her to hurry up and go down to eat the breakfast that she prepared. Mei Nan hurries down while her aunt tries to wake up Tai Qin.



Tai Qin is determined to fake sleep ’til the end, but Mei Nan’s aunt isn’t about to give up. After trying several times to wake him up, she pulls down his covers and gives him a resounding smack on the A**!  Hahahah! That woke him up for sure! Without missing a beat, she continues that he’s never eaten her breakfast before and that if he tries it once, he’ll be instantly addicted, while smacking him in the butt, again for good measure. (Hahaha. The expression on his face is priceless.)


Downstairs, everyone is having the breakfast that Mei Nan’s aunt prepared. Tai Qin heads downstairs to give the aunt a piece of his mind. He tells her that in order to get along in the future, she needs to take note of a few things. He gets as far as, “Tai Qin Rule #1 – Please don’t touch my body because if you touch my body, I wouldn’t feel comfortable…,” before the aunt gives his butt a smack AND a SQUEEZE! Hahahha! She tells him that he’s crazy because children don’t need to worry about this or that with adults, before announcing that she needs to use the potty.


Everyone is watching in shocked silence and when Tai Qin turns to look at them, they quickly return to eating as if nothing happened. After he leaves, Jeremy comments about the smack and Xin Yu observes that Tai Qin may have finally met his match.

Outside, Mei Nan tells Mark about the self-tasering incident. He asks how she is feeling and she says that she feels a little weak and still feels a buzzing feeling, even now. He advises her to drink lots of water.

While Mei Nan is taking a sip of water, she wonders why the water tastes so sweet. (first signs of love, girlie. :)) Xin Yu comes out to join Mei Nan and questions her about last night. She tells him that she fainted shortly after arriving in Tai Qin’s room, which is technically true. Xin Yu assumes that she meant that she slept really well. She also tells him she thinks she made a small mistake last night, but doesn’t think that Tai Qin noticed, so everything will be okay. Xin Yu is relieved that nothing happened.

Mei Nan asks him about the girl from last night. Xin Yu tells her that everything is okay now because yesterday he was bothered that the girl was with another guy, but now that he knows she’s not interested in the other guy, everything is okay. Mei Nan encourages him, telling him that because he’s so nice, any girl will fall for him and accept his heart.


Xin Yu tells her not to forget what she’s said and even makes her pinky swear. She is about to pinky swear but her mind wanders off on the buzzing feeling that she’s having, wondering what would happen if the buzzing feeling keeps continuing. Xin Yu takes the opportunity to seal the swear and Mei Nan was at first shocked, but when his pinky closes over hers, the buzzing feeling stops so she is relieved and doesn’t think much further. (how sad that Xin Yu takes away her buzzing feeling but Tai Qin makes her feel buzzy all over)

Mei Nan attributes the lack of buzzing feeling to her drinking lots of water and heads back in the house to bring out some crackers to enjoy with Xin Yu.

Back inside the house, Tai Qin is getting some water out of the fridge as Mei Nan comes in.


Tai Qin: “It looks like you and Xin Yu are very close. Why don’t you go and stay in the same room with him? Why do you squeeze in the same room as me?” (someone’s a little jeally)
Mei Nan: in a whisper “Because Xin Yu is a guy,” before realizing her mistake and saying, “oh, right…you’re a guy, too.” hahaha
Tai Qin: “That’s right. Gao Mei Nan is also a guy. Two guys sleeping in the same room shouldn’t be a problem, right?”
Mei Nan: “Right. Whatever you say is right.”

She then grabs the crackers and quickly leaves, with Tai Qin staring after her, disbelieving that she doesn’t think of him as a man. (this part was too cute and funny) Then he wonders to himself why he slept so well last night.


Devious Xing Ning is out having tea with Ge Di. She tells Ge Di to make sure to tell her all of Tai Qin’s little secrets. Ge Di is happy to divulge the information. After tea, they arrive at the headquarters where A.N. Jell fans see her and ask about how she takes care of her skin so well. She tells them no late nighters and drink lots of water before walking off and muttering to herself that even if she said any more, it would be useless to this bunch of ugly girls.


Xing Ning personally visits Jie Ge to invite him to her movie’s premiere screening. That excuse presents her with the opportunity to find Mei Nan and take a pic with her as a fan. While taking the pic, she tells Mai Nan that she doesn’t seem like a usual guy. In response, Mei Nan pulls away and says, “Really?,” in a lower voice.


From afar, Mark finds the entire scene interesting. He pulls Mei Nan aside and tells Mei Nan that if Xing Ning is interested in her than that means that Mei Nan will make her female fans go nuts. He continues telling her that because Tai Qin is interested in Xing Ning and Xing Ning is interested in her, she has actually beat out Tai Qin.

Mei Nan only hears that Tai Qin is interested in Xing Ning. Mark tells her that it’s a secret that Jie Ge revealed to him that Tai Qin and Xing Ning are dating. As Xing Ning leaves, Mei Nan comments that Xing Ning is so beautiful and she’s the type of girl that Tai Qin is in to. Mei Nan notices the buzzing feeling has returned.

Jie Ge invites Xing Ning to go out for lunch with them. She turns down the offer while Mark catches up to take a pic with her. Tai Qin arrives, and they all head out to eat. When Mark notices through his cell that everyone is leaving with Mei Nan, he tells Xing Ning he’ll get the photo with her later, and runs after the rest of them. Upset that everyone is leaving with Mei Nan, Xing Ning schemes to reveal Mei Nan’s true identity.


At the lunch buffet, Jie Ge questions Tai Qin as to when he’s planning to release the news that he and Xing Ning are together, while Tai Qin denies that they are together. Mei Nan overhears their conversation.


Mei Nan tries to eat but can’t because all she can think about is Tai Qin is interested in a pretty girl like Xing Ning. She gets buzzy again and begins to drink more water. Jeremy arrives and cautiously gives her a plate of food telling her that she needs to eat healthily and not drink so much water.

Mei Nan: “Jeremy…”
Jeremy: nervously, “What?”
Mei Nan: “Do all boys like pretty girls?”
Jeremy: “What?”
Mei Nan: “You must be like that, too.”
Jeremy: “Of course! I’m a normal guy. I only like pretty girls. What? Do you think I would like a guy like you?”
Mei Nan: sadly, “You’re right. I’m just a guy.”
Jeremy: “Gao Mei Nan! You’re so BORING!”

He then takes the plate of food he gave her and heads to another table.


Reporter Da Pai notices some fans holding a pic of themselves, oohing and awwing over how clear the pic came out. In the background is Mei Nan wearing Xing Ning’s clothes. Da Pai finds it odd because he doesn’t remember Xing Ning ever getting the chance to head to the lobby that day that he was chasing her and Tai Qin. He distracts the girls and steals the pic to study it further.

Jie Ge announces that before A.N. Jell releases their 6th album, he wants to release Mei Nan’s first single. He has the perfect song in mind. One that Tai Qin wrote. He thinks its so perfect for Mei Nan’s voice that he thinks its “WonderFour.”


Mark tries to convince Tai Qin to cover for him and Mei Nan until the release of the 6th album. He tells Tai Qin that the real Mei Nan will for sure be back by then. Tai Qin asks Mei Nan if she thinks she will be able to sing his song. She tells him she’s not sure but she’d like to try. He tells to stay only if she can sing it well.

Mark is worried that she won’t be able to handle all the public appearances that comes with promoting a single. Mei Nan wonders the same thing and Mark tells her that he’ll respect her decision.


Xin Yu arrives as Mei Nan is stressed about all her public appearances. He tells her that it’ll be okay because the group will make all the appearances with her, at first, and then once she gets used to it, they’ll let her go on her own. Mei Nan wonders if anyone will like her because she thinks she’s boring. Xin Yu raises his hand and tells her that he’ll be her biggest fan and support her no matter what she does. She thanks him for his encouragement.

She then asks him if the church is close by. He says it’s only about 10 mins away. Before she leaves she thanks him again and tells him that every time she’s feeling down, he always comes like superman to save her mood. Xin Yu stands up and says, “I’m not your superman, I’m Gao Mei Nan’s superfan.” (um…why didn’t he say, I can be your superman any time you want AND I’m also your superfan! Aiya! Wouldn’t that have meant more?)


Mark receives a text from Mei Nan saying that she’s heading over to Mother Superiors and that she’s sorry for not saying anything before leaving. Mark mistakens it for Mei Nan leaving for good and shows the text to Tai Qin, asking if he’s happy now that he’s driven Mei Nan away.

Tai Qin first thinks that it’s none of his business, then he starts getting upset that Mei Nan decided to leave without saying a word to him.


Mei Nan is dressed as a girl sitting at the bus stop. Tai Qin calls her and tells her to stay put and not go anywhere. He arrives at the bus stop and tells her to get in the car. (I love the look he gives her when he sees her in a dress. :))

Tai Qin: “Where do you think you’re going dressed like that?”
Mei Nan: “Oh, I’m…”
Tai Qin: “Fine, you can leave. But you should at least say something. Otherwise, how am I supposed to explain to Jie Ge and everyone else? How can you leave without saying anything? I won’t let you be so irresponsible.”
Mei Nan: confused and excited, “So you’re here to personally take me there?”


Tai Qin has no idea what to say to her because she’s so clueless…only to find out later through her phone conversation with Mark that Mother Superior is in the area and Mei Nan only wanted to visit her, not that Mei Nan is intending to leave the group.


Meanwhile, Jie Ge breaks the news to Mu Hua Lan that Tai Qin has rejected rewriting the song for her comeback. He makes some suggestions to other writers, but she insists that she wants Tai Qin to rewrite a specific song that was originally written by a specific person.

Tai Qin tells Mei Nan that he feels awkward talking to her with her in a dress. He feels like he needs to speak more politely to her. Mei Nan tells him that she’ll take off her wig if it really makes him uncomfortable but he tells her its okay…grabbing her arm.

Tai Qin: “Go ahead and wear your wig, Ms. Gao Mei Nan.”
Mei Nan: “My name is Gao Mei Nu.”
Tai Qin: scoffing, “Ms. Gao Mei Nu, don’t tell me that you cut your hair because you wanted to really immerse yourself to become Gao Mei Nan.”
Mei Nan: “Yes. It took me a long time to grow it out long, but I didn’t think that after cutting it off, I’d be such a handsome boy.”
Tai Qin: “You’re still a girl afterall. When you cut your hair, were you pretty sad?”
Mei Nan: “Yeah…but even though I cut my hair, I’m still a girl.”
Tai Qin: “The Gao Mei Nan that I know is a boy.”

Mei Nan pulls down the vanity mirror in the car and looks at herself.

Mei Nan: “Seeing myself with my hair long again with the added hair clip… even though I may not be pretty, I could at least pass as a cute girl, right?”
Tai Qin: “Wearing a wig and a hair clip is only something a stupid person would do. How can you call that cute? It’s not cute in the least bit.” :( meanie. :( knife to the heart. :(
Mei Nan: sad, “You’re right. A hair clip on a wig is pretty weird.”

She reaches up to take off the hair clip but it falls apart. Tai Qin sticks the knife in a little deeper and tells her that even the hair clip doesn’t want to have anything to do with her.


Tai Qin feels some remorse for what he’s said when he looks over at her and notices that she’s so sad about the hair clip breaking. He pulls up to the church and as Mei Nan is about to get out of the car, he tells her to leave her bag because he’ll be in the area again later, so they decide to meet again in 2 hours. After she leaves the car, Tai Qin picks up the broken hair clip and says to himself, “What a klutz.”


Inside the church, Mei Nan finds mother superior and asks for a tight hug to help give her strength.



Tai Qin is cruising the streets in his car looking for a hair clip vendor. When he finds one, he calls out to the vendor from his car window and asks her to choose one for him that’s better looking than the broken one. She chooses one and tells him that it’s $59 TW. With no small bills and a car honking at him, he gives the vendor $1000 TW and doesn’t wait for the change. As he is driving away, he looks at the clip and says, “$1000 hairclip.”


Xing Ning calls Tai Qin to meet him. When he refuses, she threatens that she has the photo of the “girl.” When he meets her, he demands for the photo, but realizes that she was bluffing. Xing Ning tells him that if she had a photo of the “girl” the first person she’d call would be the reporters. He asks her where her car is and she assumes that he wants to mess with her car for lying to him and tells him that her car is parked VERY far. To get back at her, he gets down on one knee…. grabs her shoe off her foot and throws it in the river. (I love this immature side of him…hahaha)

Tai Qin walks off worried that he’ll be late in picking up Mei Nan. He calls her to tell her that he’ll be late.

Xing Ning is limping along with one shoe on, cursing Tai Qin and thinking of ways to get back at him. She checks her cell for a reporter’s number and just as she finds it, she gets knocked on the head by a basketball, giving her a bloody nose. The guy who retrieves it recognizes her at Liu Xing Ning and starts calling his buddies over. They start snapping photos of her and her bloody nose.


At the last possible moment, Tai Qin arrives, throws his jacket over her and escorts her away. Mei Nan is still waiting for him at the church. The pictures those basketball players took are quickly posted on the net. Xing Ning throws a fit but asks why Tai Qin returned for her. He tells her because he knows how it feels to have other people take pictures of you that you don’t want to be taken.

Xing Ning asks Tai Qin to step out of the car while she cleans herself up and he obliges. While he is out of the car, Mei Nan calls and Xing Ning picks up the phone, telling Mei Nan not to wait because Tai Qin won’t be able to make it.

Even though Tai Qin asks Xing Ning to go back to her own car to wait for her manager, she plays the damsel in distress and tells him that she doesn’t want to wait by herself for fear that those guys might show up again. Meanwhile, Jie Ge, Ge Di, Mark, and Secretary Ling are all taking calls denying that Tai Qin and Xing Ning are together.

In the dance studio, Jeremy and other dancers see the pictures of Tai Qin and Xing Ning online. Xin Yu wonders where Mei Nan is if Tai Qin is with Xing Ning because he overheard Mei Nan’s conversation with Mark earlier about her visiting Mother Superior.


Mei Nan decides to go and buy herself some clothes to change back in to a boy because all of her boy clothing are still in Tai Qin’s car. Xin Yu finds Mei Nan at the strip-mall but but not wanting to disclose that he knows that she’s a girl, he simply follows her around, telling her where to go, while paying for everything.

First it’s the pizza restaurant, then it’s ice cream for dessert, and finally, shopping for boy’s clothing. This was totally sweet because it was like he was going on a date with her but not really side by side. Mei Nan is just clueless enough to think that she’s so lucky to be getting all these things for free or at a great discount.

Mei Nan: “Xin Yu Ge, you’re so cool. You know where everything is…from where to get food to where to buy clothing.”
Xin Yu: “That’s because I’m always paying attention.”
Mei Nan: “Unlike me, who doesn’t pay attention to anything.”
Xin Yu: “Mei Nan, there’s something I always wanted to tell you. But if you found out, you’d be shocked.”
Mei Nan: “What is it?”
Xin Yu: “From where you are standing right now, turn around, then keep walking straight and you will know.”


Xin Yu hangs up the phone before Mei Nan can ask any questions. Mei Nan looks around but just as her eyes are about to see Xin Yu, a couple walks in to her line of vision, blocking her view of Xin Yu. Mei Nan keeps walking closer and closer and just as she is about to walk around the couple, her cell rings and it is Tai Qin.


Tai Qin is at the church to pick her up. Mei Nan turns around and runs without a second thought. Time stood still for Xin Yu in that moment. He says, “Just one more step. Why didn’t you take just that one more step?” :(


Mei Nan comes running up to a waiting Tai Qin. She tells him that she thought he wasn’t coming so she went to buy some clothes.

Tai Qin: “Since you bought the clothes already, why didn’t you just change and go home?”
Mei Nan: “Because you called me, so I came.” awwe

He tried to explain why he was late, but Mei Nan didn’t care to hear it. She’s just happy that he came. As she is about to go change, he tells her to just go back with him wearing what she is wearing. That way they can explain everything to Jie Ge and everyone else and she wouldn’t have to live a double life.


Mei Nan ultimately chooses to remain as Mei Nan. She asks him why he decided to accept her even though he didn’t like her when they first met. He tells her it was because of her voice. Mei Nan asks if he is willing to accept her again because she really wants to sing his song well. He tells her, “Of course I’m willing to accept you again, but I’m warning you first, if you dare mess up my song, then be prepared to leave.” She calls after him that she’ll work very hard and try her best.

Xing Ning worries that if she rats out Mei Nan, she will indirectly be hurting Tai Qin, too. She decides to head over to the headquarters, using the excuse to return Tai Qin’s jacket, which ends up feeding in to the media frenzy. Reporter Da Pai is still trying to figure out the story behind the mystery girl Tai Qin was with.


In the car Tai Qin is driving Mei Nan back and asks if she found anything in her bag while putting her clothes away. When she says she didn’t, he tells her to check, again.

Mei Nan: “Wow, what a pretty hair clip.”
Tai Qin: “Yes, that hair clip…”
Mei Nan: “Is Liu Xing Ning’s.”
Tai Qin: “Why are you bringing her up?”
Mei Nan: “Because weren’t you together with her earlier today?”
Tai Qin: “What?”
Mei Nan: “She even picked up the phone for you.”
Tai Qin: “She even picked up the phone for me?!”
Mei Nan: “Such a pretty hair clip. You should hurry up and give it back to her.”
Tai Qin: “The hair clip is yours, not hers.”
Mei Nan: “Mine?”
Tai Qin: “Who told you to look so sad because your hair clip broke? That look irritated me a lot. I had some extra time, so I picked one up.” (love guys who pretend they don’t care when they’re really a big softy inside)

Excited, Mei Nan thanks him and he asks her to put it on. She is about to but remembers she’s dressed as a boy and decides not to since it would look weird. She says she’ll wear it daily when she becomes a girl again. Tai Qin says sadly, “I guess, I probably won’t be able to see it then,” assuming that when she returns to being a girl, she’ll be leaving. They drive on in silence.

Tai Qin breaks the silence by telling Mei Nan that her hairpin cost him $1000. When Mei Nan looks at the back of the pin, she notices the tag says $59 and tells him that it doesn’t matter how much it costs, she still likes it. Tai Qin tries to explain to her that it really was $1000, but tags don’t lie, so he’s stuck looking like cheapskate. Hahahah.

Jie Ge calls Tai Qin to come to the headquarters to take care of a mess that only he can take care of. Tai Qin arrives to find Xing Ning there. Xing Ning suggests that since the media already believes they are together, they should just play their parts and be together. Tai Qin refuses and walks out.

To get back at Tai Qin, Xing Ning sends the pic that she took with Mei Nan to Tai Qin and follows it up with a call, telling him that she’s not bluffing and that she’s going to tell all the reporters, right now.


Tai Qin is now with Mei Nan and he asks her if she really intends to stay as Mei Nan. When Mei Nan says, “Yes, ” Tai Qin leaves to go find Xing Ning.


Tai Qin finds Xing Ning just as she is about to head downstairs to tell the reporters. He grabs her arm and she tells him that’s not going to stop her from talking. She yells, “Let go of me,” and in that moment, Tai Qin, pulls her towards him and kisses her. The reporters are snapping away with their cameras and Mei Nan has come out of the room and sees Tai Qin kissing Xing Ning. :(



Love the pace of this drama. Love that Tai Qin is finding himself falling more and more for Mei Nan but that he doesn’t even realize it yet. I also love Tai Qin’s immature side. The part where he threw Xing Ning’s shoe in the water was so hilarious. It totally gives him personality.

But lets get back to the beginning of this episode where Tai Qin awakens to Mei Nan in his bed. I LOVED that scene. It was so awesome that not only did she hug him tighter, she nuzzled his cheek with her lips and nose. TOO CUUUUTE! That part was soooo way much better than the same scene in You’re Beautiful. Yeah! Point for Fabulous Boys! Finally! Some skinship. Unintended skinship, but nonetheless, skinship! I had a big smile on my face for the entire scene. I’m still smiling when I’m writing this and thinking about it.  That scene couldn’t have been better.  Absolutely, loved it!

Xin Yu…so sad for him this episode. The scenes with Xin Yu following Mei Nan from afar totally foreshadows his relationship with her. Always watching from afar and never getting the real thing. He’s been put on an emotional roller coaster but what makes it even sadder is the fact that he is always so close but his opportunity is always interrupted by Tai Qin.  I’m not rooting for him but it’s just sad to see a guy try so hard but to have his plans foiled.  But then again, I wasn’t too happy with how pushy Xin Yu was in the beginning of this episode when he made Mei Nan pinky swear on what she said about any girl liking him. It totally shows that he’s insecure because why else would a guy need to make a girl swear that she will like him…and insecurity in a guy is not an attractive feature.

I don’t know if I cared for the fact that Tai Qin didn’t get out of the car to pick out the hair clip for Mei Nan. But I suppose, given his personality and the fact that he doesn’t know that he likes her, yet, getting her something – anything – is already a big step forward.   It is also a good setup for why he couldn’t get change and why he ended up paying $1000 for a $59 hair clip.  It was pretty hilarious that he ended up looking like a cheapskate trying to play up a cheap gift.  I mean, honestly, what girl would really believe that their guy paid $1000 for a $59 hair clip, right?

I do wish that Jeremy were a stronger player in this drama.  I’ve never seen a drama with a love square and all three guys are strong players leaving the viewer completely torn on who she should be with.  This could have been the perfect drama for that type of scene…  He didn’t get much screen time today but I am looking forward to when he falls completely head over heels  for Mei Nan and decides to love Mei Nan regardless of whether she is a girl or a boy (if that happens in this version).  But I’m not complaining because his lack of screen time allowed Mei Nan and Tai Qin to be together more and their chemistry is slowly starting to grow.  More skinship please, intended, not intended, accidental, forced, whatever.  Something.  Anything! :)

So tell me, are you a DramaNut?

And the question of the day is: Bear-hug-cheek-nuzzle or smack-squeezing Jiro’s butt? Which do YOU prefer? Hahahaha…  Leave your answer and comments below.


  1. Bear-hug-cheek-nuzzle was my favorite part i can’t wait till next week! I wonder how they are going to do the ending? They were both different in the other ones!

  2. You have no idea how many times I refreshed your page to check if ep 6 recap was uploaded and thank you for the detailed translation of the convos. ofcourse I too loved the bed scene. Not knowing the language, I was wondering why he had that irritated look on his face when she hugged him, but from your translation I gather he was irritated with himself. So after an awesome start, I felt a little disappointed that there was nothing else new in the episode.
    Yu has not one else but himself to blame for not getting the girl. Why does he have to involve dramatics in trying to reveal that he knows about her. They spend hours togther, he can just buck up teh courage and tell her . Jeez.
    Btw, maybe it was my imagination, but while watching the scenes between Qing and Mei Nam in car, to and from the Chruch, I couldnt help but feel that there was a lot more chemistry between them than in the previous episodes, esp in the looks Qing keeps throwing Mei Nam to check what she is thinking…When I read your transcript, sorry, but I didnt get the first part of their convo? First he says she is a girl.. then she asks him – so I look like a guy but I make a cute girl.. then he says – To me GMN will always be a guy.. didnt get that flow.

    • I think he’s in that phase where he is flip-flopping between being interested in her and resisting it, …sort of like, how can I be interested in this girl type of feeling. So he decided to just pretend that he doesn’t care and be mean.

      I think Mei Nan is falling for TQ a lot. She was trying to get his approval in saying that she really does look like a cute girl, but he doesn’t. In this episode, we see that what he says means a lot which is why she got so sad in the car. I think TQ thought she was sad because the clip that broke but really it was his commnets that made her so sad.

      • Ohhhh. ok. You’ve put it nicely.. Thanks so much. I think I understood now And I also realised the importance of the convo. For Qing, he was tempted to connect wth the girl – Go Mei Nu, but started putting her down when he felt he was getting dangerously too close. GMN, after her convo with the Manager who mentioned that Qing was dating Xing Ning and that he generally liked pretty girls was anxious to get a feeler if Qing found her the least bit attractive. if he could see her as a girl even through those boy’s clothes.

        Ok.. going to watch the scene again. As I mentioned before I thought there was a good amount of chemistry between the two during those scenes, even though I didnt understand a word. My guess was ( or maybe it was wishful thinking), that Jiro and Cheng and by that time spent enough time together and had therefore developed a good rapport off screen which was translating into good chemistry between the pair on screen..

      • Oh.. and I appreciate and agree with your point about her being sad about not getting his approval on her looks rather being sorry about the pin…

      • You’re right. Before this episode, Mei Nan sort of brushed off his comments and didn’t quite let his comments about her affect her so much. But this time around, I think because she wanted him to say she looked pretty so bad and he didn’t she was really hurt.

    • Mei Nan: “Yes. It took me a long time to grow it out long, but I didn’t think that after cutting it off, I’d be such a handsome boy.”
      Tai Qin: “You’re still a girl afterall. When you cut your hair, were you pretty sad?”
      Mei Nan: “Yeah…but even though I cut my hair, I’m still a girl.”
      Tai Qin: “The Gao Mei Nan that I know is a boy.”

      Yeah, I think the editing of this episode was a little off. They must have had a little more conversation in between there that got cut during editing. But I think what the writers were trying to get across is that Tai Qin let curiosity get the better of him, but then he decided to pull back and see her only as a boy…that’s why after that comment he got mean and started saying mean things.

      Yes, I too felt there was a lot more chemistry in this episode between Mei Nan and Tai Qin…I suppose the bear-hug-cheek-nuzzle did him some good.  She definitely is feeling more because of that buzzing feeling that she keeps getting…just that she’s too innocent to know what is going on.

      Hahaha! About Yu involving dramatics and bucking up the courage and telling her…You’re funny. I think we should cut the guy some slack. I think he was just trying to show her a good time and revealing that he knows she’s a girl came as a second thought. I think he thought, “hey, we’re having a good time on this ‘date’, she’s happy with me right now, so maybe I should tell her and maybe she wouldn’t be so mad that I’ve hidden this from her for so long.” YKWIM? But I do think he should have said something sooner. 6 episodes in is a little too late,…so it almost feels like he’s playing games with her now. Put in her situation, I think I’d be more mad now than if he had said something earlier on.

      • You guys don’t know what you guys are talking about. If Xin Yu had said something earlier to Mei Nan, she probably would have never gotten close to him. You have the build the friendship first before you disclose you know a secret. Once the friendshipis there it will be harder to rejct the person. I think the way he had the ‘date’ with her was so romantic. Just one more step and she would have seen Xin Yu.

        • It is true that friendship is good for Xin Yu and Mei Nan, but if Xin Yu has the feeling for her, what about Mei Nan’s heart? Order to have a relationship to last by having mutually feelings for both, otherwise one sided feeling is not working for a relationship. Therefore, depend on how Mei Nan feels toward Xin Yu during the friendship.

      • OK.. I admit, I was hard on the guy. du bu qu. And yes, I have to agree what he did for her was indeed a very nice gesture and very romantic. It was like giving her independence to explore on her own and yet being there for her. Now, whatever version comes out, I will always ship the lead singer , Qing, in this case and GMN. But having said that, I like Yu. Infact, if you look at the scoreboard, YU and Qing have equal points in taking care of her. Its only at the end of ep 6 that Qing takes a lead coz of his bold act. ( In YB, Shn woo infact is slightly relieved that Tae Kyung is ‘out of the way’.)
        I was reading all the comments about Yu- I love YU and Yu and GMN! and I hope he gets the girl and GMN is an idiot for not choosing him….etc etc So I got irritated and took it out on your wall.. sorry. I mean seriously I agree with you.. he should have told her already..

  3. Bear-hug-cheek-nuzzle here! That’s my favorite part in this episode. I just wish they had more cute scenes like that.

  4. Oh, and I’ll take both. How about a bear-hug-cheek-nuzzle followed by a smack-squeeze. heehee :)

  5. Btw, did anyone else think that Jiro looked hwat in that skin tight black semi- transparent tee he wore when he went to pick up GMN from the Church. Could actually see his arm muscles bulging :-D

    • YES! ME! ME! ME! He’s totally hot in that see through tee. heehee. I read somewhere that he works out for two hours three times a week to maintain his physique. I also like his legs, when the camera is low to the grouna and angles up. He has big quads on long legs and that is super sexy on a guy.

  6. duì bu qǐ Drama Nut.. just one more comment: I actually like Jeremy in this version. Hes got good comic timing, is good looking and he, in his own way shows that he cares for GMN. Considering the fact that the K-version Jeremy did an excellent job, thus setting a very high standard, I think Evan is doing a commendable job. He will get his chance to really shine when he takes her on an outing to cheer her up.

    Also I do like the Manager ( the one who asks her to become GMN) I loved his acting in the scene, where they are all trying to pacify reporters over the phone reg the pics of Qing and Xing Ning and he gets up and starts yellin. Didnt understand a work, but I started laughing all the same

    Btw, from the preview and from spoilers, I can see there are many Yu and GMN hugs. Also in next week’s preview, they showed Yu comforting GMN after her song recording and she runs away when Qing comes in. According to YB schedule , that comes in ep 8 right?

    • The manager scene was pretty funny. The Manager was denying that Xing Ning and Tai Qin were together and the person on the other line was probably saying something like…”How do you know? or Who are you?” But it upset him and he said, “How do I know, I’m Liu Xing NIng’s dad! Yeah, that’s right. I had her with her mom!” hahaha

  7. Thank you so much for taking the time to post this! This really helps me understand what is going on in the drama.

  8. I vote for bear-hug-cheek-nuzzle.

  9. YOu know dramanut.. I just heard.. rather someone commented on one of the epi videos that there isnt going to be a scene of GMN singing ‘ Without words’.. I am soooooo disappointed after hearing that. ‘WIthout words’ was my favorite song from YB and its so apt for GMN.. becoz she finally realises she has fallen in love but alas its not a time to rejoice coz she thinks the guy she is in love with is in love with someone else…

    • Hmmm…where did that person get that information? Was it from the preview or was it from another news feed? From the preview it looks like she is going to sing the song. Mark tells her that she needs to let her emotions come through the song and I guess she ends up getting so emotional thinking about Tai Qin and Xing Ning that she couldn’t handle it so she’s outside on the bench getting comforted by Xin Yu. Mark assumes that Mei Nan was getting emotional about Xin Yu and Tai Qin arrives on scene to see her in Xin Yu’s arms…

      Other parts of the preview includes Xing Ning telling Mei Nan to not monopolize Tai Qin’s time. She tells Mei Nan to leave her and Tai Qin alone so that they can have quality time together.

      Xin Yu wishes Tai Qin and Xing Ning well…so that he, himself can also find happiness (with Mei Nan). Jeremy tells Mei Nan that he has a secret he want to reveal to her.

      You’re right, “Without Words” was exactly when she realized that she’s in love with Tai Qin and I remember that part being emotional for me as well when Mi Nam sang it in You’re Beautiful…so it would be a bummer if they decide not to put that part in this drama.

      • ok. G8. So from what you and ‘Rumple’ are saying, there is going to be a song and therafter the emotional break down etc etc. Except the song is not going to be Without words..Risky isnt it.. considering the lyrics for Without words are so bang on for GMN’s feelings at that point in the drama.
        Neways, fingers crossed, it turns out to be ok..( me slightly praying *please dont suck, please dont suck, please dont suck*)

    • I think she will still sing the song and lose control of her emotions. She just won’t sing “without words”, since that song is not included in the OST. She’ll probably sing “Half of Me” (which was the demo song she heard in the airplane after she kept Tai Qing’s mp3) or maybe her own song “Can’t Stop” (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UEkMtTamKCE) that hasn’t appeared in the drama yet. That scene was very import in the drama, so I doubt they will cut it :)

      • Oh OK. Well atleast she sings a song. Phew.. Thanks for the info.. will check out the songs…are they new.. I mean have either the K or J version used them?

        • All the songs in the OST are new except for “Promise” and “Still” :) Here’s “Half of Me”: link removed

          Pretty sure she’s gonna sing “can’t stop”, though. The lyrics fit perfectly with the situation (someone translated the song to english on tumblr. If you want to check: link removed

          • Hey ‘Rumple’.. sorry to bug u again.. but cant find the link to the translation of ‘Cant stop’…

            • Sorry Rumple, but due to spam, all links are automatically removed (even if it isn’t spam)…although I do notice that some have slipped by. I’ll make a separate post for the lyrics if it happens to be the song that Mei Nan sings. I do think that it will be since the lyrics do seem to fit the situation like Rumple said.

      • Hey ‘Rumple’.. thanks for the song. Didnt understand the words, but the music sounds reallllllly nice. So far the T – team has delivered. Just hope they dont let us down now. If you do come across the link with ‘Half of me’, please do let me know…

  10. You did a wonderful job with the recap.
    Yes, that bear hug Mei Nan gave Tai Jing is so cute.

    I am crazy over Xin Yu…he is desperate to confess his love to Mei Nan, but each time he was about to do so, he chickened out…like in episode 5 when they were clearing dishes. I watched that scene so many times. If only he had said those words in Mandarin and not in Korean.

    Mei Nan must be one silly and naive girl to think there could possibly have ‘free tasting’.

  11. i love you so much :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::)

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